Yeah guys, I am back with some more action. As I had little time to make the first one bigger and better, I will use the second to do it.

What is this?

For those who don't know what this is: I will make 10 questions like "What if Hama was a member of OWL?" or "What if Zuko could not bend?". You just have to give a small explanation of what would have happened if that "what if" happened.

Example: (for the Hama question) Hama, Kanna and Hama's sister were friends. When the SR raided the Southern Water Tribe, they took the waterbenders with them. Hama and her sister were one of them. OWL knew about this this and attacked them. They were succesful in saving Hama but they couldn't save her sister. So, Hama would be a member of the OWL. Her sister would be the lady who be known as the Puppetmaster who would encounter Aang many years later.

All the answers will be as comments.


  1. Respect each other's answers, no rude answers and no attacking other users.
  2. You must have an account.
  3. No sockpuppets.
  4. No copying other answers. Give your own answer with your own creativity.
  5. Do not use inappropriate and/or rude language in your answer. Doing so will disqualify you.


  1. What if Zhao survived?
  2. What if Koh had taken Aang's face?
  3. What if Azula had killed Iroh during the Battle at Tu Zin (The Chase)?
  4. What if Kya wasn’t murdered?
  5. What if Katara hadn’t been able to Bloodbend and Hama had managed to kill Aang and/or Sokka?
  6. What if Avatar: The Last Airbender was based in the modern world?
  7. What if Zutara really happened?
  8. What if Aang and Iroh exchanged places?
  9. What if the Air Nomads and the Fire Nation exchanged places?
  10. What if Energybending was still not extinct?
  11. What if Aang was not “The Last Airbender” but “The Last Bender”
  12. What if there was a dark avatar? Dark Avatar will be a spirit opposite to the Avatar.
  13. What if Ozai and Toph exchanged places?
  14. What if Azula was the Avatar?
  15. What if mythical creatures existed in ‘’Avatar: The Last Airbender’’

Final questions

  1. What if Iroh had left to battle Ozai instead of leaving that task upto Aang?
  2. What if Katara had been killed by General Fong?
  3. What if Ozai killed Aang in the Battle at Wulong Forest?
  4. What if bending was magic that needed spells to perform?
  5. What if the Equalists attacked when Korra was still learning her native element, Water and had conquered almost half of Republic City?

The Contest

This time, Lady Lostris will also help me with this. There will be 15 questions over all and Lady will make 7 while I will come up with 8. So yes, this contest will surely be bigger and it would also have a smooth flow as she will be when I am not there.

As I stated above, the contest will start on 8th July and will continue for 15 days. There is plenty of time to come up with good answers.

Update as of 7th July 2011: All questions have been made and will be put up tomorrow. The contest has also been extended. 3 users who give the best answers, will be chosen for the second round (number can be increased). Then they will answer 5 questions and I and LL will decide the winner from them. Logo for the second round:
I was just playing with pictures. :P

Good Luck to all!

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