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    Jams - The Flameos

    November 11, 2009 by Musicbender

    One of the most unique instrumentals in the series, and the most memorable, is in Chapter 2 of Book Three - The Headband. In this episode, Aang tries to teach some fire nation students freedom of expression through dancing. In the fire nation, being an oppressive country, dancing isn't tolerated and is seen as being unruly. Aang teaches these kids to be themselves, and live a little freer, but much of the credit goes to a school band named The Flameos. These guys played all throughout the dance party, creating the perfect atmosphere for spontaneous dance moves. I love the part with the little string solo and the violins. Great Stuff.

    On the Track Team Website, the creators simply call the name of the song Flameos. They also go on to say tha…

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    Jams - Uncle Iroh

    November 7, 2009 by Musicbender

    Avatar has an amazing soundtrack that goes with the superb animation, but characters play an important part in the music too. Iroh is a fan of the tsungi horn, frequently seen playing it in his spare time or, when Zuko had a ship and a crew, for music night. He's a talented musician, as well as a talented singer. Iroh is very emotional in his singing and playing, making him a great musician in the world of Avatar.

    Four Seasons was sung by Iroh, with some of the crew playing instruments and dancing. Shortly after they finished the song, Admiral Zhao boarded the ship and took charge of Zuko's troop. That was the last time Iroh played with the crew.

    Iroh's Tsungi horn theme is played throughout the series, but is usually played when Zuko is in …

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    October 31, 2009 by Musicbender

    I'm starting a blog on Music Created by The Track Team. As you know (or should know) The Track Team produced all the music for Avatar and are very talented musicians. They've got some unique stuff. The Track Team is made up of Benjamin Wynn and Jeremy Zuckerman. Benjamin Wynn has put out some albums under the name of Deru for your enjoyment. So, my first post is from a song made by Deru. He's worked in many areas, but I've found most of his stuff to be... well, I'm not sure. This song was made by Deru, but the video was by someone else he collaborated with. It's very different from the music in Avatar, but you might like it...

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