Issue 20: July 25, 2013

50px-4357864.png They're Just Not That Into You
Omashu Rocks - Editor

If you follow this newsletter then chances are you're a fanon author, reader, or both, so it's nearly impossible for you to not have encountered those paranoid writers who never cease to pester others about their story. They will not yield when it comes to boosting the popularity of their work, and they will push you ceaselessly and tirelessly until you give them feedback (and it better be positive feedback or else they will plummet into a spiraling depression and complain about it obnoxiously on the IRC or elsewhere). In the outside world, these people are referred to as attention [censored]. Here, on Avatar Wiki's fanon portal, we call them "Fan Slaves." According to the WLS urban dictionary, a Fan Slave is "One who will go any lengths to get feedback, because that is his or her sole purpose in life."

So if Fan Slaves already have their own Urban Dictionary term, why write an entire article about them? The thing is, we have somewhat of an epidemic on the portal. Authors are constantly begging for subscribers, even offering to trade favors in return for adding one's username to the subscription list. First of all, let me tell you something: subscriptions mean nothing. Maybe you giggle like a giddy little schoolgirl whenever you see that so-and-so subscribed after you asked them and thirty others to in a message wall spam-a-thon, but guess what? It. Means. Nothing. When you message them with your super dandy subscription notice, Chuck Norris isn't going to show up at their house, chain them to a chair with their eyes peeled open, and force them to read your chapter. Especially if they're someone you asked to subscribe, I'd bet my Shakira albums that all they're going to do is click on the message so the notification goes away and then carry on with their lives. That being said, don't be surprised when they don't comment on the chapter saying "OMG YOU'RE SO AWESOME I WISH I WAS YOU LOOOOL OMG!" like girls do on each others' Facebook profile pictures. SO if/when they don't comment, there is no need to bother everyone about it and demand that someone deliver you your well-deserved feedback. No one likes it when you do that. It's annoying. How do I know? I know because since last week, when I decided that I would be writing my WLS article on this topic, I've been doing exactly everything that I just complained about. (For that, I apologize to ARG, Ty, Minnichi, Momadia, Agent Slash, Annawantimes etc. Thanks for being the mice of my social experiment.)

The responses I got were exactly what I expected. Replies were delayed, if they came at all, and I could feel the annoyance in my friends' words. I too, am incredibly irritated when Fan Slaves order every single Wikian to read their fanon and then offer a (positive) review to satisfy them. I know it can be worrisome when at first you don't have many fans. I get that! The key to this whole game is patience. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing bad about asking people if they're enjoying your story. I do that all the time! However, endless pestering is not necessary. If your fanon is a good read, fans will come in time. What you should be spending your time doing is writing more chapters and reviewing them meticulously to make sure your fanon is the best it can be. That is how you'll be a success! If someone simply doesn't want to read it, don't force them. Who knows, maybe they'll check it out on their own sometime.

White lotus tile icon Fanon Urban Dictionary

The J.K. Rowling Effect *not to be confused with the Suzanne Collins Effect.

noun; When an author kills off a central character in his or her fanon and begins a long chain of death. "Wow, I never knew killing a main character could have such a powerful reaction. I...I-I need more! Minor characters?- Arrow to the face. Loving family?- Let's uproot it. A happy ending? Pshh what a silly concept! The only logical ending is death!"

Next Day Goggles

noun; When a chapter you previously thought sucked actually turns out to be pretty good when you read it the next day. "Oh my gosh. This chapter is going nowhere. It doesn't convey the right feel, and the dialogue is off, but I'm way too far to scrap it and start over. Ugh I'm just going to sleep." -The Next Day- "Hmm, ok. Hey! This isn't too shabby! Wow this is actually pretty good! These Next Day Goggles are great!"

The Suzanne Collins Effect

noun; When an author inserts unexpected violence into their fanon. "A man walks into a bar and BAM a grenade detonates sending shrapnel in all directions."

The Lady Lostris Effect

noun; When you think your chapter is violent and evil, and then you let Lady Lostris beta-read it and you realize it was actually comparable to candy land after reading her tips. "Hey Lostris, do you have time to proofread this chapter? Just warning you it's pretty dark." -After she reads it- Lostris: "You have to describe the piercing pain that stabs every square inch of his body. The scene has to play in slow motion so it sucks out every last bit of happiness until there is nothing left but hollow depression. It's crucial to make the happy scene as light and carefree as possibly; the higher they are the harder they fall." 0.o "Oh...yea. I'll make sure to add that." *cries in a corner.*

Niagra Falls

noun; The product of an unimaginably cruel author who likes to traumatize readers with horrible, unspeakable tragedies. The Falls often rage on the faces of heartbroken fans, accompanying endless tissues and sobbing. To avoid this condition, beware of authors who associate themselves with Dai Li agents, typhoons, or fruit pits. "Man, I just can't wait to see how this story plays out. It's so angst-y, yet beautiful, yet I can't help feeling a tiny ray of hope that somehow, it'll all work ou... Oh my gawd." (Text: 'And then she died.') "OH MY GAWD!!!" (Text: 'And then her parents died too.') "M-my heart! It's bleeding! (Sob) Why, author, why?! Why did you do this to me?" (Text: 'And then her whole family died, too.') "STOP IT! GAH!" (Text: 'They ALL died. Mwahahahahaha') "S-somebody give me another tissue box! Niagra Falls over here! (Sob) I'll just go sit in a corner and let myself drown in my tears..."

Love the Fanon Urban Dictionary? Miss any definitions? See the complete collection here!

50px-5019858.png WLS Headquarters: The Beach
Typhoonmaster - Deputy Editor

"Shakira, Shakira! I never really knew that she could dance like this. She makes a man want to speak Spanish. Como se llama? Bonita, mi casa, su casa?"

Omashu Rocks waved his hands and shimmied to the beat of Hips Don't Lie.

"Come on guys, join in!"

I stroked my nonexistent beard and listened to the contagious lyrics blasting from the radio.

"And I'm on tonight! You know my hips don't lie, and I'm starting to feel it's right!"

I simply couldn't contain my inner dancer. I began by nodding my head in rhythm, and then I put my hands up. The song was just too good. I jumped up and joined Omashu Rocks. To say we are talented would be an immense understatement; when it comes to Latin dancing, we are unmatched.

Crazy memories of Rio de Janeiro flooded my mind as I tapped my feet and clapped to the beat. Meanwhile, Omashu Rocks danced and belted out the lyrics in a flawless Spanish accent;

"Señorita, feel the conga, let me see you move like you come from Colombia."

As the song reached the best part, I felt the music permeate my soul as I closed my eyes and listened to the beating drums and Shakira's sensual voice. Finally, the last trumpet notes fizzled out, and I wiped a bead of sweat from my brow.

Minnichi looked up from her magazine, "I think I'm scarred for life."

The WLS Staff chose to spend their vacation days hanging out at the beach. We decided a break from work would be a good for stress relief, not to mention a great opportunity for bonding. We never really saw each other too much out of the office. AvatarRokusGhost was thoroughly occupied with saving orphaned animals at the shelter. Minn was always busy with sculpting key-chains while plotting the Dai Li's comeback. I'm not exactly sure what Omashu Rocks does after work; he never really remembers what he does the night before. And, in my case, I have gotten quite attached to the art of the burrito lately.

I know what you're thinking, "How is a burrito art?" Well, let me tell you, a burrito may be the finest food source in the world. Not only are they delicious, but they're also portable! So, for the past few weeks I'd been visiting local burrito joints and critiquing to an extent. It's been a rewarding experience that really changed my life. I remember after I ate my last burrito, I took a long shower and thought about life. I had an epiphany: burritos, like people, have different personalities, so you have to find the right burrito for you. No matter how great an experience it was, it came with its downsides. I hate those people who layer the ingredients so that you are forced to eat through levels. For instance, I don't want to eat an entire bite of rice or guacamole. It's all about achieving that inner balance, kind of like lightning bending, now that I think about it.

Minn sat back in a beach chair. She wore sunglasses, a green earth kingdom shirt, and a wide brimmed hat with a little green tassel on the top. She was content with relaxing and reading her magazine while catching a few rays. It just so happened that our Latin dancing outburst disturbed her reading.

"You're just jealous you don't have these moves," said Omashu Rocks.

"I will never understand you two," she said.

I was about to say something, but I was interrupted by a heavenly voice.

"Hey guys!"

AvatarRokusGhost surfed atop a gigantic wave, his hair flowing in the wind. He cut through the water like a knife through butter, carving up the surf like a pro. He flashed a smile before he entered the barrel, streaming his hand on the side, and then he noticed something in the water. Two dolphins swam on his right and left, laughing in high pitched squeaks and whistles. AvatarRokusGhost reached out and petted both of their heads. "Hello Nigel, hello Jeremy I haven't seen you two in a while. How have you been?" The dolphins clapped and swam off. He finished off his montage by surfing up the incline and doing a backflip. Before he even made it to shore, multiple girls in bikinis gathered around him.

"Oh my goodness! You're AvatarRokusGhost! You wrote Energy Saga!" one squealed.

"Yeah, I wrote Energy Saga, but those authors over there have some pretty awesome stories, too," he added with a smile.

"Eh, those stories are okay, I guess. Silent Hero in Emerald is a bit too angsty for me, plus I think the author is going clinically insane based on Chapter 20. Crossfire is great! I just wish there were more chapters. Nirvana...hmmm I can't really tell if there's an actual plot or not. Oh well."

"There are plenty of other great fanons! Each and every one has something to be appreciated."

She wasn't really interested in Avatar fanfiction, so she got to the point. Her eyes flashed, "We're having a party tonight. You should totally come by!"

"Cool! That sounds like fun! Can my friends come, too?" He pointed to Minn, Omashu Rocks, and I.

The girl squinted and breathed a sigh of reluctance as she got a good look at the two strange guys belly dancing and the girl with the green hat.

"Fine. I guess they can come," she rolled her eyes and waved goodbye. "Ten o'clock at our beach house. Be there or be square."

"The last thing I want to be is a square," thought ARG as he ran over to us, surfboard under his arm. "Hey guys, we're going to a party!"

"Nectar!" I exclaimed.

"Will there be tequila- I mean beverages?" asked Omashu Rocks.

"I'm not sure, but I bet it will be a fun time," said ARG.

Let me tell you, I am a huge fan of parties, especially beach parties. One of my favorite things to do is roast marshmallows over a bonfire. I have the best technique to get a golden brown s'more. It's all about neutral Jing, being patient.

"Will formal robes be necessary for this occasion?" asked Minn, wanting an excuse to dress up as a Dai Li agent.

"I don't think so. It seems pretty casual."

"Monkeyfeathers," she cursed under her breath.

"Well, sounds good," I tried to change the subject because I felt like doing something else. "Who wants to play volleyball?"

"Ohh, I do!"

"I'll play."

"Yeah, I'm down for that." They all answered at the same time.

I snatched the volleyball out of my bag and we all walked over to the courts. I love the feeling of walking through sand, the way it sifts between my toes; though, I'm not a fan of the crab hiding waiting to pinch. When we got to the courts I set down my drawstring bag and took a water break.

As I hydrated, I felt an odd disturbance, an inexplicable dark aura. I shivered as my fingertips numbed and my blood thickened. It felt like a dementor or some other kind of mythical monster was drawing near. Then, a cold shadow loomed over me, and I turned around.

"Well, well, well, look who it is," said KettleMeetPot in his Australian accent. He wore black sunglasses that covered his eyes. A part of me thought that if he took off his glasses there would be no eyes there: they simply didn't exist. Actually, I take that back. They exist, but they aren't the same as our eyes. I have a weird theory that he sees with heat vision, kind of like the Predator from that movie with Arnold Schwarzenneger. I also found it kind of weird and uncomfortable that he wore a heavy trench-coat, even while at the beach.

"What brings the WLS Staff to this beach?" said KMP.

"Uhh, vacation?" I shrugged.

The two editors for the Ba Sing Se Times, KettleMeetPot and Chakrasandwich, smirked at us.

"That's nice, I'm sure you guys really need a vacation with all that work you do," his voice dripping with sarcasm. "We've been busy with all this new material lately, but it's nothing too much for the best newsletter on the Wiki."

"I can't take this. Listen KMP, we are just trying to play a friendly game of volleyball, so can you please move?" said Omashu Rocks.

"I'm afraid not. This court's taken...well, that is, unless you think you can beat us," he nodded to Chakras.

"But, these are unfair teams. We have four and you only have two," I pointed out. "Therefore, we have the majority so we deserve the court. I mean, come on, this is a public beach."

He laughed, "Do you really have the majority? How can you be so oblivious to the traitor in your midst?"

"Traitor?" we looked around at each other and realized Minn hadn't said a word.

"You're the Fanon Editor for the BSST! You've been on KMP's side this whole time? How could you?!" Omashu Rocks concluded.

She threw up her arms, "I'm just confused! I was on the BSST first you know, but now I'm an editor for the WLS. I don't see why I can't just do both."

KMP snickered, "What do you mean confused? You are supposed to be undyingly loyal, like the Dai Li. You are a soldier, a servant, a-"

Chakras cut him off, "A Minn-ion!"

He reiterated, "You know the consequence for treachery is watching your childhood sweetheart die right before your eyes." A moment of silenced passed, "Well not really, but treachery is still really uncool, especially since you signed a contract."

"A contract? What are you talking about?" Omashu Rocks yelled in the background.

Minnichi blushed, "Oh c'mon! Nobody actually reads the terms of use policy."

" monster! First you stabbed your fanon readers in the heart, and now you're betraying us, your own co-workers! Just think of all the things we've done for you!"

"So what will it be? The most popular newsletter on the Wiki, or these dancing Shakira lunatics who can't even code proper lines?" KMP hissed.

"Don't you dare speak that way about Shakira! She is a saint!" Omashu Rocks roared.

AvatarRokusGhost nudged my shoulder, "Hey Ty, check it out! I beat Minn on level 837 of Candy Crush! I'm totally going to post this!"

"You know what? Maybe I should just make my own newsletter, aside from the WLS and BSST! How about that?" Minnichi fired back. "That way I don't have to listen to either of you two!"

I watched in desperation as our organization slowly began to crumble apart. The scariest part was what would happen in the aftermath if Minnichi actually did decide to go through with her plan. All I could think about was the readers. How would they get their fanon news without our Editor?

Will Minnichi break away from the WLS and form her own newsletter to take over the Wiki? Will Omashu Rocks ever meet Shakira in real life? Is this group tension a parallel to the episode "The Beach"? Find out in the next installment of WLS Headquarters!

50px-3327121.png Avatar: Legends of Miyuki
AvatarRokusGhost - Deputy Editor

Hey guys! I wanted to give you a new “about time” update on a not-so-new fanon that I’ve had the pleasure of working on with Haybernathy, Avatar: Legends of Miyuki. No, it’s not about the crazy herbalist’s cat, as so many have believed when they first heard the title. Legends of Miyuki is a fanon that I started co-writing when Haybernathy approached me back in mid-2011 about an idea for a story that had struck the inspirational bone in her body, and soon struck mine as well. It’s about a young girl whose parents are divorced and who lives with her mean uncle Bojing, who belittles her and forces her to constantly work around the house. She is discovered to be the Avatar and is made to find her destiny learning the elements and protecting the world during an on-going war in the Earth Kingdom which the Fire Nation has also become involved in where Ba Sing Se is attempting to unite the various Earth states under its central rule. Miyuki is the Fire Avatar before the unnamed Fire Avatar, so Miyuki is the ninth Avatar before Avatar Aang.

We released the prologue and first chapter of Legends of Miyuki in June 2011 and the fourth and most recent chapter in February 2012.

50px-5047861.png Fanon Revisions: Now, Not Later
Minnichi - Editor

When I first joined Avatar Wiki, a trend I noticed right off the bat was the fanon portal's revision habits. Simply put, authors here tend to improve their fanons "by the chapter." Reviews are written, critiques are made, commenters get picky, but any issues will just be straightened out in the subsequent chapters. We don't look back on the flawed chapters, we just make the later ones better.

...Anddd I strongly believe that this is a habit all authors should avoid if possible. Looking at it as a whole, I can see why this trend is natural here; Avatar Wiki is a community. We help each other improve, and we promote stories. We're given many chances and lots of patience from readers, often because they can see the good we do for the community outside of our writing. Sometimes it comes down to a matter of friendship, in which a reader knows that his/her companion is a sincere author at heart and will stick through any chapters, flawed or not. But all of this doesn't change the fact that each and every part of your story is there for a reason, and that each flaw you ignore will impact it negatively as a whole. Most importantly, leaving your flaws in the earlier chapters - especially the very first chapters - will show every new reader a watered-down, mediocre version of your story. That's the first impression they'll have, and perhaps a permanent impression if it's enough to demotivate them from continuing.

How do readers know that your later chapters "get much better"? The answer is that they don't. The reviews may say so, and maybe the commenters and subscribers will say so, but we ourselves will not actually 'know' better quality in a fanon until we read it and feel it ourselves. Before then, there is no guarantee that we'll even make it that far. Some users here may be content having existing fans to convince the new ones that yes, this story does indeed get better. But as an author, do you really want to give new readers something to "endure" until your true writing quality kicks in?

The way I see it, a fanon is not meant to be a "road of progression." Readers don't intend to see live writing improvement as they go, they're expecting quality from the moment they look at the first chapter. On that note, there exists two different types of consistent writing quality: the author who doesn't feel any need to improve and writes with the same quirks the entire time, and the author who drives every kind of revision through every chapter until they all match his/her full potential. The latter is what you should strive for. Also, you should recognize that fanons you consider 'consistently great' are most likely the latter. It's quite difficult to hit good quality the first time, and even so we're always improving as authors. Just to share my own experiences on the matter, fun fact: My own attempts so far have produced at least 5 full-chapter revisions for the first 14 chapters of Silent Hero in Emerald, in all its 10k-word-chapter glory. There was a time when my dialogue had no speech verbs, when Riya was way too giggly to be human, and when I described a broken heart with literally "the shattered pieces of his broken heart." While these fixes mostly took place on and while the later chapters demanded less severe revisions, you'll still see me adding in things occasionally just to make sure the 'mood' is portrayed effectively. And of course, typos are endless. But readers don't see this. They see the most recent product of revisions, and that's what they judge.

My goal as an author is for readers to see writing quality as it is now, and not "Oh, look how much better it got later!" Because many times, you're not going to get a chance for "later." Perhaps it works on some friends of your fans, but think about how many potential readers you're warding off. To the several of you who wonder, this is probably your answer to why the fans just stop appearing at some point, or why the "hype" dies down even though your story's getting better. Your current fans know you, or perhaps your reputation. What creates new ones are your very first fanon chapters - the ones that are meant to hook a reader, to make an impression that tells them that this is something they have to continue. Now, are you really supposed to catch their attention with a version of your story you know is mediocre?

If you really want to show readers what you're all about, start from Chapter 1. More importantly, do your story a favor and make every part of it shine with the same quality. Your later chapters need the earlier ones to strengthen them, and readers need to see your true potential. Know a flaw anywhere in your story? Now's the time to revise it. Literally.

50px-2152184.png End of Air

The End of an Air-a: Another Interview with the Author, by the Author [Spoiler Free!]

Interviewer: To those of you who don’t know, the final chapter of Air was posted on July 9th, marking the end of an era.

Wordbender: I think you mean ‘Air-a’.

I: Oh, haha, of course. My mistake. So how do you feel, now that you’ve finally finished such a huge project?

WB: You know, I thought I would feel relief, mostly. This story has been on my plate for almost five years, being published for the last year and a half. I’ve been getting antsy, ready to take on a new project.

I: But now that you’re here…

WB: Now that I’m here, I’m very sad. And happy. And kind of shell shocked. I sat down to publish the Epilogue, and as I brought the page up it hit me. This is it. The end. The last time I will ever post an Air chapter, ever. Even if I do eventually publish again, it won’t be the same. It won’t be Air, some of my readers might not be the same, it will all be different. And that’s really sad, because I’ve had a great time. I have amazing readers, who leave wonderful comments, and I hope that in the future I continue to get those, even though the story is finished. I know I have at least one latecomer in OR, and I hope I get many more.

I: Air was your first fanfiction. What do you like best about the genre?

WB: I love playing with someone else’s character and, yeah, I’m gonna say it. Sometimes I like kicking back and not worrying so much about every little detail. Like avoiding ‘was’ at all costs. I’m looser with my writing in fanfiction (which is probably a horrible habit) so it makes it more fun and less technical. I really enjoy that. It’s also awesome to climb into the skins of an existing character and imagine how they’d act. But the best part by far is taking one of the extremely minor characters and expounding on them. (LEE!)

I: So what do you plan to do, now that you’re finished?

WB: I really need to get back to my original stuff. I’m dying to get back to it. I’ve got a middle grade novel about one hard month’s work from being maybe almost ready, and I’ve put it off long enough.

I: What about the Wiki, do you plan to stay? Or does the end of Air also mean the end of Wordbender?

WB: Heavens no! I’m still working on Vortex (first couple of chapters coming soon, guys, and to quote Puon-Tim –new and improved!) But I also plan to read up on all the poor fanons I’ve been neglecting (sorry!) and LoK Book 2 can’t be too far off, so…

I: We can only hope! Will we see anymore fanons from you in the future?

WB: Other than Vortex? Well, that’s still up in the air, so to speak. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got plenty of ideas, it’s just finding the time. I’d like to, someday, but I don’t know how far off that someday is. But I promise, if I ever write another, you will know about it.

I: I sense another session from my favorite interviewee in the potential future.

[both laugh, to prove this isn’t a conceited joke at all]

I: One thing that really sets your story apart from others is the almost complete lack of original characters. Why did you decide to do this?

WB: My intention was not to create something entirely new, which explains the rarity of original characters, but instead to expand on the characters already there, which in turn explains the intense Longshot and Smellerbee and Toph and Haru subplots, as well as Lee’s role in the Earth Kingdom.

I: Among its accomplishments, Air has been awarded double Fanonbending status, scored high in its reviews, possesses a loyal fan base, was Featured Fanon last July, and boasts a Best Supporting Female Character in the fan favorite Princess Ursa. Um, I can mention that, can’t I?

WB: [nervous laugh] Oh, I’m sure it’s fine. After all, if I can’t sing my praises even as my own imaginary interviewer, who can?

[both laugh]

I: So how does it feel, to have your story be so accomplished?

WB: Amazing. And really surprising. I mean, it’s always a bit of a shock when you find out that people like your work. I always feel a bit like Jim Carey in The Mask: They like me. *sniff* They really like me!

I: Why did you decide to end Air the way you did?

WB: It just seemed to fit. An epilogue provided the little snippet into the future I needed to answer some of the remaining questions. As for the, er, setting, I had decided long ago to end with the third edition of The Boy in the Iceberg. Zuko has always been my favorite character, and I guess it was kind of homage to him and how far he’s come. I really love that he recognizes his progress and his mistakes, and that’s something everyone should learn. Plus, there was the irresistible humorous aspect as well.

I: So…would I be spoiling anything major if I brought up the musical number?

WB: I don’t think so.

I: And I don’t suppose you could sing it for us? I’m just guessing there is an actual tune.

WB: There is, indeed! I had to make sure it sounded okay before I wrote it.

I: So will you sing it?

WB: I’d love to, but I don’t think it would really come across in text.

I: Good point. *sigh* Any chance we might hear it someday?

WB: Oh, there’s a distinct possibility.

I: My, my, that sounds promising! Got a little something up your sleeve?

WB: Only my arms. Why do people always insist pointing out how small they are?

I: [laughs] You’ve got one musical number under your belt, and a few more promising song titles. Do you think you’ll ever write an entire Avatar musical?

WB: Actually, I was thinking about that when I wrote out the number! It would be great fun someday. I think it would be even more fun to actually get a bunch of people together and record it for YouTube. Let Bryke show that at their next Comic-Con panel! But I was actually wondering… Well, it’s kind of a crazy idea, but I was thinking about hosting a contest.

I: Be still my beating heart!

WB: ‘Puon-Tim’s Third Edition of The Boy in the Iceberg Musical Contest!’ I’d have people write up a song about one of their favorite ATLA moments. Or even LoK, if they really wanted to. What do you think? Would people go for it?

I: It certainly sounds interesting. I don’t know, what does everyone think?

WB: As a bonus, I might even be persuaded to put up a video of ‘The Banishment Song.’

I: I think the people say yes! Any last words before we finish?

WB: As always, a huge thanks to my readers. They’ve kept me going when the writing got tough or boring –on the wiki and off– and they will never know how much I truly appreciate them. Special thanks to User:LuukATLAFAN for his tearful adieu to Air. Oh, and if you haven’t, read my fanon. It’s going to need some love, now that it’s ended.

More information on the Puon-Tim Musical Contest to follow soon on Wordbender’s blog. Look out, everybody; the wiki will come alive with the sound of MUSIC!

50px-1595565.png The Great Fanimal Collection Project

Hello fanon readers, writers, and enthusiasts. For those of you who don’t know me, I am DancePowderer. I am coming to you on behalf of the Fauna Council. The council is undertaking a new project. Much like how the canon Fauna in the World of Avatar page documents all the canon animals, we would like to make a page very much like the canon page, but for animals only found in fanon. Due to the vast amount of fanons that exist, there is no way that the active members of the council could ever hope to compile everything ourselves. That is where all of you come in. The best way for a project of this size to succeed is if it is a collective effort. And contributing couldn’t be easier. Simply leave the name of the animal, its native habitat, and a link to the chapter/story where it can be found (if found in multiple chapters, choose the one you think best describes it) on this page here. Together, we can put toge ther a fanon bestiary worthy of praise. Any and all animals are welcome provided that they have not appeared in the ATLA or LOK canons. In the end, it will be called Fanon:Fauna in the World of Avatar. Please help us see this project through to fruition. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

50px-4763232.png My Absence
Master Ratava

The Wonders of getting back after all this time

It's been a while, I know that well. I can't even tell when was the last time I edited here before a week ago. But I can tell that it has been almost an year...

And what an year!

Maybe you're new and you've never seen me around. I don't blame you, that's my fault. However, I've got some good points to justify my absence.

I registered back in January 16th, 2012. And by the second month I was fooling around, I debuted my fanon. It was my one and only distraction, because I was on depression (taking some medicines, so I could at least get out of the bed.) But let's talk about good and happy stuff.

Before writing an Avatar fanon, I wrote (but still not finished) a Harry Potter one, back when I was 15, I wrote it until I was 18... And at that time I decided:

"I'm gonna be an author."

They say dreams are meant to become true. But I think dreams have nothing to do with reality. Goals do. If you have a dream, make it become your goal, then (and only then) you might try and be successful on it.

Last year I "departed" right after the Fanon Awards, and the Contests Season (October?!?), because I discovered my first short story selection.

And it opened my mind to a whole new kind of writing. One that I still have many difficulties. Such as finishing plots...

This year I'm gonna be published for the first time. I've taken part in a total of 4 selections, submitting 4 different short stories (most of them with closed-that-may-be-opened-again plots) since last year. And my confidence is untouched (LOL) because I've got 100% of acceptation... (Someday I'll face deception, of course... But "what do we say to the Death God?", "Not today"... Or something like that... ;P )

"So, what do we have to do with all your writing success, Ratava? Do you think we're interested in what you're about to say?!?"

That's the point. Some writings start at being written for ourselves. If we aren't pleased with what we write, than what's the point in making someone else read them?

My story, my experiences, my goals, and all the consequences of making a decision (Such as submitting a short story to a selection, or getting back around here, that was my sanctuary in 2012.) are not exclusively mine. I know there's someone who should become a published author anytime soon, who by the way I'd like to be his Portuguese-translator ^_~v, and there's a lot of new members, that I don't even know their usernames... who may have been passing through difficult times, and aren't able to see the light at the end of the tunnel... Just as myself back in 2011.

Showing everybody here what my efforts had paid me back is the only manner I could find to say thank you. Even on the harsh discussions on IRC, or the "bullying season".

Unfortunately all my short stories were written in Portuguese, and bound by contract I may not translate them myself and publish here. So you have to trust me. (That's what a liar would ask, I know, I know.)

Changing subject, before anyone asks more...

"And do you have plans around here, Ratava?"

Let's say I'm on probation, hit by this AW spell... I intend on being around, at least chatting with whomever wants to chat with me. :D But as soon as my schedule allows me I want to get ATFS back on its trails. It's not a promise, and it doesn't means that by the end of this year it'll be completed... But I may say, before finish reading my favorite fanon, I won't even open the forum or the usergroups pages... xD

I hope you didn't get bored... =P It's just my "hey I'm alive" hello.

See ya. ;3

50px-5019858.png My One-shot Contest and the Interview of the Year
Typhoonmaster - Deputy Editor

Hey just giving a friendly reminder and perhaps a rude awakening to those of you who intend on participating in my one-shot festivities. The deadline is on July 28th so if you are still struggling with an idea, you better get cracking! Also, be sure to leave your vote for the Fanon Fact Finder's Interview of the Year. The contestants this year are Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes, Moon Drops, Silent Hero in Emerald, and The Kyoshi Chronicles! All contestants and even people not participating should comment their votes on my blog page! Time’s running out!

If you’re sitting there wondering, “What is Ty talking about? What is this contest he speaks of?” then I’m here to tell you that I am in fact hosting a one-shot competition, and a pretty fun one if I may say so myself. There are fantastic, and I mean magnificent art prizes to be won like this, this, and this. That’s right, I’m talking about those professional artists on Deviantart. So if you are an aspiring fanon writer, a seasoned veteran, or just an admirer of fine art, you may want to throw in an entry ☺

I intended for this little advertisement to be brief so I’ll just leave you with the link to my contest and call it a day: Ty's One-shot Competition

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