• Mnmcookies

    Tenzin went against the task force during the council meeting, and did not want korra to have anything to do with it. Tenzin knew that it would further force the conflict between her and Amon. Therefore, I think that Tarrlock is the main antagonist, whose mission is to turn Republic City to a Monarchy just as Firelord Ozai before him. He wants to get rid of Amon and Korra all together. Finally, when they are exiled outside of Republic City or thought to be killed by Tarrlocks militants. They will finally understand each other like Aaang and Zuko before them, to work together against Tarrlock. The flashback from episode 4 also supports my theory because like Aaang. Korra needs a group of people she needs to meet along the way to finally bec…

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