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  • MonkeyFudge(And Don't Forget It)

    It's been 3 years since the show ended, and I still miss it. *breaks into tears* Thank you so much to theavatardemotivator for giving me a way to honor this awesome show. In memory of Sokka, I will answer all questions with a Haiku. *continues crying*

    Suspended in ice-

    Zuko, Fire Prince, then Lord-

    Rescued to be mine

    The Avatar's job;

    Though honorable and true,

    Too much work for me.

    Starving and hungry,

    I find an lemur monkey-

    Run from the awesome!

    Girls, guys who is best?

    Opinions are not the truth;

    Hardly can one say.

    The lemur Momo,

    And the warrior Sokka,

    Staring Duel of Death!

    For my family,

    For the innocent, the just,

    To jail I gladly

    Pancakes in peril?

    Release my inner DeathCat!

    To slay the monster!

    Should I be offered

    A DeathQuest, would I accept?

    Depends …

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  • MonkeyFudge(And Don't Forget It)

    I have just learned of the most horrible thing of the summer.

    In addition to being a die-hard Avatar Fan, I am first and foremost a book worm. So, when I learned of a new book called The Last Airbender - The Lost Adventures, a collection of comics, some of which could contian info of URSA, I died of happiness.

    It was like my dream come true, Avatar in book form with Ursa. But unfortunatly, the book didn't come out until June 23rd.

    Or so I thought.

    Now, I have checked every book-selling webiste, and they are saying it doesn't come out until JANURARY 12, 2012!


    Waiting is a stupid event.

    You could use a little patience.

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  • MonkeyFudge(And Don't Forget It)

    You know what you should not do?

    Know nothing.

    Been there, still there, not having fun.

    But don't you worry your assumably pretty little head, randon person who clicked the random page button, I WILL learn. and I will be the best darn-gosh user this space has seen ( well, at least a decent one)! I hope to reclaim my amazing feat of skipping from being ranked 1000 to 98 in ten minutes. Internet fame, here I come!

    • waits awhile*

    I still know nothing.

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