Well, now that I have your attention, I HAVE NO INFORMATION regarding season 2, sorry.

What this blog is about (my first ever one mind you) is to ask one question.

What will season 2 of Korra be about?

I've seen a lot of people asking when season 2 is coming out but what do you want it to focus on? Perhaps the Makorra relationship? Maybe a little more on Commander Bumi and General Iroh ? Or maybe everyone will want to see the resident fartbender and the recently *spoiler* made single Asami start up a relationship?

I personally would like to see Meesami (is that the right name?) and some more of the world as it is now. I believe the season 2 will most likely be Korra learning about the past lives but who knows.

On that note, I leave the rest up to you and I leave you with an Amon meme:

File:Bad joke amon amorra by xxneophantomxx-d54ikxp.png

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