i am going to kill m.night shyamalan. that movie had a lot of potential, but he went and ruined the best show ever! three characters names were pronounced wrong the entire film.... its aang not ong..... its iroh not eeroh..... and its sokka not souka! (and by the way they called momo a flying lemur bat wtf) also there were so many important characters missing like suki, king bumi, jong jong, Jet and the gang and no one from the northern air temple. And the thing is they all show up again >:( An d the firebenders had to get their fire from a different source how stupid is that when uncle Iroh started bending from his fingertips everyone on screen starting freaking out and im like he's supposed to be doing that dip-shit. Even all of the bending was stupid too it took aang like 5min of waving his arms around until he atually bended anything. There was even a li ke ten minute scene when aang and katara were practicing and they weren't even bending anything it was a total waste of time. In the movie katara said aang had trouble with water bending and that is like totally backwards, he is supposed to be "so naturally gifted!" And at the end he never became the big ocean spirit monster he just made this big corny wave and he didn't make the wave fall down on the fire nation. the fire benders were like omg a huge ass wave lets get the hell out of here. THIS MOVIE WAS ONE OF THE WORST IVE EVER SEEN u suck m.nightshumalamadingdong! >:P

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