I have some ideas, And I want you to give your opinion , and if it's good enough and the administrators agree with it, we can add it to the wiki.

First idea

Each benders who are not skilled enough can move rocks if they are earthbenders , make small flames if they are firebenders, moving water and push it if they are waterbenders and pushing air if they are airbenders. We can call that simple level bending. If the benders are skilled enough they can be fighters , they can make different moves like earth walls ,earth columns , earth blocks, earth attacks and earth lines if they are earthbenders. we can call that skilles level bending. Masters can do more things like dust clouds , earth armor and earth waves. we can call that master level bending. 

The second idea:

Each bending has it's sub-skills and sub-elements. and each sub-element has it's own levels.

This table shows the whole idea. the first colmun can be use as primary sections in each article.

Element Earth Fire Air Water
styles simple earthbending, Dai-li and pro-bending  simple firebending and pro-bedning temples airbending and pro-bending southern and northern styles, foggy swamp and pro-bedning
simple sub-skills digging  heating and redirecting heat flight(using airbedning glider) moving on water
specialized sub-skills seismic sense checking chi weightlessness healing
simple sub-element sand,mud and dust Non Non mud,ice,snow and steam
specialized sub-element Lava and metal blue fire,combustions and lightning Non plants and blood

The third idea.

adding templates for each sub-element and sub-skill

the sections of the templates are:


original element


notable users

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