First of all, I would like to say that I'm happy that the blog issue was sorted. Now on to point. I have seen that many of you guys use the RTE (Rich Text Editor) which was introduced some time ago (before I came). Before that only the SM (Source Mode) was used. For using Source Mode, just click the button on the top right corner when you edit. But there's a better idea. You can just disable Rich Text Editor. To do that, hover the mouse on the top right corner of the page which says your user name. A box will come down. Then click on the box that says "My preferences", which is also the page you use to change your profile picture (avatar) and signature. Then, you will see a number of boxes saying "User profile", "Appearance", "Date and Time", "Editing" etc... Click on the box that says "Editing". Then, there will be another small box and "Enable Rich Text Editor" next to it. Untick that box. Its done. I use the Source Mode because it is not messy like the Rich Text Editor and it does not leave extra spaces and extra code. It is used by many editors. Questions can be asked in the comments.

Now, I have decided that I will host the next "What if" Contest next month. This time, I have an assistant, Lady Lostris. One more assistant is needed. Those who are interested, comment below. Happy Editing!

After you disable the SM, these pages will give help you give and idea for wiki codes, both elementary and complex. Instructions for using Magic words, Basic Wiki Templates and Wiki Markup Wiki (Vulmen knows this)

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