It's been 3 years since the show ended, and I still miss it. *breaks into tears* Thank you so much to theavatardemotivator for giving me a way to honor this awesome show. In memory of Sokka, I will answer all questions with a Haiku. *continues crying*

June 24th: Wherein the Avatar is Rescued from the Iceberg

101: The Boy in the Iceberg

Suspended in ice-

Zuko, Fire Prince, then Lord-

Rescued to be mine

102: The Avatar Returns

The Avatar's job;

Though honorable and true,

Too much work for me.

103: The Southern Air Temple

Starving and hungry,

I find an lemur monkey-

Run from the awesome!

June 25th: Wherein Characters are Introduced Via Filler

104: The Kyoshi Warriors

Girls, guys who is best?

Opinions are not the truth;

Hardly can one say.

105: The King of Omashu*

The lemur Momo,

And the warrior Sokka,

Staring Duel of Death!

106: Imprisioned

For my family,

For the innocent, the just,

To jail I gladly

June 26th: Wherein Plot Coupons Are Distributed

107: Winter Solstice Part 1: The Spirit World

Pancakes in peril?

Release my inner DeathCat!

To slay the monster!

108: Winter Solstice Part 2: Avatar Roku

Should I be offered

A DeathQuest, would I accept?

Depends on the prize.

109: The Waterbending Scroll

Me- Fire Bender

My favorite element-

I cry tears of joy.

June 27th: Wherein a Sandwich Most Emotional Is Created

110: Jet

Love's beautiful,

From friends,family; for all.

Listen to hippies!

111: The Great Divide

Stop an argument?

I can do anything! Though-

Watchin' fights is fun!

June 28th: Wherein Kataang Begins

112: The Storm

Dear, dear, dear Sokka,

You're too perfect- Nightmare time!


113: The Blue Spirit

Sokka and Suki

Put in a box together-

Hour of no kissing!

114: The Fortuneteller

Hmm, fortuntelling.

So unbelievable- (don't.)

Humans can't know all.

June 29th: Wherein Aang Hurts Katara

115: Bato of the Water Tribe

Foreign is my name-

Geniuses are not normal.

Many think I'm weird.

116: The Deserter

My poor, poor sister.

Sobbing- it's my fault she's hurt.

Hit for the remote.:(

117: The Norther Air Temple

Culture shock? What's that?

I've never left south U.S.

All I know is sun.

June 30th: Wherein The North Pole Is Saved

118: The Waterbending Master

Yukka... so pretty.

She should have followed her heart.

Hahn was so awful.

119: The Siege of The North, Part 1

Me? I can do all!**

**(Please see answer one-one-one.)

Except for most math.

120: The Siege of The North, Part 2

The General Zhao-

Should not have been spared at all-

He was true evil!

July 1st: Wherein Kataang Occurs on Two Levels

201: The Avatar State

All the time I'm forced

To use my amazing skill

In Florida Writes.

202: The Cave of Two Lovers

Major, Major crush.

I talk I get tounge-tied,

Akward all the time!

203: Return To Omashu

Never would I leave!

Friendship's Unconditional.

( And I'm stalkercat)

July 2nd: Wherein the Nakama Grows

204: The Swamp

I would see my Aunt.

She left me in a car crash.

Can't say it all here.

205: Avatar Day

Defend my honor?

And die before the world's saved?

Death and I don't mix.

206: The Blind Bandit

I protect myself;

I never do anything-

Dangerous or not

July 3rd: Wherein Zuko Paints A Triptych

I love this title!

207: Zuko Alone

Should I meet that Lee-

The ungrateful prince namesake-

Badly he'd be shunned.

208: The Chase

Insomniac here.

Sleep and I; we just don't mix.

Hyper without it.

209: Bitter Work

My life? Aang(ish).

For the third time: I DO ALL

Problems don't exist.

July 4th: Wherein a Desert is Traversed

(Hey, it's Independence Day! Happy birthday, America!)

210: The Library

Hmm, Life or Knowledge?

What kind of question is that?!?

Duh, you must have both.

211: The Desert

"What are YOU doing?"

Says Aang; Katara answers:

(Kinda) "Saving us."

July 5th: Wherein Ba Sing Se is Reached

212: The Serpent's Pass

Must I keep saying?

I. Can. Do. Ev. Er. Ry. Thing.

(But, truthfully, yes.)

213: The Drill

Uh, Respect Sokka!

HE made the plan; without him,

Where would the Gaang be?

July 6th: Wherein Walls Seperate Them All

214: City of Walls and Secrets

My standard answer:

I am a Kim Possible!

I eat walls for lunch.

215: Tales of Ba Sing Se*

Oh goodness, I love this episode so much I'm giving it a special section (sorry, Sokka). And since I love them all, I'm going to give my favorite moments instead ( sorry, TAD).

The Tale of Toph and Katara:

Toph: No, you're right. That WAS a good one. You know what else is a good one?

[Eathbends meaniefaces into the water]

Katara: Now THAT was funny.

[Waterbends meaniefaces down the river then has touching conversation with Toph]

The Tale of Momo:

When the Pymgy Panthers(Pumas?) take Appa's lock of fur and lead Momo to his paw-print.

The Tale of Aang:

Random Girl: Fluffykins?

The Tale of Zuko:

Song: I have a suprise for you, too.

[Kisses Fire Prince who thens run away]

Iroh: So how was YOUR evening?

Zuko: [Slams door then opens it a tiny crack] It was nice.

( Anyone notice Iroh's smile, then?)

The Tale of Iroh:

Iroh: (After a group of children accidentally breaks a window while playing soccer) It is usually best to admit mistakes when they occur, and to seek to restore honor.

Very Large Man: (Yelling threateningly through the window) When I'm through with you kids, the window won't be the only thing that's broken!

Iroh: ...but not this time. Run!

( Okay, you got me. I've been putting them in order of least favorite to favorite (See, Sokka gets his haiku, and TAD gets her answer. You thought I was fibbing when I said I could do everything, didn't you?). Here's #1:)

The Tale of Sokka:


Squish squash, sling that slang

I'm always right back at ya

Like my boomerang

(Meat man then lets his victory go to his head...)

That's right, I'm Sokka

It's pronounced with an "okka"

Young ladies, I rock ya!

( Meat Man then counts syllables on fingers and realizes: ( like Aunt Wu said) he just brought pain to himself) Security: Uh, that's one too many syllables there, bub.

Sokka: (thrown out and on the ground) Poetry.

July 7th: Wherein Appa is Lost and Found

216: Appa's Lost Days

If you couldn't talk;

Were dependent on someone

You'd want respect,still?

217: Lake Laogai

Jet; like Zhao evil

"Should not have been spared at all-"

But then he turned good

July 8th: Wherein the Earth Kingdom Falls

218: The Earth King

The silly Earth King;

The man had no real power-

Would have been replaced.

219: The Guru*

Since this is another of my favorites, it gets a special answer, too. Since the whole reason I like this episode is because of the Chakras, it was hard to narrow it down. But, my favorite is definitely the Thought Chakra.

Reasons: Uh, Duh, it's when he (Aang) goes and outright admits he loves Katara, and he does it in an angry way. (to Guru Pathik; "Why would I chose cosmic energy over Katara? How could it be a bad thing that I feel an attachment to her? Three chakras ago that was a good thing!"). Just the fact that he has to choose true love over the world, well, it satisfied the romantic in me (btw, I supported him choosing Katara).

220: The Crossroads of Destiny

Zuko should have joined!

Katara should have healed him!

He joined in the end.

July 9th: Wherein the Fire Nation is Infiltrated

301: The Awakening

Need my honor BACK?

You must have it to lose it.

Still; I'm loveable!

302: The Headband

Hiding for the win!

Me: Nonconfrontational.

Cats like small spaces.

July 10th: Wherein the Siblings are Special

303: The Painted Lady

Katara is Righteous

Helping innocents is right.

Never is it wrong.

304: Sokka's Master*

First off, this is my all time favorite episode of Avatar, because it is about Sokka, who is my all-time favorite character (sorry, Zuko&Toph).

So, I will give tribute to this episode how?

Why, with a limmerick for Sokka, of course!

(Yes, I know I'm insane. Just bear with me.) After all, your therapist is helping you out with that, right?



If you're ever in need of a man

Sarcastic and good with a plan

Give Sokka a ring;

With his sword and boomerang thing,

He'll be there with his girlfriend & her fan!

(oh, and 5th wheels are lame. I'd never be one!)

July 11: Wherein the Past is Discovered

305: The Beach*

Yay, another special answer! For a special episode(the villians get it for themselves)! To tell the truth, all their stories are sad.

Ty Lee's story touched me the most. All through the show, she's been happy and bubbly, and then she opens up and we see a whole other side of her. I knew she'd never wanted to be a villan(ess) in the first place. Now I know that she had identity issues, which I find adorable and more proof Ty Lee is NOT a villian.

Mai's sory... didn't touch me at all. It wasn't anything new to me, and I found it hard to find it sad when not even SHE did. Don't get me wrong, though; that's what I love about Mai. What I DID find touching was her yelling at Zuko. It was surprising.

Azula's story was the one I liked the best. First, she all like, 'yeah, my mom liked Zu-zu best and blah', then she goes all dark and NOT the KillerAzula we all know, "My own mother... thought I was a monster", and then she bright an chipper again, "she was right of course, but it still hurt". Yep, there she is.

And finaly... Zuko's story! Which was the awesomest, if solely for the fact that Zuko's my favorite (yeah, I know I said Sokka was, but Sokka's so amazing, he doesn't qualify for the ordinary favorites category). But seriously, he's like, I'm mad, and the others are just like, whowhowho, and he's all like, I'M ANGRY AT MYSELF!!!, and then there's impressive firebending and him saying, I'm so confused (adorably). Plus, there's the fact he'd been goading everyone else to share their stories and be angry with him.

306: The Avatar and the Firelord

Newton's second law:

For each action- an equal.

The future starts now.

July 12th: Wherein the Invasion Approaches

207: The Runaway

Hmm, Moral question.

I answer with this: Tell me,

Two Wrongs= Right?

208: The Puppetmaster

Ah, Hama. Insane.

Morality and crazy-

They don't mix. Can't say.

209: Nightmares and Daydreams

Easy, don't have it!

Just kidding; in honesty,

I don't handle it.

(* = Top 5 Favorite Episode)

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