Hey guys I got really bored and the desire to write this rap thing came into my head. Please dont leave any negative comments. Im always open to criticism though, okay well here goes, enjoy!!

also i tried to refer from using any bad language, so thats why some of the lines may seem kinda cheesy

Well here it is!

Okay, yeah, uhh, looks like we got a new Avatar.... hmmmm

  • music kicks in*

Yeah, new Avatar, you can call her Korra

lets just hope the series dont bore ya

Nah, not a chance,

action, comedy, a side of romance.

Now, it seems to be done in a glance.

Well it did cause some rants,

so lets look back in the form of some chants.

Yeah, Korra knew 3 of the 4, nobody knew what was in store

couldnt learn air, seemed rather unfair, learned from the best, Tenzin was the name

Bending air, yeah that was his game, but as much as she trained, all Korra felt was the pain

Well when life gets you down you get right back up,

when life throws you around, you stand up tall, cause the legend is never ending.

Korra meets the boys, here comes pro bending

Its a pretty big deal, I mean for real, Mako brings the heat while the crowd moves on their feet

and Bolins here to rock ya and sock ya, yeah and shout out to Sokka, hahaha, and the rest of the crew

why not? they wouldnt be here without you. Back on track, were goin back in,

Could not get any better, boy were we wrong, yeah now we got her, Lin......... Beifong

If her mom could seismec sense her now she'd be proud, I know the fans would shout out loud

"Twinkle twinkle little toes, nobody knows where the season goes...." So it seems like everythings just swell,

too bad the storys not over, could you tell? Yeah well ya see heres the thing, bendings great and all,

but it looks like its time for its downfall. Yep you got it, no more bending, dang, pretty twisted ending...

Known as Amon, hes got the masked swagger, voice so sharp, cut you like a dagger.

Swift and agile, you know this may take a while.. so lets hurry it up.

Okay, a few things we may not realize, but fear not, Amons here to Equalize.

Or maybe fear alot? If Equalize leads to Terrorize, then when will it stop? Will Korra stare in terror's eyes?

Yeah somethings gotta be done, but wait, that doesnt cut it, nah theres another villain

Just chillin on his throne, city in his grasp, not might know it, but yep Tarrlok made them gasp.

Bloodbending! bloodbending! Geez, cant a guy catch a break? At least we know he isnt a fake.

Korra in the cabin, having visions like incisions, the cuts run deep, the memories seep

back into her, talkin subconsciously, and, figuring out the truth might not be so clear,

Yeah, here to strike fear, shh be quiet, hes near. Yeah but he couldnt do it alone, enter Yakone

Big time gangster, making those gangs stir, shiver quake in their shoes, bending their blood, he had nothing to lose.

Yeah, but our old pal stepped up, Aang did the deed, cause you see being the Avatar..

sometimes you might take it too far..

Aang in that Avatar State, yeah when hes around you better stand up straight.

Korra doesnt know how this all connects, but she knows to connect you need tech

And enter in the other chick, yeah she'll take you for a ride

Asami Sato, got the rich girl pride.

Yeah her and Mako, had a fling

Well now they're flung, yeah its done.

Daddy issues everywhere, Mr Hiroshi Sato... cross his path if you dare.

Mecha Tanks for Amon and the crew

I guess you know what to do, hahaha send in Lieutenant... ohhh bad move

Ya see its pretty sad, but the guy doesnt seem to prove...

himself to the cause, to the creed, to the deed, nah it just wont fly

Amons on the rise, and in noone he confides...

But whats this? looks like were turning the tides,

On the horizon, gotta a new dude coming in..

Hmm I think we've heard that voice... oh!



Oh.. no, not Zuko, but who... you know?

"as you command General Iroh"

Iroh! Back again to settle the score, yeah here come the ships on the shore

Got the whole crew, Korra, Mako, Asami, Bolin too

Naga and Pabu itching for some action

Dont mind Amon, just made a business transaction

About to bring the pain... "whats that sound"

Oh its just Hiroshi and some fighter planes

Yeah looks the endgame

Amon has the fame, yeah his cause cant be tamed

But uh oh secrets out, spoilers that make you wanna shout.

Yeah, Tarrlok was Amon's little bro.... whoa...

Both bending water, could never please their father

Blood bending was another thing,

Yeah it made the kids head ring

Amon, Noatak, whatever his name

Yeah he decided bending was lame

So off he ran to chase his fate,

And now the teams a little late.

Korra shows them all Amon's a fake

But when he takes off the mask, and sure enough hes got that scar

Korra just gasps, Amons gone too far

The crowd boos the Avatar.

She runs, and hides, cowers in fear..

Shh be quiet, the masked man is near

Korra thinks shes safe, she thinks it ended...

Oh no! she just got blood bended!

Mako comin in, tryin to save her, Amon wont have it, he doesnt care..

So he bloodbends both of them up in the air.

Now goes up to Korra, puts the ol thumb to the forehead, at this point we think "oh no the show is dead"

Yeah, no more bending, Amon takes and breaks, theres no mending his pain

Escaping from his father, only to continue his reign,

But Amon was not alone, Lieutenant saw it all, Amon was a liar

The Lieutenant saw it all, took off his mask, teary eyed.. who knew he was a crier

Charged at his leader, formerly the masked man

Used to be his biggest fan

Well his role models gone, its over, the cause is done.

Amon makes his escape, rather frightening, Mako strikes back with some good ol lightning

Amon wont have it, its time to end, taking away Mako's ability to bend

Korra sees this, and sees Mako helpless.. she really does care..

Just then, impossibly, she bends the air.

She did, she finally got it, shes come so far, too bad shes not an Avatar...

Knockin Amon out the window, crowds screaming "oh no!"

In an instict to save himself, he makes a water torrent

People sees hes a bender, and demand for a warrant...

Of arrest, to put their leader to the test, watch him confess,

But he slips from their fingers, now the pain lingers.

Yeah, he just bailed, the plan, turned out to fail

Found his little bro, took him from the jail...

Cell, could you tell, this wont end well?

Tarrlok and Noatak, brothers reunited...

Together again, until the gas tank ignited

Up in a cloud of smoke they went

No more blood will be bent

Could not escape their fates, controlling the city

Abusive father, it really was a pity.

Back to the team, it would seem

Korra too upset to carry on, cant be healed

Seems like her fate is sealed

Cant do a thing about it,

So she runs to the cliff to cry about it.

Falling is a single tear

Seems like an old friend is near...

Standing before the broken Avatar, is a figure who travelled long and far.

With the arrow on his head, our hero isnt dead!

One word... Aang...

Dang, didnt see it coming, Korra stands up, like I mentioned before the tale is never ending

Aang does the unexpected and restores her bending.

Yeah, we all knew, I mean its fate...

Shhhh..... eyes open.... AVATAR STATE.

Bending all four, like never before, Korra finally realized she came so far, now a full blown Avatar

Mako sees her, they kiss

Eternal bliss...

One last thing on the table...

But is Korra willing and able?

Kneeling before her, Lin, waiting for the pain to mend

And sure enough, once again, she can earthbend

Restoring the powers of the broken

Fans eyes are soakin

In tears, as the end draws near

Hope the series didnt bore ya..

"Im so proud of you, Avatar Korra"


But uh wait, theres one last thing to do.....

What in the world is gonna happen in Book Two!?!?!?!

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