I have started writing a new fanon! It is called Journey's End. You can read the first chapter here. The fanon is all about the Sozin's Comet episodes of A:TLA. Each chapter is named after a letter of the alphabet: A,B,C,D, etc. A character with that letter's name will be featured in each chapter, with their own view of the story. I have written an introduction, and one chapter. I already typed up chapter 2 on Microsoft Word, but I'm not going to publish it just yet. After I type a couple more chapters, then I'll publish. Guest writers are welcome, so please, let me know if you want to write about a character at my talk page. Right now, TAD is the only person guest writing. She will be doing chapters E, W, and X. I'll accept a few more people before I close on the guest writing. Let me know what you guys think of the fanon.

I'll end talking about the writing style. I am writing it in prose. My inspiration came from A Bird Could Love a Fish, by TAD. If you haven't read it yet, you really should. I then tried to think of idea for a whole new story, and out came this one. The chapters are not too long, but I'm not trying to make them long, just like short poem proses.

Like I said, please give me your opinion of my fanon. I really apprectiate user feedback. (don't we all?) Thanks everyone!

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