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    Legend Of Korra Rap

    June 26, 2012 by MrBomb95

    Hey guys I got really bored and the desire to write this rap thing came into my head. Please dont leave any negative comments. Im always open to criticism though, okay well here goes, enjoy!!

    also i tried to refer from using any bad language, so thats why some of the lines may seem kinda cheesy

    Well here it is!

    Okay, yeah, uhh, looks like we got a new Avatar.... hmmmm

    • music kicks in*

    Yeah, new Avatar, you can call her Korra

    lets just hope the series dont bore ya

    Nah, not a chance,

    action, comedy, a side of romance.

    Now, it seems to be done in a glance.

    Well it did cause some rants,

    so lets look back in the form of some chants.

    Yeah, Korra knew 3 of the 4, nobody knew what was in store

    couldnt learn air, seemed rather unfair, learned from the best, Tenz…

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    Okay everyone so heres the deal, this blog has one purpose, for you guy's to show your creativity. You guys are going to come up with your own Avatar series, completely unique and original. Here are the following requirements.

    Name of the Series:

    Name and Gender Of Avatar:

    Natural Bending Style Of The Avatar

    Age of Avatar:

    Where The Avatar is from:

    Family Of The Avatar (Class, Social Standings, Etc)

    Setting Of The Series:

    Does Your Avatar Know All The Elements In The Beginning Of Your Series?

    Or Does your Avatar know all but one of them? Or do they have to learn all the bending arts?

    What Is the most difficult element for your Avatar to bend?

    Describe the new Team Avatar In Your Series

    Who are the villains?

    What is the goal of the villains?

    Why are …

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