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Review: The Last Airbender and A:TLA

I watched the Last Airbender movie without previously watching the show. I had seen clips and ads of A: TLA but I had never given them much attention. After seeing the movie I thought the whole story was a very interesting one. So, I watched the show, which I love.

Now, back to the review. Like I said when I watched the movie I enjoyed the bending and the characters, but I didn't have anything to compare them with. The Last Airbender, I think, is an average movie but definitely not an above average movie. I think the main pros in the movie would be these:

1. Great bending animation. (I loved how realistic it was)

2. Art direction and scenery

3. Costume design

After I watched the movie I decided to watch the TV series. Was I in for a surprise. After watching for just a few minutes I realized that the movie wasn't matching up with the show. The show brought out so much life in the characters and story, that had been forgotten in the movie. I think that the Last Airbender by itself, but when compared to the show it doesn't stand a chance. The main differences between the show and the movie are these:

1. Character portrayal

2. Pronuciation of names and places

3. Storyline

I do admit that after watching A:TLA I was greatly disappointed with the movie's inaccurate portrayal of almost everything, but like I said, if it weren't for the movie I would never have watched the show. So, in conclusion, the Last Airbender is an ok movie, but it does not meet up to the standards of an A:TLA fan.

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