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"I'm always happy to hear my work is appreciated! So yes, count me in. I would be glad to help out."

Fanon writers, get your pens ready because this should be good news for you! That speaker happens to be ChobitX from, one of the illustrators of Silent Hero in Emerald. She's not the one I won pictures from via writing contest, but I purchase her work in the form of points. And since I also hang around Deviantart a lot, I happen to get generous point donations :)

How does this apply to you? Well, I've had a high influx of point donations recently. And there's a problem in the fanon portal: YOUR ACTION SCENES. I've tried many ways to lecture you guys to improve, but I realize that the best motivation comes from what once motivated me as well: offer the best writing, and you'll receive a drawing from ChobitX of your favorite OCs, 100% arranged and paid for by yours truly ^^

Minnichi proceeds to lure contestants by pointing out that ChobitX drew this and this.

Now that your interest is sparked, let's move onto the specifics!

Rules and Guidelines

DEADLINE: Saturday, October 13th, 2012 at 10pm (Timezone: UTC -6)

You're not going to write just any fight scene; it's going to be an epic one, of course. But no really, my goal's to make sure you produce a well-rounded battle that's hopefully outside your comfort zone. With that in mind, here's how your scene will be crafted...

Entry Procedure

Got it all? If this interests you...

  • Comment to declare the participants of your battle (*make sure you've read through the above section!) If it were me who's writing, the comment would be in the following format: "I'm going to produce an epic fight between an original Firebender and Piandao." ...Or just "Firebender vs. Piandao" if you don't want to be awesome and dramatic.
  • Specify if the first fighter happens to be yourself, and post the final result in a blog post (or fanon page, if you wish). Link said post in the comments section of this page, and you'll be added to the submissions section.
  • Make sure to start off your title with "Entry for..." (to avoid confusion)

The rest of the details of this scene are up to you! Why they fought, where they're fighting, the POV you choose, etc... I was going to assign these details at first, but I was too lazy another important element of action is your creativity. It's also going to be a factor when I decide the winners. Speaking of which, here's the part you actually care about:


  • 1st Place: A full color, full body picture with up to 3 characters, background included
  • 2nd Place: A full color, full body picture with up to 2 characters, no background
  • 3rd Place: A full color, waist-up picture of 1 character, no background

Honorable mention: A waist-up line drawing of 2 characters OR a full body line drawing of 1 character with no background (Example of a line drawing)

The only drawing requirement for the winners is that your characters must include at least one OC. I feel like it's a waste to request only canon characters, because trust me: whatever you want to happen between canon characters, you'll probably be able to find it somewhere on already. But anyway, the winning artwork can be anything in your wildest imagination (...within wiki policies!), and I'll arrange its production with ChobitX. Sound good?

Lastly, winners get these nifty userboxes!

This user won 1st Place in Minnichi's Epic Battle Writing Contest.
Copy/paste {{User:Minnichi/EpicBattleContest1|1st}} onto your profile, and replace "1st" with whichever place applies to you (unless you're first place :P)

This user received Honorable Mention in Minnichi's Epic Battle Writing Contest.
Copy/paste {{User:Minnichi/EpicBattleContest2}} onto your profile.


And by the way, congrats to Kuzonkid7, who asked me if he gets a bonus for posting the very first submission. Well, here it is! (I like userboxes, don't you?)

This user was most punctual during the Epic Battle Writing Contest.
Copy/paste {{User:Minnichi/PunctualBattleContestant}} onto your profile xP

A note to the losers: (since this is inevitable) I'll continue to get pictures for great quality authors outside of this contest, so don't worry. I'm only holding this contest to target low-quality action scenes - not to mention my typical picture-requesting policy is something like, "Don't ask me unless I'm an obsessive fangirl of your fanon." (Keep that in mind, btw.) Those who are 100% sure I'm obsessed (there's a difference between obsession and regular fan comments, on that note) are rare, which makes picture-giving pretty rare as well. But if you (cough) keep improving your writing, I might just become your biggest fan!



Tell me if I've missed an entry!

Oh look, hints! Well, there's only two:

  • I tried writing an article about action scenes once, if you want to refer to it.
  • "He/she (insert element)bended" as your excuse for an attack is a taboo. Just throwing that out now. Because Minnichi is not fond of this term.

Good luck to anyone who participates, and remember to get your scene posted by October 13th! And remember to seek to improve from this contest. I'll be looking forward to seeing what kind of pictures the winners will come up with ;)

On a random note, how's October 13th for a deadline? (Just for me to make sure)

The poll was created at 04:37 on October 5, 2012, and so far 30 people voted.

10/10/12 Update

10/12/12 update: a note to all those other contest hosts

October 14, 2012: The Winners!

Well, that ended up taking me longer than I thought. But hey, I managed to get back to you guys in a matter of hours! Not days! Yeahhh. Even though it's like 1:30am - okay whatever, I've had much worse and it's a Saturday night. Ahem ANYWAY, I'll shut up real quick. Congratulations to: (extremely long drumroll)



> THIRD PLACE WINNERS... (gasp) AvatarRokusGhost and Omashu Rocks!

Anddddd let's not forget about: (dramatic music)

So I spent an extra hour just to ramble about my decisions. I know the feeling, after all, because once upon a time Minnichi lost an art contest for a (sob) tablet by one measly place, and the only reason given to everyone was, "I chose the entries that made me most happy when I first saw them." Happiness? Excuse me? No, I wanted my explanation dangit! And I'm sure you guys did too. I hope that those of you who didn't place can understand my reasoning, as I've tried my best to judge this fairly. This was one of the most horrible things I've ever had to go through, because all of the entries - mark my words - are the most beautiful action scenes I've ever read since joining Avatar Wiki. You've really outdone yourselves, guys. Please keep up the same habits you are now whenever you write, because I'm forever impressed by our fanon portal. And besides, you never know when the next offer for epic art might appear ;)

And that concludes the Epic Battle Writing Contest! Thank you all for participating, and now it's time to go forth and spread your glory to the other contests. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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