Issue 23: January 6, 2014

10 New Year's Resolutions for the Fanon Portal
Omashu Rocks

2014 is upon us, and while the rest of the world is grieving over the fact that they never ended up losing 40 pounds or continue to claim that they'll start working harder in school next week, we on the Avatar Wiki fanon portal know we have much, much more important matters to attend to. Here are ten 'New Year's Resolutions our beloved portal should dedicate itself to in the coming year.

1. Be a better reader
Want to stay active in the fanon portal? It's easy. Read! We have ample fanons to enjoy, from the works of legendary authors like AvatarRokusGhost or Lady Lostris to lesser-known stories that need discovering. When you finish a chapter, spend the extra two seconds it takes to leave a comment to pass on compliments or supply constructive criticism. If everyone dedicates themselves to reading just one knew fanon, we'll have a more active portal.

2. START a fanon! Come on, already!!!
Bored now that Book Two of The Legend of Korra has drawn to a close? Have a neat plot idea for a story? What are you waiting for? Put you ideas to work and start a fanon right today. I may sound like a bad infomercial salesman right now, but there is no reason to push your fanon off another day. We desperately need some new blood... figuratively, of course.

3. When writing, quality over quantity
One thing every author on the portal should really focus on this year is the quality of each chapter, even if it means delaying release dates. Just think of Bryke. It took over a year to get the second season of LoK, but the reason? The entire team, from the writers, to the actors, to the animators, to the producers, wanted to make sure that we were able to watch the best season possible, and the result was no less than epic. Your readers, while they may bug you about slowness, want to see quality chapters every time you publish. Try reading over each chapter at least twice if not three times to make sure it's the best that it can be.

4. But quantity is important too...
There's no such thing as trying too hard when it comes to fanon. This year, it sure is important to make sure quality is the most crucial factor in your story, but it won't hurt to set a quantity goal either. Perhaps you can set one or two nights a week to have an hour dedicated solely to writing fanon. Sometimes, readers have the intention span of a squirrel that's been run over by a bicycle (which, by the way, I SWEAR I never saw dart out onto the street...) and they can easily be turned off if it takes months for one chapter to be released. The best way to keep wikians captivated on your tale is to make 'em good and make 'em often. Like candy or something.

5. Sign up for a review.
The Fanon Review Squad has been in operation for a couple of years now, and although it has lost some of its star members, it is still an incredibly useful tool to get your fanon realized and accurately evaluated. Why not start the new year off by getting a perfect score from all three reviewers!

6. Get interviewed. Now.
There isn't any legitimate reason to feel sorry for yourself if your fanon doesn't have a large following if you haven't signed up for an FRS review and been interviewed by the lovely wikians at the Fanon Fact Finders. These are people who are obsessed with fanon, and they'd love nothing more than for every author out there to seek an interview with them. They care about your fanon, and they ask fun, thought-provoking, and insightful questions so that readers will better understand you as an author and why they should give your story a look.

7. Spice up your fanon with illustrations!
Like I said, there are ample opportunities for authors to draw more attention to their stories, and what better way is there than illuminating your writing with a beautifully-drawn picture? The artists at the llustrator Insignia (which I maintain should be called the Insignia Illustrators) take putting YOUR story into pictures 'very seriously, and having some illustrations to go along with your words is a great way to attract some potential readers!

8. Like in a democratic country, you can be a better fanon portal citizen by voting.
Every month, the portal holds on a vote for a Featured Fanon Series and a Featured Fanon Article. Too often, especially recently, one or both of these categories goes without selecting a new fanon for the month. It's pitiful really. There need be only five votes to feature a story, and even that is hard to come by these days. It takes approximately twelve seconds to vote, and everyone can do their part to keep teh portal alive by making an informed decision. If I had access to a handful of B-List celebrities, I'd make my own "Rock The Vote" campaign video.

9. Participate in at least one writing competition.
Now and then, a gracious user will host, typically in the form of a blog, a competition to test the writing abilities of authors across the portal. These contests can be centered around particular themes, such as comedy, drama, action, romance, or even the wildest adventure tale you can dream of. For the most part, entrants are only required to submit a one-shot. Plus, the hosts commonly bribe contestants with a cool reward, like userboxes or even an illustration!

10. How about this? Write an article for the WLS!
If you're sitting on your bum wondering "Well golly gee! How in the world am I supposed to really get involved with fanon?" Then the answer should hit you in the face like a truck if your reading this issue. The White Lotus Sentinel is open to submissions from everyone, not just editors, regular contributors, or even authors. If there is anything at all you want to say about fanon, take ten minutes and write a stellar article!

White lotus tile icon Fanon Urban Dictionary

Hans Zimmer

noun; a German film composer and music producer.
noun; the master of melody and harmony whose music evokes the inspiration of fanon authors everywhere. For years, soundtracks from the likes of The Lion King, Gladiator, The Last Samurai, The Dark Knight, and Inception have provided epic background music conducive to good writing.


noun; a complex cognitive process of decoding symbols in order to construct or derive meaning
noun; the heart and soul of the fanon portal. Reading is the purpose for which all fanons are written.
"Ugh…the fanon portal is so much slower nowadays! What should we do to bring the spirit back? Hold a contest? Release more articles? More illustrations? For the love of Aang what are we going to do?! - How about reading?"

Love the Fanon Urban Dictionary? Miss any definitions? See the complete collection here!

White lotus tile icon Adverbs: The Scourge of Every Good Story

Okay, so. Today (this morning. MidnightThree am. Whatever, it's too hot to sleep), I'm ranting about something a little different. I don't know if you remember, but a while ago I wrote a little spiel on description, and show; don't tell. Basically, it was about how to use adjectives in description. Now, I'm going to be talking about adverbs – words that describe actions.

I hate them.

The number one tip for lazy writers is 'use lots of adverbs'. Now, I'm not saying that you should never use them, or if you do, you're lazy – is it lazy if you drive instead of walk? Well, depends on the circumstances. It's the same with adverbs. Sometimes you just need an 'angrily', or a 'guiltily' or any other -ily suffix. But, not all the time.

See, there really is a limit. The problem with adverbs is that it fools the writer (and, occasionally, the reader) into believing that there is more description than there really is, and it lures them into a false sense of security that the writing is, in fact, telling you what's going on. Again, it can, but the general rule of thumb is that it, well, doesn't.

There is another issue; it stagnates character development.

Now, I'm not going to harp on about CD, because that would make me kind of a hypocrite, however in terms of it being related to adverbs, I can explain.

See, at the beginning of a book, you have character A.1. By the end of the book, they will hopefully have developed into character A.42, and we can all be on our merry way knowing that yet another fictitious person has made a good life for themselves (or died. Either way, their personality has changed to some degree). But, we aren't going to get that if out protagonist always does something the same way – this is what we get from adverbs. Compare:

He laughed loudly.


His laugh, positively infectious, always began deep within his belly as a mere rumble before it snowballed into a great avalanche (or earthquake).

Can you see the difference (please tell me you can see the difference...)? By using the adverb, I take away a fantastic opportunity to describe the character. How did you imagine him in the first version as opposed to the second. If I gave one more small detail (say, cracked teeth), how does this change it?

Now, you may be wondering, "how does this affect character development overall?". Well, it doesn't. Not directly, at least, however if I start off my story by introducing my character without any depth (such as the first example above) and continue on like that throughout the rest of the story, I'm going to miss valuable insights into the characters that I may not have caught had I just used an adverb, and he won't gain any depth anyway.

Oh, there are so many adverbs, and some are easier to avoid than others (similar to how you never ever ever, no matter the context, you never use the word 'moist'), however I'm not going to give a list, because it's still your story. A rule I use is that if it's general enough to apply to any of the characters at any given point, don't use it. These include the average ones like 'angrily', 'happily', 'sadly'. The less specific ones, which tend to be harder to explain, are easier to get away with, such as 'guiltily', 'sheepishly', and other ones like that.


If it doesn't fit, it doesn't fit. Don't go adding a tonne of detail in a scene that doesn't need it, or that won't flow with it. The latter are far and few between, however you will occasionally come across a scene and go, "well, hey. Simplicity seems best here," and think nothing of it. The trick is to vary your word choices, too. There's far more description if you say 'pleaded angrily', than if you say 'said angrily'. Even those simple words can make a lot of difference. Don't be scared to check out a thesaurus for things like this (but if you don't know what a word means, don't use it until you find out. A pet peeve is the number of times I see 'bemused' used improperly. I'll let you search the meaning of that one).

I hope this helped, or at least, you know, kinda looked a little interesting (it really is much too hot, and far too late). If you have any word-related questions, send me a message! This is Fruipit, signing off~

Don't Look Back: On Writing and Editing

When it comes to writing, our words placed onto paper are our expression of the creation inside of our head. For the first couple of years that I was on here, I tended to swing back and forth between the method of keeping writing and editing separate and the method of trying to edit as I went along. Now, I’m comfortable to say that I favor the former approach. This is in part because of my recent participation in NaNoWriMo, where one attempts to write 50,000 words of a novel throughout the month of November, which comes to roughly 1,667 words a day on average, including weekdays, weekends, sick days and anything else that may come up. I joined this year along with a handful of other users on here.

One of the main points of the exercise is that you’re supposed to be writing continuously for the entire time, and getting your story out of your brain and onto pages in order to create a draft that you can use to shape a more perfect version out of your story later. Key word: later. Whether it’s a fan fiction, original fiction or ultimately non-fiction, you can rest assured that you’re getting something done on it.The lack of a pause in the middle of such an exhilerating process may seem like an unbearable hassle, but it can actually be a refreshing relief. One does not have the chance to guess, and on the flipside one does not have the time to second guess either. By placing one word after another, one sentence after another, the task of writing several thousand of them and multiple chapters worth tends to melt away before your eyes.

Making a piece of writing that you want to call yourself proud of will always take work, but what helps is to have that work be manageable enough so as to not allow the pause that would let the dreaded writer’s block seep in (which everyone who has called themselves a writer for more than a week has felt at some point.) It’s also not as easy to allow yourself to make excuses if you keep your juices flowing or to let your inner editor overstep their bounds. While editing is one of the most important parts of the writing process, allowing any or too much of it here can tear down a lot of what we’re doing as we’re doing it, and hinder the first part of our process. Remember, harsh words (about our own writing) won’t solve problems. Action will.

Another reason to focus exclusively on the creative side of a story during writing is that it’s a greater scenario for spontaneity. Like Lady Lostris, one of our admins and the author of Heiress of the Nile has told me many times before, she prefers to go with the flow as she writes her story, and finds that some of the best parts of it come as she writes this way. While writing into the unknown, one can come across a bold expansion on a background story or craft up a plot twist which might continue to effect the series for the better several chapters down the line.

Once the first draft is completed is an entirely different story. Whether it’s a 50,000 word novel or a 2,000 word fanon chapter, it’s time to (finally) go back and edit once the initial writing is done. Some authors like to set their work aside for a day or two or even a week or two before doing so. If the words really did flow freely, there’s probably much to be edited, but maybe not as much as you think. Sitting back down and looking at something often makes one see it in a different light than they saw it in under a different mindset in the heat of the moment. Some may need to be changed and some even rewritten, and it’s for these reasons that the second draft is most always more well thought-out than the first. The same goes for the third and fourth drafts and beyond, if you choose to take it that far.

Fanon Review: Avatar: Neo Revolution by Jtwin1

With the latest airbending Avatar dead at the hands of the merciless Clandestines, Sedgley and Dover, two waterbenders abandoned by their parents, arrive at Mother Leliita's orphanage. Years later, when they discover that one of them is the next Avatar in line, a journey unlike no other spreads out before them.

Avatar: Neo Revolution is a brilliant story written by Jtwin1. When I began reading, I knew almost immediately that I was in for one hell of a ride: I was right. Book One of Neo Revolution is similar to Book One of Avatar: The Last Airbender in that it focuses on introducing the main conflict, characters, and theme. Much of the opening centralizes on traveling to different places, and I couldn't help but think back to Aang, Sokka, and Katara stumbling from Kyoshi Island to Omashu to Avatar Roku's Temple. There is a sense of adventure that permeates this fanon, and I love it. Not only is the tone alluring, but the characters are multi-dimensional and complex. Sedgley and Dover have a very unique relationship in that they were raised as brothers, but only one of them is destined to be the Avatar. Erik is a non-bender who is, in some ways, the leader of the group who keeps everyone on track. Finally, my favorite character, Anurna is a mysterious fire bender whom the boys meet on their journey. She has a complicated past, and a blunt personality. In some ways, she reminds me of Zuko because of her tendency to be shadowy and introverted.

Avatar: Neo Revolution is called Neo Revolution for a reason. The story takes place many years after Aang and Korra are long gone. There is an interesting blend of folklore and new technology that permeates the world. There are elements of the Avatar we have come to know and love, but there are also things like guns, cell phones, and GPS that we hear about on a daily basis. For that reason, the story is relatable but at the same time magical. Jtwin1 makes it work perfectly.

I am not going to dissect the story right now. If you want to see scoring, you can do so by reading the Full Review. Just to give you a taste for how freaking awesome this fanon is, it scored a whopping 9.3/10! Jtwin1 excels as a storyteller and a writer, and his story should be read by everyone.

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word search puzzle.

Avatar Wiki Chronicles: On New Year's and the Return of The White Lotus Sentinel

For those of you who don't know the Avatar Wiki Chronicles, it's basically me describing the fanon portal shenanigans in story-like form. Today's story follows the events of Typhoonmaster's series, WLS Headquarters, which explains the big Dai Li takeover from our last newsletter issue. PLEASE READ the previous story articles in the past two WLS issues before continuing onto this one, if you haven't already:


A.W. Chronicles #4

It was the most beautiful of days at the Laogai Inquirer headquarters. Well actually - every was day was pretty much the most beautiful of days. Endless emerald filled the halls. Not a single soul dared speak out against the Dai Li, and every worker of the newsletter spent every hour of the day worshipping the greatness of the organization. It was completely, utterly perfect.

Then why...

Why was everything so quiet...and lonely?

Agent Minnichi, chief editor and dictator of Avatar Wiki's fanon newsletter, sat silently behind her polished desk, which sported various Earth Kingdom artifacts and was dimly lit by a crystal lantern from the catacombs of Old Ba Sing Se. Her eyes were fixated on the green-gold calendar hanging from the wall across the room.

December 31st.

Yes, it was New Year's Eve. A most wonderful, glorious New Year's Eve, where everyone would be screaming "Dai Li, HURRAH" at the top of their lungs (she knew that they dearly wanted to, regardless of whether she threatened them to or not) the moment 12am arrived. It would be a magnificent beginning to a magnificent new year, and Minnichi had everything she could ever wish for...

"Join Conservative Wiki, Minn! You KNOW you want to. We have cookies!!!"

"Okay guys, our issue's 3 weeks overdue. I think there justtt might be a problem...but let me go buy a burrito before I continue, I'm hungry."

"GIVE ME A CANDY CRUSH LIFE, gosh darnit! Are you forgetting all those times I aided you and broke my typing fingers to do so? Give me a life, I say!"

Minnichi groaned and ignored the faint voices for the 100th time, turning instead to examine the paperwork upon her desk detailing the rebellion attempts for that week. The memories still haunted her, no matter how perfect the newsletter headquarters had become now. The flawed, foolish workers who once believed that a fanon newsletter should operate beneath the name "White Lotus"... Oh, how she needed to purge her memories of them. The agent couldn't fathom why she had such a desperate need to stop thinking about her former life.

Why were those memories so important? Why did it bother her that she couldn't forget them? Why oh why, wasn't it as easy as it was supposed to be to embrace a Dai Li-centered newsletter?

"I'd like to nominate Minnichi for the best co-editor of the WLS anyone could ask for."

Her eyes grew watery before she even realized it. Gasping in horror, Minnichi swiped fiercely across her dampened eyelids to rid her face of the forbidden tears - then yelled in pain because she forgot that was wearing a pair of stone gloves, which aren't exactly the softest nor absorbant tissues one should use.

No. Everyone in the realm of the Laogai Inquirer, including herself, had sworn never to speak of nor even think about the deceased Omashu Rocks ever again. That name was an abomination, a symbol of all that was wrong with the newsletter before Minnichi brought out the Dai Li-glorifying beauty that had always meant to be. She was a fool for ever agreeing to be that politician's co-editor! A fool for letting him call her his friend...and listening to all his conservative political rants...and enjoying Dark Side cookies with him - nonono. No! She needed to stop thinking about her former co-editor. She had ordered his execution for a reason. He was gone from the world. Gone! All the possibilities of overthrowing her perfect Dai Li newsletter had died with him. He was the example for all who dared to speak out against her. It was supposed to be this way. Only a fool would remember his legacy a-and...any kind words he might've spoken...

Exasperated at herself now, the Dai Li agent stormed into the old headquarters food court to seek out some hearty New Year's comfort food - NO, not comfort food, because she wasn't depressed! Minnichi slapped herself across the face - rock glove and all - to remind herself just how wonderful this New Year was going to be. Every throb of her cheek resonated with the truth, that 2014 was going to be the year of the Dai Li, her glorious dream come true -

Minnichi screamed.

The moment she swung open the fridge, the most horrifying things had spilled all over her. No. NO! Make it stop!

Empty paper bags, printed with the company logo 'White Lotus Burritos.' Typhoonmaster's favorite. Conservative Wiki magnets falling off the metal fridge doors due to her excessive force, dropping over her head to remind her which political co-editor had stuck the advertisements everywhere he could. Boxes upon boxes of colorful candies, striped, plain, wrapped, and even multicolored - a result of AvatarRokusGhost's unhealthy obsession with Candy Crush. It was all too much for her.

Minnichi flailed her arms, her gold-trimmed uniform sleeves flapping wildly as she tried in vain to dispel the artifacts of the powerful memories. Before she knew it, she was running for her life. Running from all the cursed voices. Running from a former life that perhaps, somewhere deep inside, she'd truly loved...

The dictator agent suddenly found herself wandering aimlessly outside. Lifting her face to see past the brim of her hat, she looked spitefully into the full moon that glowed brightly against the night sky.

"You must think this is so funny, don't you OR?" she scoffed bitterly to the sky, as if Mr. Rocks himself would hear it. "You're trying to make me feel bad about executing you, but you think I care that you're gone? You think it matters to me that I'm standing outside all alone at 11:50pm on New Year's Eve? You think I'd have wanted you to be alive for a staff party with blaring, ugly Shakira music? I'm happy not to be a part of that crap anymore! HAPPY, you hear me?!"

There was only silence.

11:59pm now. The tears began flowing from beneath the emerald brim of the Dai Li hat.

Minnichi was walking slowly now, her hands hanging limply at her sides. She let the darkness around her engulf her as she blankly stared ahead, and the tears kept dripping silently down her face. No one could see her like this. Surely, she was going to snap out of it any minute now, feel once again the joy that was the Dai Li and embrace the dictatorship that was rightfully hers... Yes, 2014 would be coming any minute now, the year of her life...5...4...3...2...1...

"HAAAAPEHHH NEW YEARS, FOO! YEAHHH, BABY~! Ya know my hips dunnn lie....Ahmm startin' to feel it's riiiight....Como se llama...bonita...Shakirashakirashakira...shakira...ahaha..ha...!"

A young man was dashing full-speed out of the doors of an old, run-down apartment several feet away. His curly blond hair was dripping with sweat, and the Republican Party elephant logo of his t-shirt reeked of Vodka as he laughed manically, tripped, and kept flopping around on the ground in a sluggish, hip-thrusting dance to the deafening Shakira music playing in the distance.

"(Gasp) OR, NO!!! Come back! You can't be out there, someone'll see you! ARG, help me get him back inside -"

"Hm, what? Oh sorry, Ty, let me finish this level real quick, I've been stuck on it forever and I think I'm making a breakthrough..."

There was an exasperated sigh as a second young man with a remarkable resemblance to Mako marched out from the apartment doors as well. He quickly approached the drunken dancer, who was starting to look more like a flopping earthworm on the ground as the music moved his body. However, Typhoonmaster instantly froze upon sight of the dark, emerald green robes standing a few feet ahead. His petrified eyes went wide, and the realization that the last person who was supposed to see the drunk dancer was in plain sight made his voice grow high and mortified. "ARG!!! WE HAVE A MAJOR PROBLEM!" he cried, almost recoiling in fear as Minnichi took a step closer. "A-A LITTLE HELP HERE?! ARG!"

"You made me lose my concentration, and I've lost all my lives!" came AvatarRokusGhost despairing reply. The redheaded admin finally stepped outside as well. "What is it that's" He looked into the shadow beneath the pointed hat that obscured Minnichi's eyes. "Well. I...uh... WELL! Greetings, your Dai Li greatness... Don't mind us..."

"Y-yeah!" Typhoonmaster chimed in, his voice way too cheery to be natural as he strained a smile. "Just ignore that guy on the ground, he isn't anyone you know or anything -"

"AND MINNICHI BETTER WATCH OUT! SO BE WISE AND KEEP ON - YAHHH that's right, Ima keep goin~! Youuu gonna go down, my co-editor...I will be back to take you to the Dark Side once more..." Omashu Rocks was laughing more dementedly than ever as he kept dancing and flopping across the ground.

AvatarRokusGhost cleared his throat loudly, scratching the back of his red hair. "OH, don't mind him, he doesn't know what he's talking about...erm..."

There was a long moment of silence as Minnichi simply stood there and stared down at her drunk former co-editor, who apparently still wasn't aware what was going on in his Shakira dancing frenzy. Arg and Ty watched her in terror, though they were surprised that all she could end up asking in the eerie silence was: "So... He's alive?"

"Ummm...yeah, I guess you could say that," Typhoonmaster finally replied after several more moments of silence. "But you know, it was really unclear."

"I see."


The two former deputies waited fearfully for their judgment. And Omashu Rocks kept dancing.

"So...were you guys...having a New Year's party, I assume?" Minnichi looked around at her former staff with a peculiar gaze, her voice quiet and her eyes overshadowed by her hat.

"Oh - yes. Yes we were."

"I see."

"Yeah you know, OR just likes to um...pull out the Vodka around parties. You know how he is."


Everyone could hear the crickets chirping in the background as the group quietly continued to watch OR flop around on the ground, his energy everlasting.

Then it happened out of nowhere.

Minnichi's lower lip began to quiver. And then her shoulders. And then her entire body, all at once, until she was suddenly down on her knees, breaking into a fit of hysterical sobs.

The two deputies had no idea how to react to the bizarre sight. They looked at each other bewilderedly, both wondering if they should comfort Minnichi or run away. (After all, they couldn't tell if she was crying over missing them or crying because she'd failed to kill her former co-editor after all.)

But all the doubts melted away immediately, and a new light shone upon the group as Minnichi cried out, "WHAT HAVE I DONE? What... What has my life been without you guys?!"

The words finally triggered something from Omashu Rocks, who suddenly realized that his co-editor was sobbing a few feet away from him on the ground. "MINNICHI~! Is that youuuu?!" he exclaimed, hiccuping a bit as he rubbed his eyes.

"YES! I've come back! I... I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE! I need you guys back! I'm sorry I insulted Shakira and ordered to execute you, I'm sorry I banned burritos and Candy Crush from the newsletter headquarters - I'm just so sorry for everything! I thought I was happy, but I wasn't -"

Minnichi was cut off as OR flopped over and gave her a bear hug. Normally she'd have been too disgusted by such a drunk being coming that close to her, but she didn't care anymore as she sobbed and returned the favor. The rest of the staff soon joined in on the awkward, yet rightful group hug.

"Ahhh knew you'd come around~!" Mr. Rocks laughed, hiccuping more happily than ever. "Jus watch, when I be sober again we're gon' turn this newsletter around...bring the fanon portal back to life...all of us..."

"Yes, we will!" cried Minnichi. "I'd wanted a newsletter that appreciates the Dai Li more just dawned on me, none of that means anything when I don't have friends like you to enjoy it with me -"

"Nawwww, don't get all sappy on us now, Minnnn," OR patted her so hard on the back that it was more of a violent slap, but the agent was still too happy to be reunited with her staff to care. "You jus' need to loosen up and join the PARTY! We'll worry about all thaaa newsletter biz tomorrow..."

And so, in the early hours of 2014, Agent Minnichi stepped down from her dictatorship position and danced to Shakira along with the entire WLS staff, her true home and calling at Avatar Wiki. The Laogai Inquirer came to an end, and The White Lotus Sentinel returned strong for the new year, powered by the happiest, close-knit staff one could ask for.

The End?

Newest Fanon Trends

Since we all found out how Book Two of The Legend of Korra ended on November 16th and the foundations of the Avatar world were shaken, twenty-nine new story pages have been created on our fanon portal. They have been about as mixed up as fan reactions were to the finale. Five of them are one-shots, five are about other Avatars and three are Korra-based backstories. Interestingly enough, none of them appear to be about what comes immediately after Book Two, with the collision of the two realms. Admittedly it’s hard for me to imagine what’s going to come in Book Three too, and for once it seems the fanon portal is at a loss for words.

As far as featured fanons are going this month, Omashu Rocks’s Crossfire and Sparkstoaflame’s Excelsior have both been nominated for featured fanon series and Waterkai’s Spotted Bamboo from this summer’s contest has been nominated for featured fanon article. The fanon main page has been the same for a while as we’ve been without an FFS since September, without an FFA since October and without both in the same month since August.

It’s worth noting that while we’ve never had a featured fanon draught this long, it’s not necessarily because of activity. If the present standards for nomination had to be met when the process was new, there would have been no FFS between October 2009 and May 2010, and the only months in all of 2010 that would’ve had an FFA would have been April and July. Unlike now with our five vote minimum mark, the only way nothing would be featured back then was if no one nominated anything. Currently, the FFS nominations this month have a total of four votes, one away from the requirement, and the FFA nominations have two votes, three away from the requirement. This is also the first month where the new rule is in effect which states that while nominations open on the first day of every new month, voting may only open on the third day of such month.

On another note, this is the first close of the year where we don’t see anonymous users on the wiki, including the fanon portal. In the past, a lot of users introduced themselves to Avatar Wiki by commenting as “nonies.” The fanon portal maintains comments, but the mainspace has done away with them this year, a couple months after the announcement about anons. To say the least, this has become a changed place. Almost everyone who has been around a while has some memories of such. For me, a notably humorous memory comes to mind, when an anon shared his views on my fanon’s shipping in my second month here. To this day, I’m not sure whether they were trolling or not. On a more serious note, anons did contribute a handful of stories in their time on here. We have a category for such pages. If it was identified with a registered user or author later, those stories were recategorized as theirs. Those that were never identified remained as they are.

As 2013 draws to a close and we approach 2014‘s open, not every facet of the fanon portal is particularly active. Like with featured fanons, we haven’t had a new fanonbender since the summer. Nevertheless, writers continue to write, readers continue to read and we here at the WLS continue to provide commentary.

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What's YOUR Fanon New Year's Resolution?

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After two seasons of LOK, I like fanons that...

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