One of the most unique instrumentals in the series, and the most memorable, is in Chapter 2 of Book Three - The Headband. In this episode, Aang tries to teach some fire nation students freedom of expression through dancing. In the fire nation, being an oppressive country, dancing isn't tolerated and is seen as being unruly. Aang teaches these kids to be themselves, and live a little freer, but much of the credit goes to a school band named The Flameos. These guys played all throughout the dance party, creating the perfect atmosphere for spontaneous dance moves. I love the part with the little string solo and the violins. Great Stuff. thumb|300px|left|Book 3 Chapter 2 - The Headband On the Track Team Website, the creators simply call the name of the song Flameos. They also go on to say that the sound for the song "contained many elements from various cultures including the Armenian duduk, Thai khim, Chinese pipa, Japanese taiko and Eastern European inspired rhythms."


To watch the scene that goes with this music, after you click this link hover over the selection of icons and click on the one that says Flameos, or you could check out the other vidoes - Avatar: Flameos

The Track Team's web site - The Track Team

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