FRSimage 240px-Stop x nuvola.svgTest reviews for A Tale of Rebels will NO LONGER be accepted as of April 24, 2014, and applications are now CLOSED

With our ever-growing collection of fanon here at Avatar Wiki, the need is greater than ever for users willing read our authors' works with a promise of thoughtful feedback and advice. An active reader means the world to an author; why not go further and highlight their fanon in your very own official review of their story? If you are one who would like to share your knowledge of writing and help our fanon portal community grow through your input, then you should consider applying for Avatar Wiki's Fanon Review Squad!


  • Authors in the fanon portal trust you to be a person who knows how to write well. You are the one giving tips to their stories, and thus you should strive for said tips to be as accurate as possible and reflect an average reader's opinion of good and bad quality.
  • You are someone who can influence other authors' chances of reading a fanon through your positive or negative evaluation of it. You will have the opportunity to feature any reviews in Avatar Wiki's two newsletters as well.
  • You are a reader who does not skim through fanons, no matter the quality. Your evaluation promises authors that you will look at their writing thoroughly and be able to highlight both the good and bad of their stories. Any review of yours should show that you care.
  • By signing up in the schedule you create yourself, authors in the fanon portal can expect you to read and evaluate their fanons thoughtfully within the time range you specify. You are always striving to be punctual and must treat your FRS duties with as much care and time management as your own fanon.


  • Comment on this blog post to officially declare yourself an applicant. (Also try to limit any queries about the submission process to this blog!)
  • Write a test review of A Tale of Rebels by Sep0815 in a blog post. A test review should be exactly what you plan for your official FRS reviews to look like. The current members' previous application test reviews can be found here if you'd like any references for ideas. However, you should strive to have your own style and "flare" as a reviewer.
  • Finish your review by April 24, 2014 and provide a link to your blog in the test review section provided below. The Fanon Review Squad members will evaluate your application and let you know their decision about a week after the deadline.


Edit this section (use this link) to add your name and a link to your test review of A Tale of Rebels. A summary of your reviewing style and what you prioritize in your critique is encouraged.

Typhoonmaster and I will be evaluating applicants for this round, and Sep0815 himself also will be part of the decision process as the author who can tell us how beneficial and thoughtful he found each test review of his fanon. To those of you participating, good luck and happy reviewing!

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