I am a huge fan of the old series. The original avatar was ingenious: smart funny, deep and enjoyable to watch over and over again. Although the new series, the legend of Korra is solid, its missing a certian quality. Maybe because the first series ended with questions, not only about zuko's mother, but how the lives of all of team avatar were affected. Did Soka marry Suki? What did toph say when she saw here parents again? For me, since the new series jumps so far into the future wih only flash backs and katara to bridge the gap (comic books not with standing), the new series is really good, but its just missing a certian something that the first series had. I do love the how the creators infused the avatar world with technological and cultural leaps, and that Korra is the exact opposite of Aang in almost everyway. But for the life of me I cant tell why its just not as good as the first. If any one has any ideas or thoughts on how the new series could be improved (and I know there are thousands of suggestions) please comment.

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