Alright guys, we've all heard them before, and we've all got our own, but now I will ask you the BIG QUESTION: Who's sob story is Better?

With the season finale of Korra over, so many, as people say, "Feels", have been going around. Some for the ships, some for our past avatar, and mostly just for the ships. But have we forgotten one huge part of the story? AMON PEOPLE! We learned that Amon (known then as "Noatak") was just a simple Northern Water Tribe kid, who just so happened to have the power hungry Yakone as his father. He was also the first born of two that had the ability bloodbend at will. With this, so much was expected of young Amon. He was yelled at, put down, raised up, and had many expectations hung over his head. His father wanting him and his brother to take back Republic city for him, a revenge through his children. My belief is, Amon just cracked, and with running away, he saw so much anger, hate, and aggressive bending in the world. So, he devised a plan to rid of bending so that no man could put others through what he had to experience. In his mind, he was cursed. Cursed to live a life with the one thing that tore him apart: Bending.

Feel sorry yet? That is your inner conscience going to work. Letting you feel the characters heartache, challenges, and ultimately, self destruction. But, what if I went on about Katara and her mother? Zuko and his crumbling family? Iroh and his son? Aang and his people? Mako and his parents? Azula and her descent into madness? Which one wold make you feel as if there was a twist in your stomach? Which one would make you cry? Which one can you relate to most?

And now, I will ask you once again: Who's sob story is Better?

Tell us what YOU think!

NOTE: Yes, everyone has their own story, and not one can be better than the other, but there is always that one that strikes us more than any other......

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