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  • MrAnonymous

    I mean they say the Avatar is reincarnated but they talk about each one as if they are different people and the spirits of the old Avatars are able to appear to the current avatar. So is it a case of reincarnation of is it a passing of the torch scenario?

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  • MrAnonymous

    He says he wants to protect non benders and all but I can't help but I wonder if he has another agenda he kind of reminds me of Muramasa from Bleach in the sense he acts like a prophetic savior. However I get the sense that like Muramasa, Amon isn't really about liberating his people and is just using that as means to achieve his own objective. I really hope I'm wrong because Amon is perhaps the most complex character in the series well most complexed villain at least. There's at least more to his past than he's told people that much is clear. All I know is that Amon's identity better be a shocker.

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  • MrAnonymous

    I personally would like to see a serious Avatar or one that is the complete opposite of what we have seen so far. Ideally with a serious Avatar we'd see someone who acts serious because having carefree attitude cost him or her a lot. I'd also like to see a Avatar that lives as a criminal(by stealing to survive) and isn't respected by the people because well he or she lives among other criminals though not by choice more of a born into it and stuck in it situation but dreams of being respected.

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