I decided I wanted to see what all of this looks like together, and to get some input from other people. Here are my most significant comments regarding the identity of Bei Fong's father, specifically against the LongToph anonymous. Ignore the fact that I am addressing someone, since to include the entire conversations would be too much. There's already enough as it is. (I may come back and get rid of the yous, etc. later.) I have changed a few other unimportant things already, though. And I included some of the other contributions besides my own.

You discount Tokka on the basis of no romantic relationship and then provide Longshot as the alternative? You contradict your own reasoning. There was zero connection between Longshot and Toph in-canon; in fact, they hardly even knew each other. I know you get mad when we say that Longshot had no connection to Toph, but we have a point. Toph and Sokka may not have reached a romantic point in their relationship, but a powerful bond of friendship is still much more compelling ship evidence than nothing, and Longshot has nothing with Toph. Find me in-canon proof that Longshot and Toph would be interested in each other (more than Sokka and Toph were interested in each other) and maybe I'll reconsider that particular argument.

You say that Toph and Longshot would connect on the basis of childhood hardship. Well, Sokka suffered, too. He lost his mother to an untimely death at the hands of a Firebender and his father to the war efforts, and he had to try to stand in as 'man of the tribe' due to the absence of warriors from the Southern Water Tribe. It's not easy for a young boy to take the place of a grown man. Sokka didn't even have others to turn to for revenge like Longshot did when he joined the Freedom Fighters; Longshot had support, Sokka had none. So both Sokka and Longshot, along with their respective villages, suffered at the hands of the Fire Nation, which puts them on more equal footing than you make them out to be.

Of course this isn't Degrassi. Avatar puts a lot more thought into character development, which includes ships. If a ship wasn't going to work, then the story would have them grow apart accordingly. For example, Jet was definitely not the right match for Katara, so the creators brought out Jet's dark side in order to end Jet's relationship with Katara. I'm not going to fight Sukka as long as it is canon, but I predict its inherent weakness due to Suki's presence merely being an afterthought by the creators. Suki and Sokka have a superficial bond, not built on a sturdy foundation like other ships. Kataang, which is perhaps the most set-in-stone ship in the entire series, was built over the course of the entire story. Suki has only periodical interaction with Soka, despite her current status as his girlfriend, while Toph is constantly in contact with Sokka. Suki appeared first chronologically, yet Toph has appeared more frequently. Toph has had more time to build a bond with Sokka than Suki, and the bond Suki has with Sokka is rather weak.

It is true that all of Team Avatar had a bond of some sort. Aang and Katara wound up as a couple, Katara is also Aang's Waterbending teacher, Katara and Sokka are siblings, Sokka is Aang's strategist and future brother-in-law, Katara is Toph's friend and stand-in mother-figure, and Toph is Aang's Earthbending teacher. So of course everyone has a relationship. With Toph and Sokka, however, it goes deeper than the initial friendship formed. Toph quickly developed a crush on Sokka, which the creators revealed many times through scenes such as Toph's drowning incident and Sokka returning from his training. Remember that Kataang, too, started as a one-sided crush before Katara deepend her relationship with Aang and began reciprocating his love. Tokka has that same potential since Toph and Sokka have a strong friendship like Katara and Aang did. Sokka confided things to Toph that he hadn't told anyone else in the group, which really says something about how highly he regards Toph despite the outward appearance of viewing her as 'just a friend.' Looks can be incredibly decieving, and this applies well to Tokka vs Sukka. Sukka looks real, yet it is likely little more than a "fling," while Tokka is rock-solid. Excuse the pun, I couldn't resist.

Why would Suki stop being a Kyoshi warrior? It is an integral part of her identity to lead the Kyoshi Warriors. And why would her being a Kyoshi warrior have anything to do with her relationship with Sokka?

As for nobody breaking up, that isn't true. It has been confirmed that the new The Promise comics will shake up the ships, and it has also been confirmed that the subject of Tokka will come up. I also remember it being confirmed that, as hard as this may be to believe, Toph and Sokka will be the central characters of the second part of The Promise. Basically, the fates have decided that Sukka has no guarantee of lasting and that Tokka is definitely still on the table.

With the information from Gene Yang, it was in answer to a question that another user asked him through email. It isn't dumb of him to say it just because of Tokka fans since one: it was a private email, not a press release, and two: did you ever consider that he said that because of Tokka? Perhaps he was trying to confirm that not all hope is lost for Tokka and that at the very least Tokka might receive some closure either way.

With regards to Suki I hate to burst your bubble--and I hate to bring up leaks--but I've heard leak information indirectly that means it is entirely possible that Sokka is growing apart from Suki. In addition, Sokka helping Toph with her school would only serve to bring them closer together. This, combined with the possible demise of Sukka for many valid reasons (I can link you to a marvelous explanation of the weaknesses of the Sukka ship if you need further clarification/proof), means Tokka can still happen, no matter how much you hate it.

What baffles me is that you fight tooth-and-nail for a ship that was never part of the canon, while Tokka was an integral part of the canon for a long time. Childhood adversity is not the only thing to build a relationship on. Consider Kataang for example: Katara did not suffer nearly as tragic of a loss as Aang--Aang lost his entire culture, whereas Katara only lost her mom and dad--yet she still manages to bond with him quite well. It takes many things to build a true relationship, things which Longshot never had and never will have with Toph.

Finally, I'm surprised that you seem to overlook the strongest match for Longshot in the entire show: Smellerbee. They clearly had a powerful connection based on what we see of them in the show. What's wrong with Smellerbee+Longshot?

I never said I hated Sukka. If the creators choose Sukka, then so be it. I'm only trying to explain why it is incredibly unlikely that Longshot is the father, and why Tokka is not so ridiculous as you make it seem. Sokka is not the only other character (besides your far-fetched idea of Longshot) who could be her father. In addition, it is likely she takes after her mother's side of the family and not her father's side. Toph's father has high cheekbones and a strong jawline like Bei Fong. Toph's mother has narrow, slanted green eyes, a pointed chin, and a small, round nose like Bei Fong. See below:



Now look at Longshot here:


Upon careful examination, it is apparent that he lacks the distinguishing features found in Bei Fong's face. Longshot has a rounded chin, round eyes, a narrow jaw, a straight nose, and flat cheekbones, the opposite of Bei Fong's facial structure. So you shouldn't use facial resemblance to discount Sokka because the same argument more strongly disproves Longshot.

Also, it is common for a child to inherit features almost exclusively from one parent--especially from the parent of the same gender--so saying she cannot possibly be related to Sokka because she does not resemble him enough does not render Tokka impossible.

All I'm trying to explain here is that Longshot is not the only possible answer (as you seem to insist), and that the chance of Longshot being the father is actually next to nothing. To be honest, Longshot is a huge longshot as far as shipping goes. Excuse the pun... :P

You still fail to provide compelling, unrefutable evidence as to why a non-canon ship will be the outcome. Even Zutara had more canon than this LongToph ship of yours, and Zutara was nothing more than a false ship-tease.

I understand that everyone is entitled to an opinion. I simply want to show this LongToph shipper some reasons to reconsider that opinion in favor of one that has actual evidence to support it.

Your list is inaccurate. Anything that can be accounted for by Toph should by no means be contributed to Longshot as well. Also, her eyes are very similar to Poppy Bei Fong's eyes. Longshots eyes are much more rounded, unlike Bei Fong's narrower and more slanted eyes. They are not even the same color; if Bei Fong's eyes were brown that could be attributed to Longshot, but they are minty green like Poppy's and Toph's eyes.

Corrected list: Eye color: Toph. Chin: Toph. Eye shape: Toph (through Poppy at least). Skin color: Toph. Height: Toph (through Lao at least).

My addition: Cheekbones: Toph (through Lao at least). Jawline: Toph (through Lao at least). Nose: Toph (through Poppy at least). Eyebrows: Toph. Overall face shape: Toph (through Lao and Poppy at least).

Some of the things you claim could be from Longshot are not actually similar at all to Longshot, and all of them can be explained by Toph and her family.

Despite the fact that other possible sources shouldn't be included, if you were to include all possible sources in the list, like you did before, but with correct comparisons and my extension to the list, it looks like this instead:

Eye color: Toph. Chin: Toph. Eye shape: Toph (through Poppy at least). Skin color: Toph, Longshot. Height: Toph (through Lao at least), Sokka. Cheekbones: Toph (through Lao at least), Sokka (through Hakoda at least). Jawline: Toph (through Lao at least), Sokka. Nose: Toph (through Poppy at least). Eyebrows: Toph. Overall face shape: Toph (through Lao and Poppy at least), Sokka.

Now we see a much different picture. Without the unrealistic comparisons, Sokka actually wins since the only similarity Longshot's face has to Bei Fong's is skin color.

And yet as compelling as some of this is, we still cannot draw a ship conclusion based off facial features alone. As the other anonymous says, what about actual connections? You have failed to give me something better than the weak reason of "childhood strife" as a foundation for a relationship with no canon ties. You also have not explained why Longshot cannot go with the canon-intended shipmate for him, Smellerbee. Longshot had a very deep connection with Smellerbee, whereas he had no connection with Toph in-canon.

I'm not trying to directly say that Sokka is the only possible canon option, I am simply using him to refute the LongToph claims. It could still be another slightly-more-canon-than-LongToph ship, such as The Doph. (Although The Doph is also a flawed ship, it still has a lot more canon basis that LongToph considering LongToph has no canon.)

(T- AvatarFan)

It wouldn't be because of Sokka and Suki haven't seen each other for awhile, it would be because they don't have a strong foundation for a relationship, unlike Maiko which has a strong relationship. As for why you believe Tokkens are "bothering" Sukka is partially correct, but its also because of the reason I've mentioned earlier, also because of The Promise and how most of the ships are up in the air. Also by your reasoning for Longshot and Smellerbee not being together Ships like Kataang and Sukka would never happen. Longshot and Smellerbee have a deeper relationship then him just being able to calm her down, they have history, a connection which you didn't seem to notice.

Longshot was the only person who understood Smellerbee and cared that much about her. You say he was just calming her down, but that's also how Kataang started. Katara calmed Aang out of the Avatar state multiple times, showing how much she cared about him by doing so. Who else in the series ever shows that much care towards Smellerbee other than Longshot? And who else did Smellerbee seem to care about in return more than Longshot? In addition, while the rest of the group separates, Longshot stays with Smellerbee and sides with her against Jet when Jet becomes obsessed with exposing Zuko and Iroh. They stuck together often and never showed any signs of not liking each other, while exhibiting many things indicating they did like each other. On the pages for both characters it mentions their in-canon bond, too, so the general consensus is that yes, Smellerbee and Longshot were very close and knew each other in a very personal way--the perfect foundation for a ship.


(I think this picture rather speaks for itself. It's one of Longshot's few displays of emotion.)

With Maiko, your analogy is a bit wrong. True, Zuko and Mai didn't see each other very frequently within the series. However, Zuko and Mai have known each other since early childhood and only recently were separated when Zuko was banished. Sokka met Suki only one time, and then when she suddenly reappeared in his life again at the Serpent's Pass, Sokka acted as if he had liked her a lot for a long time when in fact he had only seen her once up until that point. So my point that Sokka had more time to actually get to know Toph is still valid.

Finally, I repeat what I have said before: ~ I wish Sukka no ill will as long as it remains canon. ~ While it is a weak ship that would not have even existed if the creators not made the pivotal decision to keep Suki, I ultimately shall respect the creators and the ships they choose. If Suki had not returned to the story, Tokka would have perhaps revealed itself more. (However, Tokka by nature needs a longer time to develop anyways because they weren't quite ready for a real relationship with anyone. Yes, Sokka appears smitten with Suki at the moment, but it's more of a physical attraction than a spiritual one. There is a very strong chance that Sokka will outgrow his 'fling' with her, and when he does Toph will be there for him. Sukka is actually a good opportunity for Sokka to 'grow up' a little before he's ready for something deeper.)

Again, I wish Sukka no ill will as long as it remains canon.

You still have not shown me what's good about LongToph itself. All you are doing is lashing out at other ships that are clearly canon rather than trying to defend your non-canon ship. I'm interested to see what reasons you have for wanting them together, and I would also like to see if any of your reasons have even an ounce of canon evidence behind them.

(T- AvatarFan)

Yes Sokka met Suki before Toph, but he didn't fall in love with Suki right away, like he did with Yue if it wasn't for her dying I wouldn't have been surprised if Sokka and Yue ended up together. Yes, He did bond with Suki over time and they stayed togetherfor the rest of the series, but if they stay together through The Promise is still to be determined. I don't remember them laughing with each other during the series. Your comparision of LongToph too Kataang and Zuko/Iroh is way off. First off Aang already knew the ways of peace by being passive agresive. Secondly Iroh taught Zuko the ways of peace so Zuko could better understand himself. Also like I've said Smellerbee and Longshot have history and and a connection through the Freedom Fighters and past turmoil.

I have seen the entire series. It was rather rude of you to unjustifiably accuse me of not watching the show when I have not made any similar accusations towards you. Just because I have a different opinion on the events in the series doesn't mean I don't know what I am talking about. Actually, I have tried to stay as close to the creators' original intentions as possible when interpreting the intricate character and plot developments.

Yes, Longshot did care for Jet, but Jet to Longshot was almost like Katara to Sokka in a way. (Not identical, similar.) Jet took Longshot in after Longshot lost everything, so of course Longshot cares for Jet. Smellerbee also looked up to Jet like this, along with the rest of the Freedom Fighters, so the closeness between Jet and Longshot is by no means 100% unique to just Jet and Longshot. Longshot and Smellerbee were close in a different way, because he was the only one who paid enough attention to Smellerbee to know her on a deeper psychological plane and to bond with her on that level. Smellerbee reciprocated that understanding, knowing what he means even when he doesn't say anything. Their bond was more unique and more personal than Longshot's tie to Jet.

Yes, Sokka knew Suki first, but he was on Kyoshi Island for a very short amount of time and after the group left, Sokka made no mention of pining for Suki, which you would expect him to do if he had fallen in love with her at that point. It wasn't until the creators finally decided to bring Suki back that Sokka suddenly showed more affection for her. It seems like the creators put Suki together with Sokka in part to simply help give her a place in the show, and partly because the fandom liked seeing Sokka with Suki on Kyoshi Island. Yes, Sokka bonded with Suki over warrior training, but that is not a faoundation for a ship. Toph mentored Aang, but he never fell in love with her, and Aang loved Katara before she trained him. The only hint at any kind of relationship between Soka and Suki at the end of his stay on the island was a friendly kiss on the cheek intended just to throw off Sokka and show him that being a warrior didn't mean her heart was made of stone.

Just because you meet someone first doesn't mean you will bond better with that person. It's the time you spend together that matters, and my point in bringing up Maiko was not that Zuko knew Mai before other girls but that he knew her longer than he knew other girls, by which I mean that he spent more time with her than other girls. Sokka spent a lot more time with Toph than he spent with Suki, and you have to spend time with someone to forge a stronger connection. Toph had more time to connect with Sokka than Suki did with Sokka, meaning that Toph's connection is stronger than Suki's connection. I don't feel like retreading old ground, so I'll link one of Metal's blogs about Suki's connection to Sokka and why it may not stand the test of time.

Keep in mind that Metal also once supported Sukka wholeheartedly until he started examining the story more closely.

Please stop bringing up Sukka. That is not the ship in question here--LongToph is. It feels like you are using Sukka to avoid talking about LongToph and shift the discussion away from that ship onto another ship, as if I will stop noticing the problems with LongToph. I would appreciate it if you could focus your efforts on LongToph. I would also like it if you didn't flip me attitude. I have refrained from attacking you personally, so you ought to return the favor and stop treating me with such undeserved disdain. Keep this at least semi-professional and don't turn it into a spitting contest. Back up your opinons maturely and accurately, and you will be more likely to garner support on LongToph's behalf than if you drive everyone away with your behavior.

Back to LongToph now. You say Longshot could "show her the ways of peace just like Katara does to Aang and Iroh does to Zuko." Iroh did not limit his kindness to just Zuko, and he did it for familial love rather than romantic love. Also, Katara actually seemed to display anger in the show more than Aang did. Aang only got truly angry a few times in the series and it was always sparked by the loss of someone he loved, not by temper, while Katara got angry whenever she saw bad things happen. Bad things in general happened a lot more than Aang losing someone dear to him. Just something to think about regarding your statement on Katara calming Aang.

Toph may have a fierce personality, but she isn't truly angry as often as you imply by saying she "has a high temper". She can handle her problems without getting angry, and when she does get angry it is a controlled and pointed anger that helps her tackle her problem, not simple rage at the world's injustice. Basically, when Toph gets angry it's not because she's hurt, it's because she's taking on the world. I believe your reason for bringing up tempers was my mention of Longshot calming Smellerbee. The significance of that is not the literal act itself, or the fact that their tempers somehow balance, but that Longshot and Smellerbee never really open up to anyone else on the show.

Toph and Longshot never open up to each other. They hardly know each other, and Toph already has a crush on Sokka. (And don't deny that she has a crush just because you don't like that ship. The creators themselves have talked about the fact that Toph does have a crush on Sokka.)

Thank you for trying to find a reason of why Longshot would be good with Toph, but what I meant by proof of LongToph is direct in-canon evidence of a real bond between the two characters as intended by the creators. For example, the creators supported Maiko by showing us the flashback to their childhood with Azula's petty behavior towards Mai and Zuko's feelings for each other. This revealed how far back Zuko and Mai went, giving a sturdier foundation for the Maiko ship the creators wanted. Can you find similar concrete support for LongToph?

I have thought about LongToph, and I'm sorry but there just is no direct indication from the creators that they would have even considered such a ship. If what you have been saying about the things that should connect Toph and Longshot was true, then Toph and Longshot should have shown such a connection in-canon. They do not. They hardly think twice about each other, since their hearts already belong to other people and there is nothing to bring them together. Some of your reasons are things that would happen if they were already together. Something bigger than your reasons would have to bring them together first before they could influence each other like that. Something big enough to overcome the ties they already have to other characters.

Here's a comparison to ponder. Do you remember when Zuko met Jin? They had great chemistry together, and it looked like Zuko might have fallen in love with her. Yet he could not put his heart into it because he already loved Mai too much and couldn't let her go. So even if two characters get along great together and make a nice couple, it still might not happen if one or both of the characters involved already like other people more. Since Longshot and Smellerbee already had a deep personal connection and Toph already has great interest in Sokka, both would have a hard time putting aside their feelings for other people, which they would have to do before they could have any kind of canon bonding on the level required for a stable ship.

Also, think about who Toph is. Do you think she could put up with someone so silent and distant as Longshot? Longshot only really shows his feeleings aroung Jet, the father-figure of his life, and Smellerbee, his very close friend. Toph is essentially a stranger to him, so he would take longer to open up to her, and I question Toph's willingness to even attempt connecting to someone as stoic and calm as Longshot. Likewise, I question Longshot's ability to withstand someone as intense, driven, and carefree as Toph.

And last, but not least, I close this comment with an important question for you: Where is a connection of any type shown in-canon between Toph and Longshot, clearly defined to be the creators' wishes? If I had noticed anything of the sort myself I would not be in this conversation right now. I only base my opinons on the canon as intended by the creators, and not on baseless speculation stemming from personal desire. Only failed ships like Zutara and Taang are made purely form desire. All of the canon ships like Kataang have the significant advantage of holding the truth on their side, and I seek the truth. Until you show me some truth in LongToph as presented by the creators, I will not see LongToph as a canon ship. It is not canon until proven otherwise.

(T- AvatarFan)

This is what I was talking about " Tokka fans are simply annoying facts that Sokka might not be the father of Bei Fong... " it sounds like your saying Tokka fans are trying to disprove the ship they support. Also I listen to what Toph's Fanboy says because he gives actual evidence/support towards his ship (unlike you) and not because he is a creator. Besides I was an "The Doph" shipper, but it has bearly any good support for it other then when The Duke gave Toph his helmet for her to barf in, him giving Toph a foot massage in "No Benders Allowed" which I don't know if it is cannon, and when he gives her a hug near the end of the show, but when I found out how old he was compared to Toph and a few other reasons I slowly became a Tokka fan, but I'm still not 100% for it because of Sukka being the current cannon ship and the possibility of other ships happening.

Even though I don't support The Doph as much as I did, I just gave more cannon based proof for that ship then you have for yours this entire time.

There is always the possibility that Sukka will come to an end, so Sokka is still not ruled out as a possibility. He will only be ruled out completely when the creators tell us that Sokka and Suki stayed together like Aang and Katara.

Same goes for Zuko, except he is not a very plausible ship for Toph anyways so it doesn't matter if he's with Mai or not--he will still not end up with Toph. He is not the right fit for her.

The Duke is unlikely to be the father for a couple of reasons. His age is not the only reason.

Of course it's not Haru. They never really showed any connection when on screen together, and like you say he is a bit too old for her.

I know that Gene Yang said there is the chance that nothing will come of it, but keep in mind that he is obliged to not reveal anything too significant. He may even be misleading us intentionally so that we are surprised by the outcome. The key part of his statement is that Toph has a crush on Sokka; it confirms that we are not imagining how strongly Toph is drawn to Sokka.

As for Longshot, there still is no concrete evidence in the canon story. Toph never shows any interest whatsoever in Longshot, and Longshot never shows any interest at all in Toph, either. If there is a scene somewhere in Avatar that clearly creates a canon LongToph ship, whether as a crush or mutual affection, then tell me which episode you think has this support and I will look at it. I doubt you can find anything sufficient, though, because if there was definite LongToph shipping in the series I would have noticed it myself.

In addition, as much as we may not like it, there is a chance that Toph ends up with a new character created to be a lasting ship for her. I find Toph ending up with someone new much more likely than her ending up with a non-canon ship like Longshot.

Thank you for admitting that LongToph may not happen after all. Now you just need to look at the canon and find a ship that you think is more likely to happen based on the creators' intentions.

You say I ignore facts, citing me not taking Gene's words at face-value all of the time. However, there is a difference between the confident factual statement that Toph and Sokka will be central to Part Two's plot and the cryptic unrevealing comment about Toph's future. The first one doesn't really spoil anyhting, whereas the second one does. Gene is not allowed to be specific about spoilers such as ships. He would get in trouble if he told us outright whether Toph ends up together with Sokka or not. Him saying that it doesn't necessarily mean her crush will amount to anything is not the same as saying it would definitely not happen. He left his words open-ended by not disclosing anything as 100% true. So I am not "ignoring facts", but rather pointing out Gene Yang's intentional lack of concrete confirmation. You would only have a case if Gene had said that Toph never winds up with Sokka, which would be a clear-cut response. Since Gene answered so evasively and mysteriously, you cannot accuse me of "ignoring facts" because this time there were no facts to ignore.

"And like you I will be come a LongToph shipper and a Toph and New Guy shipper." What? I am not a LongToph shipper, nor a Toph+NewGuy shipper. I'm not even a whole-hearted Tokka shipper. I am a canon-shipper, and the canon is Sukka with Toph liking Sokka. I will only switch all the way to Tokka if Suki is no longer in the picture. I only said that Toph is more likely to end up with a new guy than a non-canon ship, not that I think she will end up with a new guy. My point was that a non-canon ship like LongToph is very unlikely.

In an earlier comment you said that I called Zutara and Kataang "wanted ships", and I neglected to address that point previously. I never mentioned Kataang. Kataang is a deep friendship turned romance, and Tokka is something the creators have shown signs of throughout the series. By ships founded on speculation and personal desire, I mean ships like Taang (Toph+Aang) that had zero indications in-canon and Zutara, which had some evidence, but not enough to make it official. While the creators toyed with the idea enough to make it a canon ship-tease, it has been proven wrong and is not longer canon. The way that fans take Zutara is too far. It never happened and never will, which means it's current supporters are not basing their support on the canon but upon who they want to see together. If the creators had confirmed Sukka as permanent canon I would also see Tokka as non-canon. However, since Sukka and Tokka are still open-ended, the evidence that the creators gave us in favor of Tokka means it is still canon. Taang, Taru, Toko, and other crack-ships have nothing to make them canon. The creators never showed us evidence of these ships, and as such they are purely the result of the personal fantasies of fans. Since LongToph has zero evidence, it is classified as a non-canon fan ship, also known as a crack-ship, and will remain as such until the creators prove otherwise.

(Toph's Fanboy)

Anon, this is Toph we are talking about: a character better understood in detail as her own free person, than in the context of shipping. (She was originally intended to be a guy, and then transformed into a girl, so clearly she was not created to be any guys' predestined ship, as Katara was for Aang - unless you happen to believe Bryke originally intended to have the original character in a homosexual relationship, which doesn't seem very likely, to me at least.) As long as the fact that she has long had a soft spot where Sokka is concerned is shown in a positive light (the opposite would detract from her character), it really shouldn't matter who she ends up with, should it? Woe be to us if we think that means she has to get in a relationship with him, just because she cares about him. What kind of world would it be, if that's how the Avatar world worked? A rather sappy one, if you ask me.

Yes, Longshot met Toph in "Lake Laogi", and yes, he met up with her again during The Promise Part 1. But did he show much interest in her the first time they met? No, he seemed preoccupied with his leader, Jet. Did he try to calm Toph down when she threatened the crowd for hitting Sokka, as you say he is wont to do? (He was present, so it would at least be possible). No, Gene Yang and Gurihiru depicted nothing of the kind. The subtext which you think you are reading into the series doesn't seem to exist, and unless you have spoilers from Part 2 and Part 3 which prove that it does (or statements by Gene Yang or Bryke which indicate the same), you are really in the same boat as the rest of us, and in a perfect world we all would suspend judgement on the subject of who Toph ends up marrying altogether. Obviously we don't live in a perfect world, so the best I can do is to ask you to prioritize what is directly in front of your eyes when reading the comic over the plot possibility you happen to like and hope shows up in it. I am trying to do the same, and if "Tokka" doesn't happen, I am fully prepared to retract any inaccurate statements that I have made in the past year and to counter any rabid Tokka-shipping arguments that continue to show up. I hope you'll do likewise, in the event that LongToph doesn't happen.

I'm going to call that good for now. That's the end of the disagreement with the LongToph anonymous. What do you guys think?

PS: I was not arguing for any particular ship. How you interpret this in terms of ships is up to you. Please don't think this is me being a rabid Tokkan, because I'm not.

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