Now almost 46-50% users will know what the Avatar Answers Wiki is and that Lady Lostris and me are admins there. It was nicely managed by a phenomenal user called Water Spout but unfortunately, he is inactive and has been revoked of his rights. After his unfortunate leave, the wiki turned into an almost neglected wiki which currently is going pretty well, but needs help. I came over for help, followed by Lostris not far behind, and we cleaned up majority of the questions there, and were rewarded with sysop rights. Since then, I have tried to advertise the answers wiki a lot of times, and have brought atleast 2-3 users there. I want the number of active users to increase. This blog is more of an advertisement than a real blog.

However, I do have some business. The main changes there are the badge modifications, the drop-down navigational box modifications, the logo/woodmark, and a lot of category clean up, including but not limited to requesting a bot for changing categories for a lot of them. There is one more thing that me and Lostris intend to do: make a page as an instructor for adding proper categories as there are several users who don't know that some categories already exist. I may sound like a Wikia Staff member in a Staff blog in the Community Central, but "We need feedback and more suggestions".

Apart from major and minor changes, I also request some users to help us out there. There are several things than just answering questions. You can improve their wording by rephrasing them, actually, just renaming the "page". You can tag bad questions with {{delete}} and categorise questions properly. But, before doing any of this, please take a look at the policies that have been formed.

The wiki is undergoing huge clean up, and help in this process will be extremely helpful. Happy editing, all!

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