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As enough people have supported, I am officially starting this.

For those who don't know what this is: I will make 10 questions like "What if Hama was a member of OWL?" or "What if Zuko could not bend?". You just have to give a small explanation of what would have happened if that "what if" happened.

Example: (for the Hama question) Hama, Kanna and Hama's sister were friends. When the SR raided the Southern Water Tribe, they took the waterbenders with them. Hama and her sister were one of them. OWL knew about this this and attacked them. They were succesful in saving Hama but they couldn't save her sister. So, Hama would be a member of the OWL. Her sister would be the lady who be known as the Puppetmaster who would encounter Aang many years later.

As this is similiar to fanons, I think almost all of you will come up with awesome answers.


  1. Respect each other's answers, no rude answers and no attacking other users.
  2. You must have an account.
  3. No sockpuppets.
  4. No copying other answers. Give your own answer.


  1. What if Sokka and Aang exchanged roles (Sokka was the Avatar and Aang was Katara’s brother)?
  2. What if Suki could bend?
  3. What if Iroh was the Fire Lord?
  4. What if Toph could see and was a non-bender?
  5. What if Katara and Suki exchanged roles?
  6. What if Appa and Momo could talk?
  7. What if Aang was an Earthbender (native element)?
  8. What if Sokka was from the Air Nomads?
  9. What if Lu Ten was alive and was in Team Avatar?
  10. What if Azula and Zuko exchanged roles?


Aang at Jasmine Dragon

This user gave the best answers for the Avatar "What if" Contest hosted by Natsu

Good Luck!


The Winner of this contest is... AvatarRokusGhost! First off, I didn't choose him because I am Avatar: Energy Saga's No.1 fan. I chose him because his answers were of the highest quality (kind of like A-Class comments). But I must say that Avatar Kuruk 1 and Vulmy gave excellent answers. I had a hard time choosing the answers. All of them were really good. Congratulations, ARG!

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