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  • Monkeyfeathers94

    I’ve been observing quite a few complaints that “The Spirit of Competition” seemed to be entirely based on shipping. I’ve seen fears that this is turning into Twilight (or something similarly empty-minded), concern that the rest of the series will focus on relationships, accusations that this episode was solely a vapid attempt to please the rabid fangirls, threats to abandon The Legend of Korra altogether. Here are my thoughts on the matter:

    Honestly, I didn't feel like this episode was half bad. Sure, it was romance-heavy, but to all those complaining that it's not like A:LTA, you have to remember that this is a whole other show. Bryke put in some very significant differences on purpose. These teens are much older than Katara and Aang, they…

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  • Monkeyfeathers94

    I began considering this while watching “The Voice in the Night” last Saturday. Before the evening meal, Tenzin and his family bow their heads, clasp their hands, and close their eyes while this prayer is offered: “We are grateful for this delicious food, for our happiness, for compassion—“. With about the same timing as Tarrlok, my friend’s little sister bounced into the room and directly addressed the TV with “Hey Tenzin! Who’re ya talkin’ to?” We shushed her and continued watching, but I began to wonder: who was Tenzin talking to? How much of a concept of a divine all-powerful being, a creator deity, do the inhabitants of the Avatar Universe have?

    I have some knowledge of some of the real-life influences on spiritual traditions in the Ava…

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