Okay, I have asked this question multiple times, and I have yet to get a full, proper answer that makes sense: where do air benders come from? All air nomads are born benders cause they are so spiritual, but all we know of are the monks and nuns in the air nomad culture, and as far as I know, they dont practice marriage, and im guessing they are celebate. One person told me that there were air nomad villages and then parents give thier children to the temples, but that doesnt fit with what we know. All air nomads are either monks or nuns, so unless they have a" anual mating meet and greet" where do the children come from? The whole culture is very buddhist, and all we know are that air nomads only live in the 4 air temples. If the creators come in and say that there are air nomad cities etc, then i will except it, but up until now, no one has been able to give me a full and satisfying explination to the question.

Secondly, where did bending come from? after the LOK special "the beginning" we learned that humans origianlly got theire bending powers from the lion turtles, but in TLAB, we learned that humans learned bending from the moon, sky bison, dragons and badger moles. now we did see Wan learning how to "master" fire bending from a dragon, but the first series said that humans learned how to fire bend by observing dragons. Fire, water, and air can be semi explained, but what about earth? We know that Oma and Shu were the first ever earth benders who learned from badger moles, so how does that play in with lion turtle story? Maybe I misunderstood the tale of two lovers, but it seemed to me, that the story said that Oma and Shu were the first earth benders period, as in none came before them. 

if anyone can answer these questions or provide insight, it would be much appreciated.

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