Just some random thoughts on The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra. Some moments that would be cool to see, but have really no substantive effect on the plot whatsoever. Here's my list of 10.

  1. “Who Is She? She’s Beautiful.” Obviously, a major nod to Star Wars, Bolin would make this remark to his brother upon seeing Korra for the first time. A perfect brother bonding, Han/Luke moment. I guess it depends on whether their meeting is accidental or arranged, but a moment like this is probably the closest thing to a “squee” moment for me as you could get. May seem like fantasy, but Joaquim Dos Santos (sporting a Star Wars hat) recited the latter part of this quote upon the reveal of Korra’s finished design at Comic-Con. Foreshadowing? :)
  2. “I Have A Bad Feeling About This.” Another classic Han Solo (and pretty much every other major LucasFilm character) quote. No, these won’t all be Star Wars references. I’m just getting a real good Han/Luke/Leia vibe from this series.
  3. Anime Cameo. Naga could use a sort of spiritual doppelganger within the spirit realm with whom Korra could interact. Moro from princess Mononoke would be the perfect candidate--maybe not explicitly named, but she is a spiritual being, so she’d be right at home!
  4. The Last Airbender? I guess The Ember Island Players was enough of a jab (albeit preemptive) at the movie that even more jokes about it in Korra would almost be overkill, but if the writers could work it in some way, it would still be most welcome! (Some added levity to the elephant in the room that is the series’ title would be nice as well.)
  5. An Elegant Weapon…. I want to see one of those wind swords in use! Prehistoric lightsaber FTW!
  6. …From a More Civilized Age: Korra needs to have a badass scene involving some kind of physical weapon. This doesn’t seem too much of a stretch with all the chi blockers around to disable her bending, so long as she regains the ability to move prior to getting her powers back. Inspired by this image. Oops, I mean this one.
  7. Club Scene. Perhaps some mob boss that’s been causing trouble needs to be investigated. He would, of course, have a nightclub serve as a front for his operations (“Wanna buy some death sticks?”). The three amigos go in and try to be subtle, but, as you know, that never lasts for long! The club itself could resemble a 1920s speakeasy.
  8. Ever Upper-Class High Society. Characters gotta get all spiffed-up at some point!
  9. Earth vs. Fire vs. Air vs. Water. The Bending Battle-esque arguments. Though Korra doesn’t seem overly partial to water (lol), Tenzin, Mako, and Bolin might have boastful predispositions concerning these.
  10. Bro Bashing. Brothers fight. It’s only natural. But at Mako and Bolin’s age it’s less common. However, when they’ve got one girl—the Avatar, no less--to try to impress, things can get nasty. But in the end they simmer down and make up. Quickly. No Harry and Ron wangst feuds, please. The last thing I want is a Bro Betrayal.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this exceedingly quirky, eclectic and esoteric blog post that nobody could possibly relate to, but if you by some chance have your own little predictions/hopes related to Legend of Korra, do express them in the comments!

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