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    October 29, 2009 by Momo Bei Fong

    Keep the characters ,i'm in love whit them xD!!!

    How I want it to continue: starts whit an early morning , Everyone's sleeping in the Jasmin Dragon in Ba Sing Se.Zuko can't sleep , he can only think of his mother. His father told him that she was somwhere Zuko can't find her. He goes down to the tea shop/store/restaurant and Finds Toph packing her stuff.

    Zuko:Why are you leaving so early?

    Toph: Let's just say that i'm not a big fan of tear filling godbyes.

    Zuko: Where are you planing to go then?? To you'r parents? (He says Ironicly) (sorry for my awful spelling)

    Toph: Well yeah..I dont have anywhere els to go.

    And then Zuko offer her to another adventure to find his mother wile Sokka has awakend And overheard Zukos offer and invites himslef in a…

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  • Momo Bei Fong

    Hello, My name is Mona and I love avatar.
    I've done quite a few "famous" blogs in my lifetime so I think I'm going to get some reading this blog, too.
    This blog will be about Avatar (shocking xP) And I will lay down the heart and soul into it and if someone wants to help so just ask. My next goal in life is to come up with a fourth book that we

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