You guys might think that this is a blog for an admin to write but this is not for this wiki, but for the Avatar Answers Wiki where I and Lady Lostris have become admins. As you can already see, we have changed the "drop down nav-bar" and some things and are planning to do more. I had a lot of jobs in mind but there are the ones I can remember now:

  1. Customize the badges like the ones in this wiki (changes can of course be made). Yes check Done
  2. Change the main page, any one who is a master in codes and graphics can do that. The current one looks kinda boring. Yes check Done
  3. A new logo specifically for the answers wiki (different that this wiki). Yes check Done
  4. Make the community message better that just some welcome messages. Yes check Done
  5. Delete some unneeded categories (this can only be done by 888, me or LL).

Notice: I have made a policy. You can see it here. Admins of this wiki can add or change anything.

Any suggestions will be added if it is good. Thanks,

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