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I was watching a few episodes of Avatar tonight including "The Fortune Teller" and "Bato of the Water Tribe" and I suddenly began to wonder: Does Korra have a Watertribe necklace? Now I see that this cannot be determined since you can’t see her neck in her latest portrait, and there's no sign of one in the teaser image. Also, since her shirt has a rather high collar, it's possible that a necklace would be hard to see regardless of the angle. Still, I couldn't help but dream up a scene that would be perfect for the show:

Korra stands on a balcony overlooking Republic City. The sight is nothing new to her, yet she longingly stares off into the distance and reflects on what it was like to live a normal life: The Southern Water Tribe, and almost anywhere but here, where she wasn't treated like an outcast. Why would a great bending master live in this wretched city, where benders are treated as criminals? Grateful to be out of harm's way, she contemplates on her goal. She had just found Tenzin, or rather he had found her, and she had to make her next move. She heard Master Tenzin return to the apartment recently, and so she waits. Tenzin approaches carrying a tray of tea, which he places on a small sitting-room table just inside the apartment. Also on the tray is a small wooden box, perhaps a jewelry case.

Tenzin There's tea here for you.

Korra still stands facing out: Is Jinora safe?

Tenzin (reassures) Yes, yes she's safe. I took her back to her mother. She's taken quite a liking to you, that little one.

Korra (Still facing away) She's got spirit, that's for sure. Sort of reminds me of myself, except (trailing off) young and...innocent.

Tenzin She needs someone to look up to. In this neighborhood, there isn't a wealth of good influences, (chuckles grimly and takes a seat) as you can probably tell....

Korra turns around: (sincerely) Thanks for saving us. (she seems hesitant)

Tenzin You're welcome, though it was undoubtedly fate that brought you to me in such a way. Besides, with your skill, you probably could've handled it!

Korra takes a seat opposite Tenzin, more confident now: Those thugs ambushed us. I tried to fight them off best I could but I needed to protect Jinora. They would have taken her if you hadn't shown up.

Tenzin (nodding) It looks likes he Chancellor would do anything to get his hands on the Avatar--even have local gangs do his dirty work. I'm just glad I got to you before he did; just barely though, it seems.

There is a short pause as Tenzin sips his tea. Korra sets her cup down after having sampled it. She muses: I've done what I came here to do, Master Tenzin: I found you. And now I need to learn airbending. Will you please teach me?

Tenzin Of course, but first it'd be best to wait until we've both rested. You have to admit, you've had a pretty busy day; you're fortunate to still be in one piece!

Korra I didn't mean we had to start today. Besides, I want to get out of this awful city before I have to do any more bending.

Tenzin (pointedly) This is my home! I can't just pack up and leave. I have rent to pay. We'd have to travel a hundred miles before we're outside the City's influence.

Korra I'm sorry, but I don't want to get caught, and they'll be back here looking for us! It's just not safe to bend within the city. It's not safe for me to be here, period!

Tenzin (seriously) Any effort to arrest you would not succeed unless it was well-planned and well-resourced. The Chancellor knows that. You're nearly invincible. (longing to change subject) But let's discuss these troubling matters some other time.

Korra dips her head in resignation: You're right. I have had long day. I'm just not thinking clearly.

Tenzin In the meantime, I have something for you.

Korra looks up, surprised. Her eyes notice the wooden case for the first time. Oh?

Tenzin opens the case, revealing a woven necklace, consisting of a blue choker and a carved stone pendant with a wave-like pattern etched into it.

Amazed, Korra takes the case into her hands: A Watertribe betrothal necklace! They're rare where I come from, but I've seen women from the Northern Tribe who have these. It's beautiful!

Tenzin It was my mother's.

Korra suddenly changes her attitude from surprise to guilt: Ohh... (Firmly) I can't take this. It wouldn't be should stay in your family....

Tenzin It was entrusted to me for this purpose. Katara, my mother...this necklace was very dear to her. After my father died, she told me to give this necklace to the next Avatar. She knew that you would be from a water tribe. But also, I've never seen two people more in love than my mother and father were; it was a love, you could say, that transcended lifetimes. My parents may be gone, but you, as the Avatar, represent my father in living form. It was my mother's last wish to honor you with a gift of her own.

Korra wipes her cheek; she had never felt so emotionally touched as she did now, as if the tremendous emotion she currently feels is supernaturally driven. Through force of will, she manages hold back the tears but fears that in the future, especially when alone, the thought of this moment might induce a far more poignant reaction. She puts it on and sniffles. Thank you, Master.

Let me know if you liked it! Let me know if you've read it! I took plenty of liberties with the little bits of what we know so far, so don't be upset if it contrasts with your vision of the show. It's purely speculative!

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