I have been wondering for some time, why is Avatar Wiki so organised and good with many good editors even though the wiki is not very big and the series was not very big. Its because of some excellent editors in the past and the present. I have a habit of looking at the archives and getting info about the past discussions and other things. There were a lot of very good editors that existed, most some most of them gone, and the rest, still active or semi-active. I would like to name some of the old and awesome users:

  1. Howabout1 He is the Founder of this wiki. Even though he did not do a lot, he was the father of the wiki (yes, not 888).
  2. Greekpimp Take a look at the history of the old pages and the third issue of the BSST.
  3. Omnibender He seems to be a breath-taking admin and bureaucrat. Just take a look his contributions.
  4. Puragus He seems to be a great admin, and also very noble.
  5. Zero2001 He was one of the builders of the wiki and a great user.
  6. SuperFlash101 You can see his signatures in almost all the discussions. He was the one who had the idea for AG and BG.
  7. And last and not the least, the one and only, the great, awesome, the user who has no words that can describe him, the great 888!! As you can see, 888 is one of the users who are still active and joined in 2008. The great 'crat was/is an awesome user who got adminship very early. He was also the one who got the idea for the "World of Avatar" pages. The whole community literally rests on this great guys's hands. He can be called the 'architect of the present wiki'

Now, you might be wondering what we all are doing. We all are maintaining and expanding their work, which is even more harder that their work. The User Groups were a great help for this (forget the old ones, mistakes happen). Another milestone was my starting of referencing articles. No one, believe me, was actively referencng articles at that time. My start of that project of properly ref every article is something I really admire now. Another milestone is the creation os several canon pages recently. I am very happy with that.

As we are talking about AW, Wikia as a whole also has had many changes. From a name change (Wikicities to Wikia), new skin, new editor, modifications, etc... Wikia itself also has a long way.

As a conclusion, AW has had a very long travel and the result is the wiki we are currently in. I hope we make it even bigger when Korra comes. Happy Editing!

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