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    What seems to be an early edit of a news flash mentions a "sneak peek" of "the next season of Korra" among other cartoon news.  Even though the main article doesn't mention it, the resumed paragraph does.  Here's the page.

    This week in the world of cartoons, we are treated to a double dose of Ultimate Spider-Man and a sneak preview of the next season of Legend of Korra! Read more...

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  • Mostachito

    1. If you give avatar a chance, I can guarantee you will love it.

    2 Life is full of surprises, sometimes you're at the top and sometimes you're at the bottom.

    3. People have the right to second chances

    . 4. Sometimes what we think we want is not really that, but something that others expect from us.

    5. Revenge is a cold plate.

    6. Revenge is never the answer

    . 6. It's easy to do nothing, but it's hard to forgive.

    7. Forgiving is the first step to healing.

    8. A man needs his rest.

    9. For love there is no age.

    10. Hope is that last thing that should be lost.

    11. Never give up without a fight.

    12. You must learn to forgive yourself, too.

    13. There are other alternatives to end a war than killing.

    14. Bullies are insecure people who try to hide their insecur…

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