OK, I would make this a regualar post, but I don't know how to do the whole "Wikipedia" style writing, so I'll just do it here. Also, this is not a real script as it is just a basis for an idea. Make a script if you want, actually, I'd be overjoyed. So, here goes:

100 years after the events with Korra, a new Avatar by the name of "Ky-Chen" was born. Again, he was not told about him being the next Avatar at the age of 16. When he learned of this, he did plenty of research, thinking of all the perks and benefits of being the Avatar. After a while, he wanted to learn one type of bending: Energy. It was unnatural for the Avatar to learn Energy Bending first, at any case, but Ky-Chen had did it any way. By that time, there was an artificial way to learn Energy Bending, which took Ky-Chen 2 years to perfect, but when he was done, he was perfect at it. But, he wanted to try it on someone human, a friend, but no real attempt at hurting the person. Now, before you get any ideas, Ky-Chen was a very nice man, helping friends and taking part in earth bending competitions for fun, but this event would go horribly wrong. Ky-Chen had gotten his Fire Bending friend, "HuKhan" to test it out. Since HuKhan didn't know Energy Bending, he would put fire on Ky-Chen's chest to even it out. So, they stepped, one foot from each other, and began. After 5 minutes, Ky-Chen seemed to be winning, until one small spark went into his body from his mouth. Ky-Chen erupted into flames, stepping several feet back, and coughing up blood while doing so. As Ky-Chen fell to his knees in a fireball of pain, HuKhan could only watch in shock as Ky-Chen fell to his hands and knees, uttered a word that was to silent to be figured out, and collapsed. HuKhan ran for help.

Ky-Chen died shortly after collapsing and as he died Energy Bending, it is unknown so far if a new Avatar will be born or not, but it just goes to show you what would happen if the power of an Avatar was given to someone who didn't know how to control it.

Please add pictures of these characters if possible and maybe make a better version as an actual post! Thanks.

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