I have noticed several URL links scattered around the wiki, links to sites that are a part of the interwiki map of Wikia. The last line might have been confusing and some users might not understand it, and I'll explain it properly. For linking to Wikipedia or IMDb, you just put the URL in the linking box in RTE, or put [ (SOMETHING)]. That code can be shortened. You simply need to add the prefix, wikipedia: before the page 'in Wikipedia and use it like a normal link. Example: [[wikipedia:Aang|Avatar Aang]]. This reduces the codes by some 7-11 bytes, I don't know exactly. Same with IMDb. You just add [[IMDb:THECODE|Avatar Aang]]. Now comes the links to the film namespace, or pages that have the prefix Film:. We have a template for linking to film namespace pages, {{film}}. If you need to link to Aang, don't put [[Film:Aang|Aang]], instead, {{film|Aang}}. That will just do the work. I've formatted almost all of the film namespace pages to use this template, and if you find an un-formatted page, format it without hesitation! Questions can be asked in the comments. Happy editing as always!

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