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Summer is coming, which means school will be out. All of us will have a lot of free time on our hands. This summer I have decided to make a new fanon over the summer. It will be about Sozin's Comet. Each chapter will feature a different character, and their view of the last few episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender. They will go in alphabetical order. For instance, the first chapter will be about Aang, the second about Bumi, and the next about a character whose name starts with the letter "C." I would like to know what I should name it, so here is a poll for the title. However, if you have any other suggestions please feel free to comment.

What should the title of the fanon be?

The poll was created at 22:19 on May 17, 2011, and so far 4 people voted.

I am not sure which character I should use for the letter "P" so please vote here. As I said above, you can give me other suggestions that you think of. Ok, so Pakku is out. Bye-bye Pakku. [waves] Now it's between our new contestant Pathick, and Piandao.

What character would you rather have for the letter "P"?

The poll was created at 01:59 on May 19, 2011, and so far 5 people voted.

User feedback is important to me, so please comment and vote. The fanon should be released by the beginning of June.

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