Keep the characters ,i'm in love whit them xD!!!

How I want it to continue: starts whit an early morning , Everyone's sleeping in the Jasmin Dragon in Ba Sing Se.Zuko can't sleep , he can only think of his mother. His father told him that she was somwhere Zuko can't find her. He goes down to the tea shop/store/restaurant and Finds Toph packing her stuff.

Zuko:Why are you leaving so early?

Toph: Let's just say that i'm not a big fan of tear filling godbyes.

Zuko: Where are you planing to go then?? To you'r parents? (He says Ironicly) (sorry for my awful spelling)

Toph: Well yeah..I dont have anywhere els to go.

And then Zuko offer her to another adventure to find his mother wile Sokka has awakend And overheard Zukos offer and invites himslef in and then Aang and Katara to (ofc) Suki goes back to the kyoshi warriors , Mai is being left incharge of the fire nation while they are gone. Some fire nation guards who respected Ozai very much are planning to free him but remembers that he is powerless , and they free Azula instead. Team avatar comes to a small villige whit people who calls themselfes "hypnotizers" They are very friendly and helps team avatar on their jurney. One Hypnotizer called Mau Nei who is a teenage outsider boy is thinking that helping travelers and living like normal peolpe that almost no one knows exists is a waist of their talent and time. He runs away and joins Azula and helpes her create a small but strong army of dai lees and hopnotized guards and warriors. Team avatar Find clues (ofc is Sokka gunna play detective) to get to Zukos mother. They meet up whit an earth bender Called Nanao Jin who turns out to be Tophs cousin ( Tophs mother has a sister called Mio And Tophs mother were ashamed of her beacuse she Married an "unacceptable" man who she ran away whit, therefor she and her family were never to be heard about until now). There will be small wars , Mai will be captured as hostage or hypnitized and will be figthing Zuko (have'nt decided) Nanao Gets a crush on Sokka (ladiesman xP) which makes Toph a little jealous. I have not figured out an endning beacuse I want to wait for the surprise :).

What do you think? do you have any ideas for this story?? Idea by Mona Momo Bei FongMomo Bei Fong 15:08, October 29, 2009 (UTC)

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