Hi all. I haven’t been on here much lately, regrettably. Summers are always busy for me: 40 hour/week job, traveling, video games I own but haven’t gotten around to playing, and the like. You're probably thinking, "Who is this chump and why should I care?" Well, as you know, there have been some major developments lately news-wise and so I've been quite a bit more active lately. You'll see why.

So the big fuss lately is that Legend of Korra is going to be featured at Comic-Con, and it’s gotten the whole fan community bursting with anticipation. Like many, I can hardly contain my excitement for the big reveal, as it will likely be one of the biggest moments if not the biggest in Avatar's long history at Comic-Con. Here's the deal: Ludicrously enough, I will be one of the lucky few who will be able to witness this firsthand in room 6BCF in the San Diego Convention Center on July 23 at 4:00 Pacific Time.

Now, even if I were not able to attend Comic-Con, I would be hardly any less excited for the event, but getting to witness it with my fellow fans will be a special treat! There’s also the fan gathering at 11:00 that day which I’m also looking forward too. Those of you unable to attend make sure you follow the Nicktoons coverage and of course all the updates will be featured in the news article here.

Now what I’m currently wondering is if any of you wikibenders are gonna be there as well? If so, let me know! Who knows, maybe we’d even meet up at the fan gathering or something. I certainly don’t know any other Avatar fans who’ll be there, and I probably won’t be alone in that aspect!

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