The recent Fanon contest and Series contests put me in thinking. I had an idea of making a "what if" contest but not like the two listed above. I will make some (not sure how much) questions like "What if Hama was a member of OWL?" or "What if Zuko could not bend?". You just have to give a small explanation of what would have happened if that "what if" happened.

Example: (for the Hama question) Hama, Kanna and Hama's sister were friends. When the SR raided the Southern Water Tribe, they took the waterbenders with them. Hama and her sister were one of them. OWL knew about this this and attacked them. They were succesful in saving Hama but they couldn't save her sister. So, Hama would be a member of the OWL. Her sister would be the lady who be known as the Puppetmaster who would encounter Aang many years later.

I will start this in a few days if I get enough support. Also, as this is slightly similar to fanons, I think that most users will come with good answers (if I start this). Tell me what you think about this.

I will also need one more judge along with me as it is easier for users in different time zones.

To every one: See here for the contest.

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