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    A few days ago I read Love Potion 8. Sadly, I found that it was a picture book for the tykes. I decided to write my own version shortly after. So, here it is. Enjoy!

    Love Potion #8

    Aang rubbed his face. They had been flying for the entire day, only stopping once for a food break. Several times before, Aang began a descent but Sokka insisted that they keep going to make up for the Painted Lady incident.

    “Shouldn’t we stop for tonight?” Aang asked yet again.

    Sokka blinked and contemplated the situation. “Fine,” he said. “But we’re getting up early tomorrow.”

    Appa moaned his appreciation.

    Aang reined in his pet and circled a cozy-looking spot below. He landed softly and everyone got off.

    “Hey Aang?” Katara whispered. “Are you sure we’re safe here?”


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