Issue 24: February 14 (17), 2014

Writing Romance
Omashu Rocks

It's Valentine's Day weekend, which means almost everyone on Avatar Wiki is completely free and has time to read this article! If that offends you, I direct you to this.

Now, since it is the holiday celebrating love, it seemed fitting that the wiki's one and only fanon newsletter should at least make an attempt to analyze a very important genre of stories: romance.

Who could forget classics like A Bird Could Love a Fish, Engagements, or So Close? Aye, these stories made us laugh, cry, and learn how to love again. These were the nominees for "Outstanding Romance Fanon" in the Third Fanon Awards. These were the only awards in which the category was featured, as they did not return for the fourth cycle. Why is that? Do we simply not have enough romance fanons to hold a competitive vote, or are not enough worthy of being nominated? Sadly, the latter may be true. We've lost our way as a portal on writing in the romantic genre. We've forgotten how to make readers fee the same emotions our characters do. On this Valentine's Day, I challenge you to improve upon your skills, because whether your fanon is strictly Romance or not, it is an integral part of every good tale.

One thing that can sink your fanon love boat is an awkward dialogue. It's no different than in real life. An awkward conversation does not bode well for a relationship. Please, for all that is good, make your fanons a little less uncomfortable than sober, sixth-grade dances with the lights on and Mr. Finkelstein breathing down your neck.

It is important that a character employs a tone in his/her language that fits the correct gender. If the fair maiden your hero is pursuing speaks as if she were a man, your fanon goes from lovely Cinderella story to creepy and awkward, assuming your goal is not to create the first ever transvestite Disney Princess (it's 2014, Disney, when will we see real progress?)

To get the genders right in dialogue, stereotyping is required. Men are stubborn, they don't pay close attention to details, avoid sharing feelings unless very stressed or forced, and when they ask questions it's for specific information. Women will ask vague questions, pay very close attention to detail, be more sympathetic, and they will bubble over emotions. These are good checklists when making sure your gender-specific dialogue is accurate, especially if you're writing for the opposite gender. If a character breaks the mold, you should have another character note it. That variance in stereotypes can add a new element to your character and make him/her more unique, and, before you know it, you have differentiating qualities that can draw one character to another.

What makes two people fall in love? True love, I mean. If you want your readers to feel connected to your lovers, the storyline needs to be realistic. There is no such thing as true love at first sight. A love that makes a great story is based on so much more than looks, charm, and circumstance. Two people grow closer together through good times, trials, and travesties. Minnichi, the author of Silent Hero in Emerald, who I was lucky enough to interview, has mastered bringing two characters together through extreme conflict. Her characters have goals, something is at risk to achieve those goals, they take scary, sometimes unpredictable, steps towards those goals, and they don't succeed on the first try.

When a man and woman go from laughing until it hurts with each other to sharing a devastating pain so deep it almost destroys their relationships, lives, or dreams, and they end up surviving together and reuniting, an inseparable bond is formed. Your. Characters. Need. That.

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. If your characters are forced to be apart, and they tear themselves up thinking about each other, that's excellent. If one character is in peril and the other loses control of their emotions that's even better.

What is possibly the most important quality in the relationships of two fanonical lovers is connect-ability to the audience. I was able to ask Minnichi what she thought it was about her characters Yuhan and Riya that made them so connectable, and her response was on point:

"To be honest, I think characters we connect to are the ones that feel most like ourselves. Not in terms of personality, but the familiarity of their emotions. When I write about Yuhan and Riya, I try to make their feelings as close to our own as possible. So, even if you aren't experiencing the story directly like they are, the emotions are still the same real ones as your own. In a nutshell, I think a reader connection is simply depends on how real you can make it."

This spurred the question in my mind that it could help if the author was utilizing a personal relationship to inspire their storyline, to which she responded:

""The funny thing is, I have never experienced anything in my life that I could use as good inspiration for a romantic relationship, especially not one as strong as Yuhan's and Riya's. But that's another good trick I like using: you don't have to necessarily experience things yourself to understand them. Whether it's love or the trauma of losing a loved one, whatever I myself don't have personal memories about, I look to other people who have them instead. In preparation for some of the darkest chapters, I had actually read personal accounts of how people felt the moment they experienced the kind of traumas that I would have to write about. So, the things I do have experience for, I'll draw inspiration from - but I'll go seek out other peoples' experiences if anything's missing."

Minnichi also gave me insight on the biggest challenges she faces while writing romance.

"My greatest challenge is writing about two lovers that aren't anywhere near each other, both physically and mentally - and yet you have to prove that they're in love. Subconscious feelings! It's hardest because the couple can't rely on each other directly during these moments to strengthen their feelings. So the challenge is basically figuring out to express those feelings to readers through strictly subtle signs and only being able to work with the "relationship memories" of the previous chapters."

Of course, everything I've told you to do is much easier said than done. The only other thing I can advise you to do is keep at it, and follow your arrow wherever it points.

White lotus tile icon Fanon Urban Dictionary

Love Quadrangle

noun; When the writer of a story attempts to complicate the plot with a series of entangled love interests.
"Avatar Wiki has an interesting love quadrangle going on. Omahsu Rocks loves Shakira, but Shakira has fallen for Typhoonmaster, who in turn is infatuated with his burrito. Alas, are burritos capable of love? What even is love? I'm lonely...


verb; Something every single user will be doing on the IRC on Valentine's Day.
"Are you guys enjoying Valentine's Day? I am. I mean, I don't have anyone special or anything I just meant- like I can enjoy it too, not as much as people with Valentine's of course but… ha! Oh, look at me all alone over here! How funny, right guys? LOL here I am on Valentine's Day… by myself… again. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…hahahaha…sniff."

True Shipping

noun; That which is often more powerful than true love in fanfiction.
"It doesn't matter if you hate my guts in canon, if you come from a different universe, a different time, or if you're even a tree. If a fan says we are a couple, than we will be together and love each other. It is the meaning of true shipping for absolutely nothing to be impossible. And the best part is, we don't even have to try...we just are. o_o"

Love the Fanon Urban Dictionary? Miss any definitions? See the complete collection here!

Your Secret Valentines Submissions

These are the anonymous letters of love that our fanon portal sent via this blog over the span of last week. See who sent you a secret valentine here!

1. Dear Katara,

What's this about you and Zuko I keep reading?

Love, A Very Concerned Airbender

2. Dear Nicola Peltz,

I just want you to know how amazing you are. Amazing at ruining franchises I hold dear to my heart. The way you came in and helped ruin the film adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender, my favorite T.V. show of all time, with your bland, effortless portrayal of Kataraleft me speechless. And I now understand you’re ruining the Transformers movies and, with Michael Bay as the director, it should have been ruined already, but it’s kept going and the fact that you are now here to ruin it is unbelievable. Not only that, but I also understand you’re wrecking Psycho by starring in the T.V. series, Bates Motel. Outstanding. In all my life, I have never seen anyone so dedicated to ruining movie franchises. The way you do it is quite simply stunning. Just your mere presence creates an atmosphere of annoyance. I have to hand it to you, Nicola.

Sincerely, Anonymous.

3. Dear Suki,

If you were to take every girl in the Earth Kingdom and ask if they were prettier than you, I would say no faster than a heartbeat for every single one. You’re beautiful, you’re tough, and you’re no Mary Sue, despite what everyone else says. I know sometimes you feel like you don’t know what you’ve done to deserve the beating you take from people who don’t like you, but I understand just how awesome you are.

Sincerely, Anonymous

4. Dear Sokka,

If you be my valentine, I'll be your boomerang; I'll always come back ;)


5. Dear Suki,

Sorry they cut you from the movie. You're still my favorite warrior. :)

Love, The Guy with the Boomerang

6. Dear Wake,

You are by far the hottest character in the fanon portal and most likely the hottest guy in the Avatarverse. You should ditch Grace and date me instead ;)

From a Nazgullow Fan

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We will overthrow you. Love, Anonymous

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That’s cute. Love, WLS Staff

9. Dear ATFF

You're kinda fiesty

Love, Anondwich

10. Dear Iroh of the United Forces,

I don't know how I could have been so blind. How did I not see it before? I was so confused and hurt. I thought he was the one, but how can I be with someone who does not even trust me. But have always been there to help me. You always listened to what I had to say, and you trusted my judgment, even if no one else would.

I'm tired of trying to make something work that obviously is not meant to be, but with you, I am never upset, and you're someone I can depend on. It's over with him; I don't need the extra opposition, but I do need someone; I need you.

Love, An Anonymous Bender

11. Dear Toph,

I once lay in the moonlight wondering when you'd finally turn your head to stare your amber eyes deep into mine and pull me closer to whisper in my ear "I love you" but then I opened my eyes and realised I never had you to hold. All I had to hold was cold bitter hate. Forgive me.

Love, anonymous.

12. Dear WLS,

Thank you so much for your advice on fanons. You've made me a better writer over the last eight months. I'm a big fan! <3

-An Aspiring Writer

13. Dear Aspiring Writer,

Your Valentine makes us all very happy; there is nothing better than being appreciated for something you love to do. After all, we’re all just aspiring writers chillin’ out, writing some fanfiction, eh? Stay classy 

- WLS Staff

14. To Lady Lostris:

My dear sun and stars, my muse, my flame…

Your smile is like a breathe of spring. Your skin is soft like summer rain. No woman can compete with you.

And even as I wander, I'm keeping you in sight. You're a candle in the window, on a cold dark winter's night. I can't find this feeling anymore.

I wish you love. And IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII will always loooove youuuuuuuu!

- A secret admirer

15. Dear Yuhan,

I iz dead. LULz JK

Love, Riya xoxo

16. Dearest Shakira,

One day we can be together. Whenever, wherever, we're meant to be together.

Sincerely, Your greatest fan.

17. Estimado Omashu Rocks:


Querido, Gerard Piqué

18. Dear Omashu Rocks,

I've always thought you were really cute.


19. Dear Mr. Rocks,

Here's a Valentine so that you don't have to send them to yourself anymore :) Always a joy to co-edit the fanon newsletter with you! Now put down the mirror and let's get to work :P

From someone wearing a Dai Li uniform

20. Dear Avatar Wiki,

I'm glad I was part of this wiki. I'm happy to hear WS is the new admin lately. I wish nothing more than a.. HAPPY VALENTINE!

Fanon Portal, dead or alive, I love ya!

With laugh and love, Anonymous

21. Dear Zuko,

I love you. Please marry me. Mai is no good for you. She will never be able to love you as much as I do. You do not understand how many nights I have spent dreaming about you. I love you more than air.

Love, The Hopeless Fangirl

22. Dear Bosco,

I'm sorry that Momo always steals your hat. But if it makes you feel better, you still look adorable without it.

- A Bear enthusiast

23. Dear Twin Brother,

You will always be Santa to me ;D

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24. Yue,

Every time there is a full moon, I sing "YUE,YUE! WE LOVE TO SHOUT YOUR NAME, OH MOON!" to the night sky. I hope you hear it.

Love, a girl that puts "Yue" in every sentence that she can

25. Dear Teambeifong,

Roses are red Violets are blue You are dictionary Because lately you have been using a lot of big words I don't know.

Love, Anonymous

26. Dear Dai Li agents,

You are SO under-appreciated and not glorified enough in the world of Avatar. I love you guys forever and will never give up hope that you shall return again one day in all your ninja rock glove-shooting greatness.

Love, Your Biggest Fan

27. Dear Haru,

I like sensitive guys ;D

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28. Dear Foamy Mouth Guy,

I loved you the first time. You were perfect. Just hilarious. However, you should not have come back. The joke was old. It wasn't funny anymore. I am sorry, but it was just a one time thing. You were great, until you came back and ruined it for everyone.

Love, Thanks For Nothing

29. Dear “Thanks For Nothing,”

Ever since I was a 4-year-old living on Kyoshi Island, I have struggled with a medical condition in which I foam at the mouth. I used to be embarrassed by my condition, but I’ve learned to accept who I am. I’m proud of who I am, and nothing can take that away from me. Periodically, I suffer from excessive foam in my mouth followed by uncontrollable bodily reactions which many people mistake for “fangirling.” This is not the case. If anything, I believe with all my heart that my story can serve as inspiration for everyone else out there coping with prejudice and injustice.

Love, “Foaming Mouth Guy”

30. Dear Bryke,

Thank you so much for creating Avatar. It is truly one of the best shows out there. I love it to death. However, if Mai and Zuko end up together, things will get ugly.

Love, Consider Yourself Warned

31. Dear TarrlokUltimateWaterbender,

You are an angel, so you probably came from heaven.

Love, Anonymous

32. Here's the Valentine of mine, inspired by "The Rains of Castamere" from Game of Thrones, if anyone wants to know, and has no one to be directed to.

Dearest Oma,

"And who is she," the others said, "what makes her so special?" Failed, to see, they did what I could see in you. Be it your hair or your laugh, the sole thought of you made me rejoice. And it makes me want to stay with you for all of time.

That I wish, yes that I wish to someday come true. But together, we cannot be, for duty calls for me. Yes, together, we'll never be, that is my greatest fear.

Love, Shu

33. My beautiful gem,

My love for you — never-ending Your beauty — unmatched Your heart needs mending May I be your patch?

Love, Anonymous

34. Dear Princess Azula,

I don't scare easy, but you terrify me. I can't help but to admire you from afar. We come from different worlds, but I know we would make the most powerful alliance of all time! I would take on an entire army to be by your side and I'd likely win. You don't need looking after, but I'd protect you with my life. Someday, we will rule the world together!

Love, The Future Earth King

35. Dear Lady Lostris,

I have a boxed set of Disney movies and a few books on Egyptian mythology ;). If that can get you hooked, I don't know what will.

Love (or maybe just affection),

The Person Whose Special Someone is you

36. Dear Katara,

If you were a real person, you'd be incredibly pretty. Actually, I'd date you even if you looked like you did in the cartoons. You're beautiful, flawless, a great person, and a helluva good waterbender. Wish you were real!

Happy Valentine's Day,

Your Lover

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I have a candy crush on you ;] Life can be sweet, tasty, or even divine. It can be bold like stripes or simple and wrapped with a surprise. Or even bursting with multicolors. The possibilities are endless, the railroad of this journey is everlasting. Just send some hearts my way ;]

Your Sugar Crush

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I know you love me. And even though my life is fleeting, I love you too. It's time to take our relationship a step further. There is still so much to discover, and so much joy for us to share together. Let's spend the rest of our lives together, you and I. I know you won't forget about me. Your heart is mine forever, and I am yours.


Your burrito <3

39. Dear Burrito,


Love, Ty

40. Dear Oma,

This isn't a love letter, but just wanted to let you know that you're an example for all romantics out there! Your story was short, but I think you are the strongest and most noble lover in the world of Avatar. You and Shu deserve more recognition for your loyalty to each other, and your choice not to take revenge led to the creation of the most awesome city ever. Here's a shout out to the two best lovers in Avatar!

From an admirer of selfless romance

41. Sokka,

So Valentine's Day is coming up. I'm thinking maybe we an activity together?

- Anonymous

42. Dear Yuhan,

You are one hot human. Meet me for some SYT.

Love, the not so anonymous one.

43. Dear Kyoshidude,

You leave some of the best comments. You really inspire me to keep writing. Not only that, you’re a really talented writer. You get better with literally every chapter. The Kyoshi Chronicles is boss. -Ty

44. Dear Jtwin1,

Avatar: Neo Revolution is one of the best fanons out there. I’m a huge fan of your story. HUGE. Keep up the outstanding work. You’re going places. Ty

45. Dear Henry,

Greatest reader on the face of this green earth. You are the example to which all readers and writers should aspire to be. I don’t know where I’d be without your support. -Ty

46. Dear Fruipit,

I admire you because you write what you want to write and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Everyone knows you’re the best contributor to this fanon portal, but it doesn’t hurt to have someone remind you every now and then. -Ty

47. Dear Minnichi,

You are the Salt of the Earth, my friend. The nicest, coolest, funniest author out there. Not to mention you’re a freaking boss at writing and crafting ridiculously small key-chains for people. Just complete a chapter every once in awhile, kk? -Ty

48. Dear OR,

I hear there’s a going to be a Heritage Unit 1953 E8 in New York with a BL2, too, the SNC 52. We’re going to watch it. Bring your camera, it’s going to be special. -Ty

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You have the sickest flow and beard in the game. -Ty

50. Dear Sep085,

Every time I post a chapter, I wait in anticipation for your awesome comments. You read with such precise insight, and it’s truly astounding. I am so thankful to have a reader like you. I take everything you say into consideration when I write because you bring up awesome points for me to improve upon. You’re the best, bro. -Ty

51. Dear Anurna,

Here is my message to you. Love eternally, Your Adoring Fiancée

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Thank you for all your hard work and dedication as an Admin on this Wiki. You are a shining example of what users should aspire to be, not just in the editing sense, but also in how you carried yourself. We hope to see you around here being the nice, awesome person you are. You know, whenever you get the chance.

Love, The Avatar Wiki

58. Dear Everyone Who Sent a Valentine,

Thank you for your thoughtful, vindictive, sassy, impugning, hilarious, and loving entries. It was a joy to read each and every one of them. Have a great Valentines Day, but do yourself a favor and pass on the Sweet Hearts.

-WLS Staff

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Writing Romance

There is a reason why I write romance. It's not because I love people making out, or that writing almost-sex is fun (both of which are true). There's just something so pure about love and romance in literature. And don't laugh, because even with the myriad of smut-fics available out there, it's incredibly rare to come across one that focuses entirely on just the physical aspect. There is almost always an emotional side to the story. With romance, it's taken a step further, and something that is so innocent and simple that as an audience, we're conditioned to pine after. I spend a lot of time on, and I can tell you that stories that do not feature romance aren't as popular.

But, I'm not going to be talking about that today. I'm not really going to talk about fanon at all, actually. I can save the 'writing romance' aspect for another article, and talking about the gorgeous romantic stories on the wiki will have to wait a while. Why? It's pretty simple, actually.

I don't want to.

Now, hang on, before you argue that I always talk about writing and romance and stories, let me explain. Writing is an extension off real life. It's... a mirror. A parallel. An alternate universe. When we write about things, especially love and romance, we don't have to follow real-world rules. Sure, we have to stick to the confines of the characterisation we've given our subjects, but all in all, it doesn't have to follow the rules of conventional relationships.

What I mean by this is... well, look at the myriad of crackships and impossible plotlines. Things that just wouldn't happen in real life. In real life, if you kiss someone else, they don't always buckle at the knees. The blood doesn't always rush through their ears as they gasp for breath, wondering why it took so long to kiss in the first place. In fiction, the awkward, bumbling moments after a first kiss are adorable. In real life, they're just that; awkward and bumbling.

So, what am I going to talk about, if not fanon? Well, while I'll still refer to it (this is the WLS, after all), fanon isn't my main focus here. I want to focus on, well, love.

To finally be able to put my book of quotations and proverbs to use, I will reel off a few that I think are apt. There are a number of English proverbs (many seeming to come from plays of the era) such as "The course of true love never did run smooth" (Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream, 1695-6), or "Love and a cough cannot be hid" (English proverb, c. 14th Century). These are just two of a number of proverbs like them; that love is hard, and you cannot hide it from the world. I'm personally a fan of the quotes, though, mostly because as true as they are, they tend to be rather depressing: "The love that lasts longest is the love that is never returned" (W. Somerset Maugham, 1874-1965, English novelist) and "We cease loving ourselves if no one loves us" (Mme de Staël, 1766-1817, French writer).

Now, I don't mean to be depressing, but don't you find it interesting that the quotes by real people tend to be less up-beat than the proverbs? I honestly believe it's because of that precise reason–it's real. In real life, love doesn't always work out. Sometimes it just doesn't work, and that's okay. With over 7 billion people on the planet, you're bound to find someone. But, it's not like a vending machine. You can't pick and choose who you want. "The heart wants what the heart wants–or else it doesn't care", according to Emily Dickinson. I personally believe there's a formula to love, tried and tested. Of course, it doesn't always work, but I think it's the best way to begin a budding relationship.

Friendship + intimacy = love

Everyone has a friend. You may not have a lot, or too many to count, but I bet that 90% of the people reading this have a best friend. Friendship is easy. Well, easier than love. Everyone knows what friendship is. It's... well, I can't really explain it. My little book of proverbs once again comes in handy here.

"Oh, the comfort–the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts, nor measure words, but pouring them all out, just as they are, chaff and grain together; knowing that a faithful hand will take and sift them–keep what is worth keeping–and with the breath of kindness blow the rest away." - 19th-century saying.

According to someone who will remain nameless (mostly because I don't know if they would like their name on this), one little joy in their life is friendship. "Friends who you realize are there because they think they found something special in you."

Those two paragraphs to me, sum up a friend. Someone who you can fight with, yell at, complain about, ignore, but at the end of the day, it's a funny youtube clip or sharing a moment that brings you back together. Apologies are only necessary about 3% of the time, because you just know they're sorry, and they know you forgive them, and vice versa. That is a friend.

Which leads me to the next part of the equation; intimacy. When I talk about intimacy, I don't mean kissing and touching; making out or 'naked time'. When I talk about intimacy, I mean emotional intimacy. To have another person know you, inside and out, and accept you for it. This always, always leads to love. It may not be a romantic love. It might just be a platonic love, or a familial love. The love of a protector, or one who needs protecting; it doesn't matter.

Something that always springs to my mind when I talk about love is the word. How can one simple, four letter word, hold so much meaning? And, how can it changed so dramatically, just because of the context? I love writing. I love Toph. I love lamp. I have the word 'love', but it means something completely different for all three examples. What if I change it a little? I'm in love with writing. In love with Toph. In love with a lamp. Aside from being somewhat creepy in the last example, the meaning changes dramatically when the difference is pointed out.

I bring this up to show how important language–the words chosen to express the emotion–is when writing romance. I've read a number of stories in which the characters suffer greatly because, in the author's excitement to get to the romance, they miss the whole point that 'romance' is not the action. Well, it is, but it's not just the action. It's how the characters think and feel; the 'will they, won't they' moments. Perhaps an example? A line from a story of a relatively new author over here springs to mind;

There, the closeness was all-consuming, heat blooming in the space between, and the world around them was forgotten as they lingered in that dangerous place beyond friendship...

To me, that perfectly sums up the 'intimacy' section. The tentativeness and longing, the want to go further and yet the fear of progressing; of starting something neither were sure they were ready for. To be so comfortable that you fear crossing a line, but not the line itself.

This formula is applicable both in real life and fanon. There are other variables, of course, such as physical attraction and romantic capability–some people are just better as friends. Their relationship is deeper without the romantic undercurrents, and that's okay. Life isn't all bout romance. It's about finding people to spend it with, in whatever capacity you choose, and to be happy whilst doing it. There also comes the issue of sexual orientation, although I use the word 'issue' very, very lightly. It isn't an issue. Not at all. I feel sorry for the people who think it is, because I think they're missing out on a lot. Same-sex relationships are becoming far more prominent in current society, probably because they're becoming far more accepted. Unfortunately, they still can't get married in my country, which is a shame; however, they are being recognised. Same-sex couples exist, whether or not it's 'wrong' or 'right', and everyone else has to just deal with it.

I bring up this matter, not to force my beliefs on you, but to make a point. Whether you're straight, gay, lesbian, bi, or transgender, the same rules of love all apply. If, as Avatar Roku once said, "Some friendships are so strong, they can even transcend lifetimes", surely love that, according to Dante Alighieri, "Moves the sun and the other stars" (1265-1321), can transcend gender barriers?

I want to end with one final quote. I fear I've rambled too long, so I'll finish off here, with the one relationship I didn't really get to talk about.

"Love is, above all, the gift of oneself!"
―Jean Anouilh, 1910-87, French dramatist.
Avatar Wiki Chronicles: On Authors Who Try to Party with Their Fanon Characters

For those of you who don't know the Avatar Wiki Chronicles, it's basically me describing the fanon portal shenanigans in story-like form. Today's story explains what happens when we get too carried away with the idea our beloved, original characters being real. As in, literally. o_o

Also, here's a shoutout to the authors I got the chance to learn characterizations of their fanon OCs from. Thanks so much, guys! This was a truly engaging experience to be able to bring our characters together with the challenge of making them be themselves even in the midst of such supernatural conditions xD

AW Chroncles #5

Valentine's Day in Avatar Wiki's fanon portal was one of the most magical, unforgettable moments of life. It was on this heart-filled holiday that every fanon author who had ever blessed a character's story with love was suddenly given a divine opportunity - one that not a single writer hesitated to embrace.

In a nutshell: February 14, 2014 was the night of the epic Valentine's Author Meet-and-Greet party. "Meet" being the joy of a writer who gets the opportunity to speak to his or her beloved character creation in person. "Greet" being the fanon character who's randomly been pulled from the world they know just to be told that they're having a party with the creator of the universe.

Of course, none of the authors in the fanon portal had ever thought it that could possibly be a bad idea to talk to their own story characters.

~*The romantic violin playing in the background begins to sound weirdly ominous.*~

"Are they here? Are they here yet? Zomg zomg, are they here yet -"

"SHUT UP and just wait for it!"

"I'm lyke, so pumped for this. My children...! How I long to see thee!"

The vast, gorgeous ballroom was bumbling with excitement from its anxious inhabitants. There were red and pink tables positioned in endless rows, labeled with signs that would soon guide a very special group of party guests to their "sponsors." Pink and white balloons floated all over the ceiling, and the walls had been fought over for space to display welcome posters with various messages of 'HI [insert fanon character name]!!!,' 'Come meet your maker,' or even, 'Marry me! <3' (Depending on whether the story had an author-insert protagonist, naturally.)

Only one author seemed to be less excited than everyone else, however: Agent Minnichi. Also known as one of the only authors to designate 'Angst' an actual genre. There was something off about all this that no one seemed to notice, in the midst of their parent-like anticipation. And there was a very good reason why Minnichi so easily knew what it was.

But the majority could not be convinced, and the majority screamed with very insane levels of excitement when the magic began to happen. The entire ceiling of the ballroom suddenly glowed blinding white when the clock struck 12, the start of Valentine's Day. And then...the balloons began to float down, one by one, each growing larger and larger until it settled gently upon the ballroom floor, shuddering and radiating with life.

The sharp noise of each bursting balloon was high pitched, ear-splitting and unnatural, fitting for the sound of people who'd literally been popped straight out of their cozy universes in the name of romantic fanon parties. Each balloon also burst at very different intervals with varying degrees of vigor, based on who it had carried inside during its universe-transfer.

A great, frozen silence suddenly swept across the ballroom as soon as the authors looked upon the faces of those they had poured their hearts and souls into making beautiful.

Anddd then the world exploded into utter, horrifying chaos.

The first phase of chaos was the stampede. Almost half of all the fanon characters immediately fled for their dear lives as a rabid crowd with plenty of mouth-foamers charged after them with the most disturbing outbursts of love. Most of these characters, unfortunately, were written to be much quicker and physically skilled than their creators; they escaped from the ballroom within minutes and were never seen again.

The second phase of chaos was the hysteria. All the fanon characters brave or crazy enough to try sticking around were trampled by almost every author besides their own, since every author was so busy trying to find someone else that they only got tangled and lost in their own crowd. The second phase was also when the violence began.

"THE NEXT PERSON WHO TRIPS OVER ME IS GOING TO TRIP OVER THEIR OWN HEAD!" screamed a sharp, murderous-looking young woman. Something about the gleam of her brown eyes beneath the shadowy hood of her cloak suddenly caused everyone around her to back away slowly.

Well, almost everyone.

A Republican with curly blond hair froze as soon as he saw her. "N-Nalia...?" He clasped his hand over his chest. His eyes welled up with tears. "NALIA!!!"

Omashu Rocks ran gleefully towards the dark heroine of Crossfire, and everyone else went rabid again in no time. Ironically, the only reason why Nalia hadn't been able to stay true to her word yet and scorch someone's head off with her blue fire was because, well, there were other powerful benders nearby who actually cared about things like keeping people alive, and they were frantically redirecting her blasts or shoving her arms off-target despite being terrified of their own authors.

The hysteria lasted for quite a while, and so did the violence. Most of it was simply self-defense from being crushed by the masses or suffocation from an author's possessive embrace. One guy, though, quiet and too sleep-deprived to remember how to panic, eventually noticed that he seemed to lack any horrifying, immediate threats like his fellow party guests. He made it out of the crowd simply by avoiding anyone who looked or sounded crazy - even if that was basically everyone - but stealth had long been his natural habit anyway. Rubbing his dark green eyes a bit and squinting as he peered past the brim of his pointed hat, he was one of the first to notice it.



In spirit.


And thus began the third phase of chaos: the reactions.

"Silent...what? What kind of a stupid phrase is that supposed -" Yuhan slowly looked down at his Dai Li uniform, which sported a lot of a certain color. "OH, you have got to be kidding... " He backed away from the empty little pink table, his twitchy eyes weird and demented-looking. "T-this... THIS ISN'T FUNNY! I swear, whoever -" The Dai Li agent was cut off short when he accidentally backed straight into someone who was walking too briskly to notice him either.

"OW!" cried the peeved teenager in a shadowy cloak. She swiped her long, brown hair back out of her eyes with a glare. "Hey, watch where you're going, Granny-robes!"

"Wha - HEY!" yelled back an equally peeved Yuhan, throwing up his arms. This was just not a good day. "YOU watch it, you -" His eyes found the emblem adorning her round crimson brooch. "- you little Fire Nation brat!"

The agent didn't expect such a scary blast of blue flames to shoot towards his face that quickly. "You wanna say that again, [BLEEP]?!" snapped the hotheaded girl.

Yuhan only barely caught himself in time to avoid the flames, twisting off to the side and wobbling a bit, but he quickly steadied and was in confident preparation for combat before long as he lifted his stone-coved palms. His shadowy, suspiciously twitchy eyes narrowed. Bring it on.

Neither of them were intimidated by each other - but it was too bad a certain Republican just had to get in their way. The firebender groaned out loud when she saw him and slapped a hand over her forehead, like one who'd been found by an annoying stalker for the 100th time.

"Nalia - Oh my God - no, NO!" Omashu Rocks was horrified to see who she'd picked a fight with. "Nonono, this is all wrong! You two aren't supposed to -"

"OKAY, can someone PLEASE tell me what's wrong with this place already?!" bellowed Yuhan, who looked borderline-psycho in his frustration. He threw a finger towards Table 22. " that? And why are they everywhere?!"

Nalia rolled her eyes. "You sure this place is the problem? You flip out over everything like some delusional - hm." She thought about it and gazed dismissively over at Omashu Rocks. "Hey you, the sad creature who fantasizes about me in his own imaginary universe - You also 'responsible' for that nutcase over there?" The sarcasm was so degrading. "Because frankly, if you're going to place me in the same boat with him, that's just insulting -"

"Is it even possible for people to like you?!" Yuhan was shaking one of his rock-gloved fists at her by now.

"Guys, guys! Seriously, stop it!" cried Omashu Rocks. "We're all supposed to be friends, and - Nalia, it's not his fault! Be nice! I mean...yeah, Yuhan does kind of have issues -"

"OH gee, thanks!"

"Nono, I didn't mean it like that, Yuhan, it's just - your story - oh gosh, I respect your author so much..."

"Ohhh boy, here we go again..." Nalia sighed and threw her head back.

"Wait - what 'author'...?" The Dai Li agent glanced back at Table 22. "And what in Koh's Realm is a 'minnichi,' some sort of germ?"

Omashu Rocks went pale when he realized what he shouldn't have mentioned. His newsletter co-editor had chosen not to seek out Yuhan for a reason.

Nalia began to pick up on things. The crazy kid clinging around her had just given Yuhan the idea that there was someone here who had actually planned for him to be a miserable lunatic. "This is actually getting kind of amusing," she snickered.


"Mary, I love you," said Gary.

"Gary, I love you too," said Mary.

"And I love you guys the most!" said Awesome Author.

The couple and the writer embraced in an automatic, perfect friendship.

"Sheesh, wonder what everyone else is yelling about. Probably just jealous that they can't be perfect like us."

"I hear they have to deal with annoying things like psh, personality and being human."

"Ha! We're, like, so over that."

Somewhere across the room, a very iconic group of characters watched with horror.

"Aang...I'm scared. Where are we?"

"I don't know, Katara - I can't even feel any spiritual connection to our world anymore."

"Guys... What is this cage around us made of? I've never felt anything like it."

The third phase of chaos happened to overlap with the fourth: the inevitable.

"TOPH!" screamed a shipping author at the very top of her lungs. She was clinging onto the bars of the cage from outside and pressing her face against the gaps to get as close to her beloved idol as possible. "TOPH - ohmygoshohmygosh - I don't even know what to - ohmygosh himynamesFruipit - nono I sound so stupid, gwah...!"

Fruipit was not alone. There were masses upon masses of authors, fighting over their spots around the supernaturally-resilient cage holding the creations of Bryke. The party invitation panel had eventually given in to the shipper's pleas, under one condition: canon characters could not arrive 'altered' for any fanon. They had to be fair, and it was impossible for one person to be 'multiple universe.' Thus, these characters were only to be admired and fantasized about as they always were in shipping fanfiction...and they were probably the most traumatized of them all. The cage had been meant for their own protection, after all.

"Wait - Jet? How are you here right now? I thought you, you know..."

"Huh, I don't know either. It was really unclear."

As the crowd finally dispersed enough for the majority of authors to encounter their brainchildren, the real highlight of the party began, one with extremes of both good and bad. The fifth phase of chaos was... The Judgment.

"You know Yuhan, you'd have to be an idiot to actually believe in this [BLEEP]. What's the big deal?"

A certain deranged Dai Li agent was growing more and more ominous by the second. "This isn't even about whether it's true or not... There is someone in this room who has the nerve to even believe that it's perfectly fine for them to screw my life over because they feel like it? They would be okay with...consciously choosing and deciding on every little detail of my misery...AND EVEN CALL IT FUN?!" Any morals of his that would've protected his author had all flown out the door upon encountering something so evil. And unfortunately, that was what kept Nalia amused by his company. By now, Omashu Rocks had retreated to his sponsor table in despair and was laying his head down to cry.

However, Yuhan's wasn't the only broken heart around here; he was just loud and slightly insane. There were other traumatized characters who were so scorned that their rage was beyond words. There were plenty of romance authors who, unlike Minnichi, didn't find horrible ways to heighten angst during the fight for a loved one. What they did was much simpler, and the characters didn't suffer long. And that was probably because, well, those characters were kind of dead.


These were the authors who tried to escape from the ballroom before their fanon characters did. These were also the authors who forgot that their OCs just might be enraged to hear who'd casually killed off their soulmate because "it just had to happen," and who were getting desperate enough to beg other fanon characters to help them as their heartbroken creations searched about with terrifying malice.

There was a kind, young earthbender who'd decided to help several of these authors survive the party. Without her usual padded armor and helmet, she was hardly recognizable as the fearsome warrior she was. The invitation panel had made a point to have every (consciously living) character transfer here in their most formal attire and excluding any unusual or crippling physical injuries for a more enjoyable experience, regardless of their stories' current standings. This girl was going about in a classy red dress that she'd adopted during her undercover days in the Fire Nation, and a redheaded author smiled when his eyes finally found the outfit he'd designed himself. As the girl was leaning over, lifting a table cloth to check on a sniffling author sitting below, AvatarRokusGhost cleared his throat as he walked over to her side, smiling pleasantly. "It's an honor to meet you here tonight, Ratana."

The young woman was curious as to how he spoke her name like one who'd known it for a thousand years, but only slightly surprised; after all, she'd seen enough chaos in the past few hours not to be surprised at much anymore.

Not too far from them was another pair of fanon characters that hailed from an Egyptian Fire Nation, sporting some of the most unique cultural attire at the party. They seemed to have grown extra quiet around each other after realizing that the ballroom was decorated with every kind of romantic accent possible and after being the first pair to actually notice the grand, metallic red banner that hung before the main entrance.

~*~*~❤ ♡ ❤~*~*~
Welcome, children of fanon far and wide!
You are those who brighten our stories with feelings of love. Tonight, we authors reach out to you in celebration of that beautiful emotion.
Happy Valentine's Day!
~*~*~ ❤ ♡ ❤~*~*~

"What...the... Where in Isis' name are we?"

"I wish I knew, Princess..."


They paused before the first thing that actually looked familiar. The female of the pair cocked her head a little, causing two braided loops of dark brown hair to brush against her cheeks.

Tanus spoke out loud their shared curiosity. "...Which one of those is you? Or, did someone just want to address you in...three different ways?"

Everything suddenly exploded with even more chaos - and yes, that was still possible. "FIRE!!! OH MY GAWD, WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE! FIREEEE!"

A tiger with wild flames literally growing from all its stripes had barged into the party. The terrifying creature sped straight towards Table 17, spreading the flames everywhere it touched. Princess Lostris jumped back in alarm, tensing up her firebending arms immediately while Tanus protectively stepped ahead of her with his blade already drawn and ready to strike.

"KEJELI! I told you to stay outside!"

The fanon character pair turned in surprise as a tall, Belgian woman emerged from beneath Table 17. The flaming beast enthusiastically ran to her side, and she shook her head as he purred and nuzzled against her shoulder. "Tch, you're going to burn down the whole party at this rate. Come on, let's get out before any waterbenders try to get you -"

"LOSTRIS!!!" screamed yet another voice. Both the Egyptian princess and the Belgian woman looked up.

There was a green-robed author some few tables down, trying to stamp out the flames of the tablecloth that tiger had set ablaze during its intrusion. "Lostris, why did you let that thing in here?! He blew my cover!"

"Hey, it isn't Kejeli's fault he loves me so much!" protested the Belgian woman, unfazed by the flames as she hopped onto the tiger's back. She glanced down at her fanon characters for a moment, giving a whistle of approval when she eyed Tanus in particular. "Damn...I did a fine job with you." She was glared at immediately by a certain Egyptian princess. "...Ohp, gotta go!"

The lightning-fast tiger carried its owner away from sight within seconds. There was an eerie silence. "Tanus...who is that woman? And why is she also called 'Lostris?'"

Meanwhile, two fanon characters somewhere down the ballroom dully watched as countless authors fled past them in terror, either from the fire or their own OCs. One of the authors stopped randomly when he spotted them. "HEY, you two!!!" he cried out angrily. "Can you ask the editors what's taking so long to release this WLS issue?! It's three days late, for crying out loud!"

"...Who edits what now?"

"Your authors! You know, the obsessive politician and the crazy girl in Dai Li robes. They always take FOREVER to publish! I'll bet you anything Minnichi's writing this. There's violence and tears and a ridiculous delay... All the signs point to her!"

" mean the girl in Granny-robes with the burning tablecloth over there is his author?"

"Psh, yah. Tell her to hurry up!"

"Hm... Yuhan, think we just found your 'germ.'" Nalia began to smile, and that was not a good thing.

The moment the murderous Dai Li agent locked eyes with his author cued the final phase of chaos: the closure.

"W-Wake...this fire... There's too much fire here, I need to get out -"

"Grace, stay calm! We'll find a way out, just clear your head and try not to think about it!"

A young man was leading a girl with long white hair away from the growing forest of reds, oranges, and yellows. The girl seemed to be extra traumatized by the flames, as if reliving some horrible disaster related to them. It was a suggestion that there existed authors who took grim reaping to a whole new level...

"GUYS." Someone with a freaky resemblance to Mako stepped proudly in front of the pair, turning straight towards the flames. "Guys. I got this." He lifted his arms slowly into the air, calling upon the power of all the oceans in the world as the spray of seawater filled the air and the ground began to rumble.


The Typhoon crashed over the entire party, putting out all the flames and knocking over almost everyone inside the ballroom. A terrified Grace impulsively clung to Wake for protection, who found himself covering her with his arms before he knew it.

The waves strangely cleared out as quickly as they came. Amidst all the sputtering and dripping puddles, Ratana helped AvatarRokusGhost back to his feet. She picked back up something from the floor with a very colorful surface, turning it back and forth and sighing when it didn't respond to a few pokes from her fingers. "Your device doesn't fare well against water, I'm assuming?" she asked.

AvatarRokusGhost laughed as he shook his head. "You'd think they'd have figured out how to make those waterproof by now, with over 5 versions out already. Guess I'm going to have to buy a new one after this party." He gave the heroine of Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes a little pat on the shoulder. "Don't worry, we'll definitely have more chances to play Candy Crush."

Ratana smiled as she handed him back the waterlogged iPhone. "It was a wonderful puzzle while it lasted - just as you are. Are you going to claim that you'll plan every detail of our next meeting in writing?" she joked. The redheaded admin amused her with his stories about some 'fanon' universe. It made him sound kind of crazy, but in an endearing way.

"I'm just happy that we get along, Ratana! And I certainly do hope we'll meet again," replied AvatarRokusGhost. "Not every author tonight is as fortunate as -"



ARG and Ratana blinked in silence as two figures with identical uniforms charged straight past their faces. One of them had only survived this long because The Typhoon had thrown off the other's coordination temporarily.

Grace and Wake could only stare with their author as rock gloves and countless earth chunks shot after the poor WLS editor. "That guy wasn't always that crazy, you know... It's almost sad how impossible it is for those two to be friends," remarked Typhoonmaster.

Wake chuckled. "I'm not sure I would want to meet someone like that. But I'm glad people like you are around. I should thank you for being able to put out the fire so quickly. My friend Grace has seen enough of it in her life." The white-haired girl nodded quietly in agreement.

"OH, I completely understand," Typhoonmaster replied, a little too casually to be natural. "You really don't have to thank me. It was - yeah, I'm just REALLY happy to hear you're glad to have me around...teehee..."

Minnichi was backing up against the wall, cornered at last as Yuhan's shadow loomed over her. "I don't care who you are..." His left eye was twitching more than ever. "But you are NOT going to throw PARTIES about -"

"I know, Yuhan. I KNOW!" Minnichi sobbed hysterically. "I knew this was a bad idea. I - I can't do this anymore!!!" She suddenly whipped out a mysterious, glowing quill from inside her sleeve. A writer's pen. "EVERYONE!" she screamed. "Whether you're ready or not, THE PARTY IS OVER!" The quill snapped between her fingers, and its light went out with a spark.

All the fanon characters suddenly dispersed one by one into glowing orbs of light that floated back towards the ceiling, returning to their universes without a trace. The farewells were different for everyone. The Grim Reapers never wanted to write again. Awesome Authors were crying and holding onto their perfect couples as long as they could. People like AvatarRokusGhost and Typhoonmaster waved solemnly in hopes for the future, while others were still grouchy their OCs had fled from the start. Omashu Rocks managed to fling his arms around Nalia before it was too late, even if she managed to kick his face in return.

And Yuhan realized authorship was real the moment Minnichi snapped the quill to end it all. The agent was even more traumatized than in his fanon chapters as he disappeared, which was saying something. He took one last look at his author. "I hate you." Then he was gone.

"...Love ya too, Yuhan." Minnichi had to share a corner to cry in with many others.

On Valentine's Day, it was proven with the Six Phases of Chaos that sometimes, you just have to be careful about your imagination...because it might not love you back. One does not simply party with fanon characters.

The End?

Fanon Portal Millennium: From Inspector Iroh to Approval

On September 18th, 2008, the page for The Artrix’s Inspector Iroh was first created on what was then Avatar Fanon Wiki. Published a couple months after ATLA ended, it was a cooperative AU story set in a modern-day setting with alternate versions of the canon characters. Five years, four months and eight days later, Fruipit made the main article for Approval, a Taang one-shot which she later turned into a series. With all the talk about shipping and theories in Legend of Korra these days, ATLA shipping is still alive and well. This became the one thousandth story page to be hosted by the Avatar Wiki Fanon Portal.

Much has happened in the time that it took for the first 1,000 stories on here to be published, including continuous updates and changes, over 400 reviews, nearly 100 interviews and about 20 writing contests. And all of the stories are as diverse as one would imagine. A handful of them label themselves under certain genres, including 83 romantic stories, 76 background stories and 70 AU stories. Interestingly enough, the majority of stories feature an original character as their protagonist. Around 35% feature a character from ATLA as their main character, and just under 10% center around one from TLoK.

As one would expect of any story begun that long ago that wasn’t finished, Inspector Iroh is now discontinued, as are 559 stories total of the first 1,000. Yes, this has been the fate of more than half the stories on the fanon portal. The other 441 extant stories managed to avoid it. Of those, 36 are have been marked as inactive. Meanwhile, 297 have been written to completion. Granted, 225 of those were one-shots and the remaining 72 were series. Out of the series, 5 were completed in 2009, 8 in 2010, 16 in 2011, 16 more in 2012 and 27 in 2013. Even though it was not the most notable year for the wiki in a lot of ways, 2013 was very good for fanon series reaching their conclusion.

This leaves 108 ongoing, active fanon stories that are currently still publishing chapters on a regular basis. Many of these fanons have subscriber lists now. Back in early 2011, when I first made an account on here, there were fewer than 150 stories and not one of them had a subscription list. This was the dark age of the fanon portal when following a story actually meant checking back to the story page again and again to see if any new chapters were out. Bet you can just imagine how much trouble that was!

The first thousand stories were written by a total of 676 users with accounts on here. About half of those at most have written multiple stories. Some have written quite a few, including former fanon admin PSUAvatar14, Girlygurly97 who has written 8 fanon series, 5 of them completed, and Fruipit, whose list just grows longer every day. In another recent development, eye-catching illustrations are becoming a norm on many story pages and 45 artists have their own user art categories now.

Just like with genre and active status, the first thousand stories also vary considerably by length, both chapterwise and for stories as a whole. Among the longest chapters are “Fire World” of Journey Rocks 13 and “Southwards” of Sozin’s Blood, each with more than 20,000 words, more than twice the length of most other chapters which are considered long. Meanwhile, many chapters are much much shorter. It’s true that if a chapter doesn’t have substantial content it will get moved to userspace, but there are those right over the minimum with scarcely a few hundred words. One-shots also vary greatly by length. Among the longest current series by installment include Air, A Bird Could Love a Fish, Avatar: Guardian and Avatar: Wanted, which, although not as long as Guardian in the main series, has far more in it’s spin-off series, which were written by different authors than the first, something that has not been duplicated in any way, shape or form on here since. Going by wordcount, the longest series is Air, with 337,372.

Then of course, all of the first thousand stories vary by visibility, something many authors always want more of. Everyone enjoys feedback on some level, and there are those that have received the most. Among the most commented story pages include The Years After the Hundred Year War (613), Readapting Avatar: The Last Airbender (332), A Bird Could Love a Fish (298), The Gaang Watches The Legend of Korra (262), Legend of Korra Season 2: Journey to Realization (252) and The Blood Bath of Fanons (238). The most commented one-shots include A Minute (124), My Last Breath (75), Colours (61) and Deck the Halls! (47). Individual chapters of serial fanons do not typically get as many comments, with the near-freakish exception in Around the World (Again).

However, it’s also true that many stories haven’t been commented on at all. A total of 67 have been featured either with an FFS or an FFA, less than 7%. Only 68 have a Fanonbending award, around the same number. With so many stories on the portal, it’s obvious that no one has read anywhere close to them all and that so much of the fanon portal is uncharted territory for most. It seems almost a given that there’s a lot of material worth checking out in there, many of which have never been reviewed or featured. So, if you’re interested in reading a fanon on here, be sure to check one out wherever you might find one that draws you in. And if you don’t know where to start, there’s always the random story button!

❉ ❉ ❉ ❉
Fanon Review: Bolin's Lost Thoughts by TechFilmer

Hello, Avatar Wiki. You may or may not recognize me. I once was an active user here, but due to moving complications and a subsequent loss of interest in the wiki, I left.

Recently, I had the chance to watch Legend of Korra, Book two. I was thoroughly impressed, obviously. After the finale of said season, I went on a two hour web searching spree for Book 3 news. Avatar Wiki is where I ended up.

And so, I decided to try out Wikia again. And that's what brings me to the review. I hope to tie up all loose ends with the FRS and finally sever the chains cast upon me by that cruel monster of a group! FEAR THEM! officially resign. And so, without further ado, I give you Bolin's Lost Thoughts by TechFilmer!

Warning: Spoilers below.

Bolin with Pabu Basically, the story follows Bolin's thoughts following his parent's deaths, and ending with them meeting Toza and becoming pro-benders.

As a one-shot, it's obviously short, and therefore I had to omit some categories. I've narrowed them down to Writing, in which I review his grammar and general writing, Content, in which I review his character portrayal and genre, and Quality, in which I review his believability and creativity.


Grammar/Mistakes - There weren't any typos that I saw, so for that, Tech deserves a cookie. However, the story was filled with fragment sentences, and the occasional grammar mistake. Though these aren't as important as the tone and pace of a story, they do stand out and make the story overall look unprofessional. 2.5 out of 5.

General Writing - I love the tone in this story. It kinda reminded me a bit of the style in The Hunger Games trilogy. However, the sentences often jumbled together, creating a confusing mess of words, sometimes changing entire scenes without a transition. For example, I'll quote this section: "They would have to live at an orphanage. No friends. No nothing. For a moment he was overjoyed, but then when the rock hit his parents all the excitement had died down, it had died down so much that it turned into depression." I can't tell if that was Tech forgetting to add a new paragraph there or he was having a flashback or what. 1.0 out of 5.


Character Portrayal - Mako only had a few lines, so I can't really complain about his characterization. In fact, I'm happy Tech didn't forget to have Mako call Bolin 'Bo'. Here's that cookie I mentioned earlier, Srijay! For Bolin though, I was disappointed. Bolin always had a goofy, happy-go-lucky kinda persona. I get he would be stunned by the loss of his parents, but I just feel like he would have handled it differently. 2.8 out of 5.

Genre - TechFilmer labeled it as 'History' and 'Thoughts'. I don't really think history applied to it, even though it was a in-the-past kind of thing, and Thoughts isn't a genre. But, I can't really come up with a genre either though. Fanon, maybe? SCORE OMITTED.


Believability - Well, since we know this kind of thing happened, I can't complain. But, as I said above, Bolin's portrayal didn't seem believable, to me at least. 3.0 out of 5.

Creativity - I don't think I've read another fanon like this, so... kudos to you! 4.0 out of 5.

Average score: 2.66 out of 5.

Tips for TechFilmer: You've got the tone and creativity. Now just work on filling up your sentences. Add some cool descriptions. You'll do great.

Thanks for reading! I suggest you go check out his fanon, and tune in again for the next review. -Wings

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