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From the Editor: The BSST Returns in Style!

It's been a long year for many of you who were waiting for this. Some thought it was the death of two newsletters! But today, we're finally here and I'm extremely proud to present the hard work of our lively community below. A lot of things can happen in a year, even on the internet. Our fanon community surely feels the weight of the retired White Lotus Sentinel, but if you take a scroll below to the fanon side, you'll see that it lives on in spirit.

To those unfamiliar with this newsletter, it's a free-for-all submission system that truly relies on you to keep publishing. If you're anything like me, you also wouldn't mind being part of a fancy blog feature on Avatar Wiki's home page just for submitting a sophisticated ramble in style! See those huge, obvious green buttons above me? One click is all it takes for your journey to glorified publishing to begin... We WILL see you in our article submission office. We will. You know you want to.

Happy Reading!

A Tribute to
The White Lotus Sentinel

Once upon a time, fellow user Master Ratava teamed up with former fanon admin Rassilon of Old to create a news service on Avatar Wiki parallel to The Ba Sing Se Times, to help users find willing editors and illustrators and to compile valuable information together for the benefit of fanon readers and authors alike. From this idea was born The White Lotus Sentinel. Since the WLS merged with the community newsletter this past April, it is now a part of the wiki's archives, like The Laogai Inquirer and Water Tribe Weekly. Unlike the BSST, the WLS was fanon-themed only, and featured reviews of newer stories, tips on writing, what was going on in the portal and the ongoing adventures of its staff members behind the scenes. While it was around, it left an impression on the wiki like no other, with its colorful spontaneity.

In a typical WLS issue, one would find an array of witty poll choices and urban dictionary definitions. Things were frequently changed up, as six of the seven deputy editors on the staff were also editors at one point or another. Actually, the WLS had two co-editors at the helm rather than one head editor. Entire issues would have themes, normally around holidays, such as Halloween, NaNoWriMo and Valentine's Day, the lattermost of which included submissions of valentine messages from readers, both signed ones and anonymous ones alike. The newsletter even experimented with a quirky magazine format for a couple issues, before promptly reverting to the traditional wiki newsletter style.

For the first time, Avatar Wikians were introduced first-hand to some of the adventures of the staff members behind the scenes, as well as those of other fanon portal authors and their fan-created characters for their stories. When the portal was getting less active, regular subscribers of the WLS would read about vanishing characters from fanon stories that went inactive as their authors became distracted, the catastrophe that that occurred when angsty and violent fanon characters were introduced to the authors that made them, the hazards of competing in the annual Fanon Awards, the search for new deputy editors over Halloween and the episode where Lady Lostris visited the WLS staff as a consultant in an hours-long meeting on how to become more efficient and stop wasting so much time. Co-editor Minnichi took over the newsletter one issue only to come to the realization that she missed the way things were and put rest of staff back right for the New Years issue.

And then there were the infamous Line Wars. The two longest-serving co-editors of The White Lotus Sentinel got into a long-running dispute over the formatting in between articles on the columns of WLS issues. Minnichi, who was back then a deputy editor for the BSST, wanted the WLS to use the same dashed lines found in Avatar Wiki's community newsletter, but Omashu Rocks was steadfast in his preference for solid lines with no breaks or dashes. When this broke out, the pro-solid line OR and the pro-dashed line Minn tried to resolve it first through rock paper scissors, then with a coin flip and finally with a sword-fighting duel. With the alternating that went on, readers were left wondering what kind of lines the next issue would have. Here is an example of a WLS issue with solid lines, where Typhoonmaster catalogues Minn's ongoing resistance to this. As a deputy editor while OR and Minn were co-editors, I got to experience all of this first hand.

Today, I find myself working with OR and Minn once again, but for The Ba Sing Se Times. As our Dai Li Editor-in-Chief has pointed out, the BSST is a very different newsletter than the WLS was. However, in the spirit of the newsletters becoming "merged" and having a staff discussion, we can assure you that the legacy of the WLS live on in this new era, in some ways obvious and in others more subtle. Maybe we'll even see how the Line Wars end. Granted, it is exponentially more difficult with OR as the deputy editor of fanon and Minn in charge of the whole newsletter, but he always has something up his sleeve.
Avatar vs "Real Life"
Katherine Rebekah
The BSST is now relying on us to keep it up and running, and I don’t know about you guys but I look forward to the BSST and it’s sad to see it out this late. Furthermore, every time I get on the wiki now it seems to be barren, less lively. It’s like after the hype of LoK ended and that big Korrasami flair up finally died down, every one seems to have left, but maybe that’s just me.

Now, before I get on my hands and knees and start begging you to add something, start trying to guilt trip you into contributing, start bribing you with promises of user boxes, badges, and a higher ranking on the wiki, I’ve got to address something bigger first. What is the point of even doing this stuff?

I remember the first time I started watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. It had been out for a long time already, and I was privileged to be able to binge watch all three seasons on Netflix. I was about eight at the time and it seemed to me that, besides The Chronicles of Narnia, no better kids story had ever been told. I still hold to the belief that ATLA is the best animated kids series out there. I was heart broken when it was over and began to write fan fiction before I even knew that fan fiction existed. But, as these things go, I grew up and Avatar eventually slipped out of my mind until a few years ago when I rediscovered it, and then found this wiki. Ever sense then I’ve been hooked on this place, but should I be?

It’s obvious that spending all day, everyday on the wiki would be bad. We can’t neglect work, school, family, or other obligations for the sake of an online community. Then again, is it bad to devote your recreational time to it? I would say not at all. There is something amazing about this place. Something that, for me, brings back all those comfy memories of my younger self enjoying the series.

This wiki really sets it’s self apart from the others, and I think is by far the best that I have been on (though I may be biased). It’s a perfect place to get in touch with other ATLA fans, share your opinions, work on writing quality fanfic and, who knows, maybe even submit an article to the BSST (wink wink). Bryke have even said themselves that they use the wiki as a reliable resource for brushing up on there own story! I would say that one can gain a lot from drifting around this place. But, you know, a wiki would be nothing without contributors.

Now is that part where I get on my hands and knees and start begging you to add something, start trying to guilt trip you into contributing, and start bribing you with promises of user boxes, badges, and a higher ranking on the wiki. Your real life needs you, yes, but your wiki needs you too. In the battle of Avatar VS. Real Life, maintain a healthy balance, and please, please, please submit an article for the BSST. Don’t you hate there being so much time between issues? I promise you’ll get more user boxes, badges, and a higher ranking if you contribute more…
You are looking at the new Ba Sing Se Times, and suddenly you notice a particular article...

Well hello there! Didn't see you for a minute hehe.....

Anyway, HELLO!!! My name is CombustionNation, and you may or may not have seen me around on the wiki. I am not a very old user nor someone who is for the first time on this wiki. I've been around the wiki for sometime, only then without an account....yeah that happens :D

Who am I?

I have been a user on this wiki for around three months now, and I've learned a lot about how this wiki works and the users on this wiki. It's too bad that I joined the wiki after The Legend of Korra ended, and the wiki wasn't in its prime time anymore; aw well, can't have everything. These past few months really were informative for me, because I learned quite a bit of wiki coding, how certain policies work and I've met some very nice people :D (looks over to AvatarAang7), DaiLaiHeping, AvatarKya and Aang 112. Of course most people are nice but those few are really my so called 'friends'.

Where do I spend my time?

I spend most of my wiki time over at the Fanon section, by working on the following things:

1. My very first fanon The Red Spirits.

2. My second and currently on hold fanon The Last Combustion Avatar.

3. Some random OS and such.

The rest of my time I wander around reading fanons, looking up information about certain topics and some random stuff here and there. That's what you can expect from me.

Some very important information regarding Avatar and myself

To make this clear, I want to address a thing that is a part of the Avatar fanbase and frankly plays quite a big role in it, and my opinion about it.

Disclaimer: The following information is my opinion and I do not consciously try to insult you or anything that you believe in or support. This is my opinion and you can disagree. Thank you in advance for understanding.

Shippings: A big part of Avatar is this fenomenon that people call 'Shippings'. Well, I'm not a shipper of some sort, which means that for me it doesn't matter if certain people are in love or something else or not. The most reasonable reason for my view on this topic is that I really started to enjoy Avatar after the series ended, meaning that I wasn't there in its prime time, meaning that I wasn't there when the shipping debates were heaviest. I think that is the most reasonable explanation for my view and such on shippings.

Who am I in real life?

In real life I am a student in a small town in the Netherlands who is still in high school. I enjoy playing video games like Call of Duty, and I also enjoy listening to music. I am also thinking about producing my own music, but that isn't a big priority right now. I enjoy being here on the Avatar Wiki and I hope that I can stay here for as long as possible!

Special thanks to the BSST and especially Omashu Rocks for inspiring me to write this article. See ya all around in the chat!
Asami Sato: The Resident Mary Sue
The interpretation that Mary Sue is a character that is idealized to a fault. A very influential interpretation, this one tends to get applied to most discussions. This theory posits that a Mary Sue is an unrealistically capable and virtuous character, one who simply lacks flaws and is depicted in an overly positive light. This tends to draw the most debate, as this model of character is extremely common, and also a lot more accepted than people give it credit for. Charles Dickens, one of the established classic authors, used to specialize in creating characters like this. A lot of characters in both male- and female-centric fiction simply lack meaningful flaws, but are more than accepted because they work as Escapism for the audience. However, both this interpretation and a shift of society as a whole towards cynicism has led to many people trying to mask their otherwise idealized characters with either total non-flaws (e.g. being So Beautiful, It's A Curse and other Cursed with Awesome details), flaws by proxy (e.g. Dark and Troubled Past), or flaws that simply don't play any role in the plot at all (e.g. making a character an alcoholic, but never showing them as impeded by it).”

That’s one of the many descriptions of a Mary Sue from TV Tropes, and I can’t help but notice how most of it fits Asami Sato perfectly. She is indeed an idealized, flawless character in The Legend of Korra, and it is one of the many things I’ve noticed in my dissection of Bryke’s sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Don’t believe me? She’s beautiful, intelligent, skilled (so much so that she outshined the bending members of Team Avatar in their initial engagements), rich, and impossibly nice. She can drive or fly pretty much anything, and she’s a seriously competent inventor, a characteristic showcased whenever a literal plot device is needed. Put simply: she’s perfect. Think about it, what flaws does she have? Sure, bad things happen to her, many of which are things that also happen to define a Mary Sue (dead parent/parents, evil legacy, etc.), but realistically, she doesn’t have any flaws that allow for character development, growth, or learning moments. She has flashes of petty jealousy in Book One, but that’s it. There’s nothing she has to learn, nothing inside of herself that she has to grow out of or work against.

Click here to keep reading!

When compared to the other members of Team Avatar, Asami’s growth is stunted. Korra has development in every new season (with the exception of Book Two, which just rehashed her development from Book One), Mako has had a bevy of flaws that he has had to overcome over the course of the show, eventually leading to a meaningful non-romantic relationship with Korra, and Bolin has made poor decisions in regard to who he follows and his relationships, as well. What does Asami Sato struggle with? What flaws impede her in such a way that she must overcome them to grow as a character? She has none. She’s this perfect little gem from the moment that she’s introduced, and that never changes. She can’t even act as a foil in any way to Korra in the end because she’s such a weak character in terms of writing. It’s as if Bryke decided what her best qualities would be and stopped there, never thinking to give her something from which she can grow and develop.

I realize that most of the definitions of a Mary Sue deal solely with the protagonist, but some of them do leave room for other characters to inhabit the position. Asami Sato is a Mary Sue in every other respect, and it bugs the crap out of me that, like so many other elements in The Legend of Korra, she was not given enough time or care to become more than a walking plot device.

An Interview with Water Spout
Hello Avatar Wikians! I had the recent honor of interviewing your fellow administrator, Water Spout! Water Spout has been a great contributor over the years. Now is your chance to find out more about how is!
  • Hello Water Spout! How are you doing?
Hey Tono! I'm doing fine, but getting busy by the day since midterm season just started for this semester.
  • Great! Let's start with how you found Wikia in general (if you could, please include how you found AW as well).
I actually first discovered Avatar Answers Wiki while searching for a list of previous Avatars. Up until that point, I had a deep love for Avatar but no ways to express it. Back then, the answers portal was in complete disarray, and there were over 200 unanswered questions, so I had something with which to occupy myself. People who know me know that I have to finish something when I start it, which is why I continued to be active on that portal until I answered every single question. It wasn't until October until I decided to try out the main portal, and the rest is history!
  • So you have been on this wiki for quite some time now; do you like how it is right now? Or would you rather go back to previous years?
If I were to be honest, I would rather be back to the Avatar Wiki I first joined. There were less mediums for community discussion during that time, but I would argue that community spirit was stronger back then; practically everyone used blogs, discussions were rampant in the comments, and the newsletter had a strong and recurring following. It was also a better atmosphere in general. There were arguments, sure, but for the most part, people did their own thing and the community was cohesive. I miss content activity the most though. 2011 saw a large influx of editors, and new articles were being created left and right. I loved editing back then, it was great.
  • I realize you were in our answers wiki, sadly though the activity there is nearly dead now, how were you able to keep that wiki active for so long after the series had ended?
Yes, Avatar Answers Wiki is something that is and will always be close to my heart. The great thing about the portal is that it's not very difficult to keep active, because there is always something to do. Even after years of work by myself and other users (OBJ, Omni, Natsu, LL, etc.), there is still so much that could be improved: questions need to be updated, grammar needs to be corrected, question formatting needs to be standardized, etc. It really is just a matter of effort and time.
  • Have you ever read a fanon or would like to read one? If so, which ones have you read/want to read?
I have never read a fanon (except a one-shot about Sokka and Zuko years ago when that ship piqued my interest), because it's just never been something in which I've been interested. I've always wanted to read Eyes of Katara by Vulmen, mostly because he and I had such a similar understanding and love for Katara, and I know it must be an awesome piece of work given how great he is as a contributor.
  • What is the main thing you look for in an edit?
I look for purpose. Spelling corrections, grammar tweaks, and worthwhile additions that enhance page quality. Nothing aggravates me more than badge edits. Absolutely nothing.
  • What can you advise editors to look out for when they don't know what to do?
Honest mistakes happen, so just be open to learn and be open to contribute. We are pretty lucky to have a relatively friendly community, so if an editor is unsure about something, I can guarantee that asking anyone will ensure an answer- and sometimes even multiple answers from multiple people who are eager to help!
  • Who was the first user who became your pal around here?
I wasn't very friendly when I first started out, but Vulmen is the first person on the wiki with whom I really had a connection. He was such a stellar guy, we had some pretty great conversations.
  • In RL, what is your favorite sport? Do you practice it?
Gymnastics is my favourite sport. I wish I signed up for it when I was younger, but sadly I'm past the age where starting would be worth it. It is such an underrated sport, and gymnasts are some of the most athletic people there are. It's super entertaining to watch.
  • What was your first Wikia profile picture?
My first profile picture was the Water Tribe icon, which I still use in my signature!
  • When you became an administrator, how did the current admins receive you?
The current admins are just great users in general. By then I had already collaborated closely with almost all of them on some aspect of the wiki at some point, and so in a sense I already had working relationships with each of them. The admins with whom I was not very well-acquainted were very approachable and welcoming. They definitely made it an easy transition.
  • To what do you feel you owe your success on this wiki?
I am very dedicated to content work. I love writing articles, rewriting articles, enacting large-scale changes, and revamping old systems. I do genuinely enjoy making the wiki increasingly more comprehensive, and that vigour is what I think has helped me make my own mark on the community.
  • What is your main role on this wiki? What do you feel you help best with?
I am a content guy. My wheelhouse is fact-checking, article expansions, and answering questions.
  • You are a mature person, how do you feel Avatar helped with this process?
I attribute my character growth to the wiki rather than the show, actually. When I first joined the community, I had very little regard for other people and I was very volatile. As much as I enjoyed working with other users, I had a tough time communicating respectfully to many of them and considering things from other people' perspectives. Befriending users who have good heads on their shoulders has helped a lot in setting a good example to follow. 888, specifically, is someone whom I admire for his character.
  • If you could choose a country in which to live in, other than the one you are currently in now, which one would it be?
I would live in France. Everything I've heard about that country just makes me want to experience it firsthand!
  • What is your ultimate goal on this wiki?
My ultimate goal is to see it become as comprehensive of an encyclopaedia as it possibly can. More articles, more rewrites, and just more content work in general!
  • What kind of admin do you try to be?
I try to be a very reasonable admin, but also a no-nonsense type of moderator. For the most part, I just do what I can and I try not to ruffle too many feathers!
  • Is there any admin you look up to whether it is in this wiki or another?
888. I've always admired 888 and he's been a great friend and a great help from day 1.
  • How would you feel about another series? What would you like it to be about? (More or less)
If the creators were to do another series, I would want it to be independent from Nickelodeon. As great as Korra was, in many ways I think its potential was very limited by how uncompromising and horrible the network handled the show. So maybe in five years, I think a series to explore the origins of the Avatar World or one to explore an earlier Avatar in the past would be very helpful in bridging inconsistencies between Avatar and Korra, and develop our understanding of the Avatar World's history, which for the most part remains relatively unknown.
  • What are you not comfortable with relating to the wiki?
I am not a big fan of the forums, simply out of personal preference.
  • You have amazing grammar and the words you use are impressive, have you always liked learning new words and in general, the English language?
Thank you! I've always liked the English language, mostly since I was deeply immersed in learning it even before I moved to Canada. Vocabulary is something I enjoy exploring, because there are so many different ways to articulate yourself, and each of those ways will have a different "impact". It's interesting rewriting and rewording sentences to change their impact and tone, I enjoy it!

Thank you for your time, Water Spout! This was a great interview and I hope you liked it as much as I did! You are an awesome user and you have helped the wiki for a long time. I hope you keep your good work up and stay with us for much, much longer!

Thank you for the interview, this has been fun!
Legend of Korra Video Game
Duke of Skibbington
It turns out that there is actually a gaming aspect of The Legend of Korra and The Last Airbender that is either unknown or largely ignored. My birthday was in July, and the regular $15 USD price of The Legend of Korra game was reduced to $4 USD. I wanted to give it a try and see if the games were worthwhile, so Mum bought it for me, and I downloaded and installed it. I then booted it up. No, I didn’t kick it, I started it up. I was greeted with an annoying start-up message, telling me to use an Xbox 360 controller. I pressed enter and it went away, and the regular PC controls worked just fine.

The plot slips perfectly in between Books 2 and 3. Basically, you are Korra, a female protagonist, and you seem to bugger off for a whole week after winning a pro-bending match by yourself. For some reason, she didn’t bring her friends, probably because they were knocked out at the very start of the match. Korra loses all of her bending after an ambush by Equalists and resorts to beating them up with her fists. Fun stuff. You have to fight loads of chi blockers and clones of three members of the Triple Threat Triad, some of which are just colour swapped with a ridiculous palette. It’s not quite relevant, but whenever Two Toe Ping jumps into the fray, it plays music that sounds like it must be accompanied by Lo Wang from Shadow Warrior spouting some racist rubbish. It turns out, some chap named Hundun (Hoon-doon, not huhn-duhn) and his Siamese twin want revenge on the Avatar so they bring back enemies to use as cannon fodder. He succeeds in that manner, but is absolutely thrashed by our female protagonist. The rest of the story is just Jinora popping up and saying, “Hey, I think you can get your earthbending back if you beat up this mecha tank,” or “I think you’ll get your airbending back if you run away like a wuss.”

Now combat is fun. The only thing more pleasurable than spamming hurricanes around and kicking up all the useless chi blockers is blocking one of them and throwing them across the room, or stunning them then finishing them Doom 4 style (they glow blue and you smash their heads in). Fighting mecha tanks is hard but if you block them while they charge, you can mash your left arrow key and send them back to Hiroshi. The thing is about the combat is that it had to sacrifice accuracy for gameplay. You can pull a stone out of a suspended wooden platform. You can bend water without a source, you can even ride a waterspout on a stone. Inaccurate but fun nonetheless.

Last and somewhat least, graphics. I don’t really care much for graphics, but this was like when I booted up Heretic II in 2006. “Wow,” I yelled, “these graphics are really realistic.” Realistic graphics? How so? It’s a blooming cartoon? It’s very realistic for a cartoon; it felt like I was watching the show and controlling it to some extent.

Well, that’s it for today. The game, I rate: great out of eight. Enjoy it, mate. So in answer to Minnichi’s question about the games, “Did you like it? Love it? Flushed it down the toilet?” I have to say that I loved it. If you are interested in sharing your opinion about this game or any other Avatar game, do not hesitate to contact either me, Minnichi or Omashu Rocks.
White lotus tile icon
White lotus tile icon
On My Radar:
Powers Saga

Omashu Rocks
If there's one thing I've learned from my time on Avatar Wiki, it's that almost everyone unanimously agrees with and adores my opinions. Whether in reference to my eloquently-stated, thought-out, fact-based convictions regarding politics, ice hockey, Avatar, or, most especially, the goings-on of our wiki, I cannot turn a corner without millions of users asking- nay, begging, me for my valuable input. "Please," the admins would plead with me, "post another blog trying to link the Avatar World to your take on U.S. politics."

Alas, it has come to a time in which I can no longer look down from atop my throne of moral and intellectual superiority upon the confused and lost masses among Avatar Wiki. That is why, in a stroke of compassion and selflessness, but most importantly extreme humility, I have decided to bring about the genesis of a life-altering new series in my BSST articles: On My Radar.

As the Deputy Editor whose vast domain of authority covers the Fanon Portal, I have come to the conclusion I should write about fanons. It seems like an obvious enough answer, but there I was in my dim study, the light from a full moon shining through a stained glass window, pacing the floor and hoping I would learn what to write about, perhaps through divine illumination. Fortunately, I did not have to wait long. I received an email notification on my phone, alerting me that my own fanon had received a comment on our very wiki. With the calmness and casualness all authors display when they receive a comment on their work, I gazed upon a delightful and kind message the from Katrinasforest, which then included the following:

"[Your protagonist] reminds me a lot of a character in my own fanon."

O RLY?! How very interesting! In an additional comment, it was suggested to me a second time that I check out said fanon by a girl I can only assume is named Katrina or was a forest destroyed by a devastating 2005 hurricane. It was her type of self-promotion and subtle advertising that made me see myself in her, such promise! I eagerly obliged, appreciating and thrilled to see the same level of shameless fanon-plugging that once drove at least 75% of my page views. So, I did in fact check out Powers Saga, and after reading the plot descriptions, I was already intrigued.

The tale is a post-ATLA fanon, but not like any you've read. The plot begins by establishing an alternate universe in which Zuko, after being struck by Azula's lightning, was not revived by Katara but rather paralyzed indefinitely. That was, until Avatar Aang was able to put into motion a desperate plan involving his ever-intriguing ability to energybend. Aang switches Zuko and Katara's elemental allegiances, granting the former prince of the Fire Nation the ability to waterbend. Oh, and to bloodbend. With his newfound control over his own body, Zuko is able to heal his paralysis and proceed to claim his country's crown, but life isn't so simple. For the Fire Nation had established a law that all Fire Lords must be firebenders. As the author puts it on the fanon's main page: Zuko is "forced to either hide his abilities or give up the throne."

Unique plot? A return to our beloved original Avatar characters? An AU in which Katara and Zuko's bending is switched? Political drama in the Fire Nation? Count me in! I didn't hesitate to click the link for the first chapter, and I was not let down. Katrinasforest is an adept writer, unlike a certain BSST Deputy Editor whose name may rhyme with Romashu Ocks. Her pacing is on point, there are no issues with grammar or vocabulary (a topic for which there is no need to discuss, as the author is clearly past the necessity to critique such items), and the first chapter found that magic equation to make me hungry for the next.

If you are looking for something new to read, something fresh with a completely unique plot, and something from a strong, new author on the wiki, this fanon is for you. Let's face it, our portal has been lacking as of late, but with the Fanon Awards drawing lots of attention, and new stories such as Powers Saga popping up and filling a void, perhaps hope is not lost. The best part? This brand new story is only eight chapters in, which means you can catch up in no time at all!

And so, born out of the desire to tell our readers about this new fanon is my On My Radar series. These are not fanon reviews, nor are they interviews with the author. I intend these to simply be semi-frequent installments of my musings regarding different fanons I happen to come across on the portal. I will try to keep them as entertaining as possible, most likely by masking my immeasurably dry personality with feigned, forced attempts at humor. I will not be accepting recommendations/nomination/requests for fanons to put on my radar, as I am perfectly capable of using the functions on the wiki's fanon portal main page. However, if you think you can be creative enough to sneak in a promotion for your fanon inside a compliment sandwich on my own fanon page, I may admire you for being a go-getter.

On a more serious note, I am not actually trying to be an egotistical maniac with my introduction. I simply felt like poking fun at myself for my history of controversial opinions throughout my time here (although I can't hold a candle to some of our all-time most accomplished trolls.) The truth is, you don't need to care about my opinions to enjoy a new, fanontastic fanon! I hope to use this series as a platform for authors who I feel deserve a chance.

*NOTE: In the original article, I failed to mention that Powers Saga is co-written by Raptorrowan. This was a major mistake on my part and I apologize to the two authors who both deserve credit for this promising story.
Fanon Antics
of 2015

Good afternoon, fellow fanon portalers! It's a new year, still post-Legend of Korra, and as expected, the overall activity on the wiki is slightly lower than what it was when the series was airing. Never fear, though. There's plenty of stories on here, more are being published and read and commented upon each day, so the fanon portal on Avatar Wiki is much as it has always been. With the main series over and the comics still very much in the works, we even have new kinds of fanons popping up, such as post-finale stories (the modern equivalent of after-the-war fanons, which were the mainstream genre for ATLA stories for a long time) and canon-related Korrasami fics. Not that there had never been romance or Korrasami fics before, but when a ship officially becomes canon there's naturally more activity around it, and the extra chance for inspiration to develop certainly doesn't not help.

Our only featured story for the month of January is The Lost and the Found a by experienced fanon writer Katherine Rebekah for featured fanon articles, as a chapter of her hit series The Legend of Kyo. Meanwhile, our most recent featured fanon series back in October was I Am the Solution by EskaDesna21, who has written quite a lot on here and even won a couple of the writing contests. Both the featured fanon series and the featured fanon article are displayed on the main page for the whole of the following month and will therefore represent the creativity and quality for the fanon portal as a whole. Nominations and voting for February are already open, so if you know of something you feel is deserving for next month, stop by the page.

On another note, it's been almost two years since the Fanonbenders began releasing monthly contests. Well into the double digits now, the tradition of having a new prompt and contest each month has come a long way, with a total of 83 entries, a winner (and sometimes honorable mentions) each month and several regular participants who have kept coming back. Hopefully this will continue for a long time to come. Not too long ago, there was a rule change that was agreed upon giving members of the fanonbenders the right to "opt out" of the judging for a month and compete for the title themselves. In other words, fanonbenders and potential fanonbenders need not miss out on any of the fun. Tono555 joined the team earlier in the year, as did former admin PSUAvatar14 before he became inactive. Should you be interested in applying to be a fanonbender, you may apply on the respective page.

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A Fanon Art Hub on Avatar Wiki?
Lately, there has been a thought running through my mind on several occasions: why isn't there a Fan Art portal/hub on the Avatar Wiki?

In my imagination, it would be the visual version of the Fanon Portal, but for the artists and Illustrators of this fine community: where competitions and challenges would be held, and where paintings, drawings, digital artworks, cosplay designs and comic-strips would exist for the fans on our wiki to share and enjoy.

My question to you is: is this something you would like to see here on the Avatar Wiki? Would you take part in it's competitions and/or see yourselves as an active user in this Portal? I'd like to gauge your interest before pursuing this idea further.

You can let DaiLaiHeping know you're interested by voting in the Poll below.
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Epic Rap Battles
of Fanon: Round 1

Minnichi and Bomochu
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the premiere of Avatar Wiki's insane hottest new column, Epic Rap Battles of Fanon!

This is a match like no other: a live battle between two original characters from the stories you all know and love in our fanon portal. Each OC here is written authentically by his or her respective author, no differently than how you would encounter them in their fanons. The parent authors have taken turns responding to each other's literary attacks, adapting and adjusting to strike back with anything their writer's imaginations can come up with! It's an epic war, a clash of authorship - and today, a test of who can pull it off while incorporating original rap songs!!!


Agent Minnichi vs. Bomochu of Zaofu

As you read on, keep track of who's writing by following their ID color! (Minnichi writes in green, and Bomochu blue.)
Let the Battle...BEGIN!

A Dai Li agent and a Zaofu guard stare down each other, neither refusing to give in. The thunder of a roaring crowd surrounds them.

The Zaofu enthusiast removes his helmet. “Do you really think you have what it takes to beat me?”

The Agent girl chuckles cynically. “So naïve, soldier of Zaofu.” The masses continue to cheer, like hungry animals waiting for prey to satisfy their attention. “You know,” the Dai Li agent continues, “How about we make this interesting... You summon one of your creations to duel on your behalf?”

The Zaofu guard scoffs in reply, slightly irritated by the smug grin on his opponent’s face. “Why? You scared you would lose to me?”

“Of course not, I know I would win,” she objects, “But because we already are so sure of who would win between us, shouldn’t we have a duel where the odds are more... Even?”

“Hmph... Finally your ego isn’t blinding you and you can actually see who would win.”

“Watch your tongue, soldier of Zaofu. The person I plan on summoning has all sorts of tricks up his large sleeves.”

Nodding slowly, the Zaofu guard lets his pride get in the way, accepting the challenge. “Fine!” his voice booms across the stadium as he yells into his microphone: “I call upon Miki of Manirak, to duel on my behalf!”

Quickly retreating to the upper levels above the stage, out of sight, the Zaofu Guard watches as a blue flash of light occupies part of the stage. Astonished, the crowd wows and cheers, eager to see how this would play out. It’s the showdown of the century.

A young girl, only around fourteen years old, appears from the strange light. Like a catdeer caught in a bright light, her eyes scan every space around her, shocked and completely lost at what just happened. An eerie voice from above catches her attention, however:

“Miki. You have a task to complete.”

“Wha...What... Who said that?!” Miki cries out into the darkness above.

“Very soon, an opponent will appear before you. You must defeat them... In a rap battle!”

Confusion and fear courses through the bloodbender’s body. “This has to be a dream. I’ve had some really strange ones lately.”

“Yeah... Sorry about that!” The same voice calls out from above. Before Miki can respond, the voice cuts her off: “But you must complete this task. There is a prize in store if you win...”

Shaking her head, Miki searches the darkness for the source. “I don’t have time for this! My village isn’t safe, and we only have three weeks to find the Avatar before -”

“Yes yes yes, I already know how that story ends, Miki,” The Zaofu guard interrupts, “But this is of the utmost importance. Perform to this crowd your rap song, and defeat your opponent!”

Miki gulps. “Crowd?” Frozen with fear, the young girl turns to notice the thousands of people in the audience, cheering and chanting, waiting for her to begin. The worst part is, she doesn’t even know what a ‘rap’ battle is.

Fearing that his competitor is succumbing to her stage-fright, the Zaofu guard turns to the confident Dai Li agent next to him. “Eh... Give her a moment. Your turn?”

“Darn right it’s my turn - step aside, newb!” declares the Dai Li agent, snatching up her own microphone. “On my behalf: Agent Yuhan Tsen, I summon thee!!!”

A brilliant, crackling bolt of green light strikes the ground opposite the stage from Miki. The crowd goes wild as the tall shape of an emerald-clad young man materializes.

Yuhan’s first reaction is a wince of pain. “Agh -” One of his stony hands lifts to cover his eyes, which aren’t used to such bright lights outside of his cave called Lake Laogai. The other hand sort of subconsciously covers an ear, because caves don’t usually have this much noise either.

Far out of sight above the stage, the Zaofu guard’s laughing so hard that one of his hands has to support his stomach. “Oh man, this is going to be a piece of cake. Just look at him!” He points to the sickly, emo figure in green below. “He’s in no shape for something like this! Haven’t you put him through enough already?”

“Silence!” the female Dai Li agent shouts with a glare, turning to her microphone again.

“Yo, Yuhan! See that little girl across the stage? She’s your mortal enemy and you must defeat her!”

Startled, Yuhan looks up with a jolt. “Okay, I’m not even going to ask where this creepy voice is coming from - or how I even got here,” he sighs. “ I’ve probably reached a new level of insanity and now someone’s telling me -”

“That you must destroy Miki of Manirak!”

Yuhan keeps the same, dull gaze in the voice’s direction.

“Now Yuhan, don’t zone out on me!” bellows the female announcer. “All you have to do if you wanna get out of here is come up with the best rap.”

“...What am I supposed to be wrapping -”

“NO, as in RAP! You’ll figure it out, but you absolutely have to destroy Miki -”

“Miki.” Yuhan ignores the speaker above, who’s insulted by his interruption. “I’m guessing that’s you?” he asks the timid girl standing across the stage.

Miki nods quietly as the crowd roars.

“Do you have any idea what’s going on?” Yuhan mutters. Miki shakes her head. Well, at least he’s not the only one.


Feeling only a little calmer than before, Miki addresses the strange voices. "What prize could be worth my time here? Please, just send me back to wherever you took me from." She’s still half-convinced that this is all a dream, but nonetheless this seems her only way out.

The startled Zaofu Guard turns to the Dai Li Agent. “Prize?" he exclaims in a hot whisper, barely audible over the speaker.

"Uh... Um... A time machine!" The Agent shoots back, eliciting an eye roll from the Zaofu guard. "What? I'm sure they both have things in their past they would want to change. Or basically prevent anything that made them miserable."

"Fine." The guard turns back to the speaker. "Whoever wins will receive a device that can allow them to travel back in time or into the future. Surely that must be enough of an incentive!"

Miki swallows. Does such a device really exist? She’s heard of the spirit who could *see through time, but to actually *travel through time seems impossible. She turns to her supposed competitor, wondering if he’s suffered a lot to get here, too. But the recognition of his attire immediately burns her eyes. "Earth Kingdom," Miki mutters under her breath. She quickly reaches for her battle club.

"Wait wait wait, Miki, before you resort to violence - WAIT!” the guard quickly throws in, trying to stop his competitor. “That man is from a different time, in the future where the Earth Kingdom is... er well... different. Besides, a rap battle doesn't involve violence, just rapping."

Yuhan and Miki exchange a quick glance before turning their gazes back above, to the darkness that hides the announcers. "And what exactly is 'rapping'?” Miki asks.

"Hmm... Well."

The Zaofu guard quickly pulls out his iPhone and searches it for anything he could use as a demonstration, though after finding he has very little music anyway, he has to settle for 'Ice Ice Baby' by Vanila Ice. Playing it through the speaker, he addresses the two competitors. "See, rapping is a type of music."

"Music? It sounds horrible," Miki complains, on the verge of blocking her ears.

The Zaofu guard sighs irritably. "It doesn't matter what you think, only that you beat Agent Yuhan Tsen before you. Now," he clears his throat, "Introducing... Miki! From Spirit of the North!"

It still makes no sense whatsoever. Miki’s still trying to figure out what on earth is going on. She turns to the crowd, now hyped up as they’ve heard she’s about to begin. After a couple of seconds, some kind of beat starts, coming from the speakers above. “Um...” Miki stutters, but thinking back to what she’s just heard as a reference, “My name is Miki I come from Manirak and I have a friend who is a wolf -”

“What was that?!” The Zaofu guard bellows from the speaker.

“What?” Miki replies irritably, still aware of the crowds watching her, like predators in the night. “I was just talking to the beat just like that ‘ice ice’ guy.”

“Vanila Ice, actually,” the Zaofu guard groans, all to the Dai Li agent’s amusement next to him. “Just… Do what you’re doing but add a little… Spice to it. Make it interesting. Not just a boring monologue or whatever.”

Clearly annoyed, Miki turns back to the crowd. Never has she seen so many people in one place. But now’s her chance to win this ‘time machine.’ She has one shot, and she cannot miss her chance to blow. She glances at the strange man before him. “Y...Yuhan was it? I understand that we exist in different timelines,” Miki gulps, “And I know that your Earth Kingdom may be different to the one in my time. But the Northern Earth Kingdom in my time is threatening to take over my village, all because they believe that it rests on Earth Kingdom soil. They want to take all our healers, waterbenders, and warriors and force them to fight in a war that is not ours. But that is why,” the bloodbender slowly raises her head, mustering up whatever courage she can gather, “That is why... I will thrash you at this rap battle and win this prize! "

Some call me devil

Or Spirit of the North

But none of them know me

I’m just a girl who hardly talks

Looking fly in ma hoodie

My baggy pants on

You think you can be more thug?

Well I’ll prove you wrong

I beat up the soldiers

Who tried to pick a fight

They didn’t know I’d bloodbend

Their a** at night

You think you can do better?

My rhyme is outta-this-world!

You can never come close

Coz I’m a Water Tribe Gurl yo

I’m a

I’m a

Water Tribe Gurl yo

I’m a

I’m a

Water Tribe Gurl yo

I’m a

I’m a

Water Tribe Gurl yo

There’s no one in the world

Like a Water Tribe Gurl

(Folds arms and stares at Yuhan)


The crowd screams with delight as Miki takes a bow, much to the pain of Yuhan’s poor eardrums. The noise makes his head throb, and he glares up at the loudspeakers behind which the announcers hide. “Okay, I don’t care about any of this, except - who in Koh’s realm are you, whoever’s making those creepy announcements? Who signed me up for this?”

“Agent Tsen, I harbor no ill feelings towards you!” replies the Zaofu guard, loud as ever to Yuhan’s displeasure. “But you can thank your cruel, merciless author for all that -"

“WHO ARE YOU?” Yuhan repeats, despite the crowds booing over his lack of cooperation. “Can I go home? I have a lot of worse crap to deal with than this-”

“I know you do!” says the Zaofu guard, smirking at the Dai Li agent girl next to him who’s facepalming at her own OC. “But since I know, wouldn’t you love a time machine, too? A chance to do things all over again?"

Yuhan raises a skeptical brow. Across from him, despite actually having enjoyed her first round more than she imagined, Miki looks up with the same doubts. "Can you prove that it's real?" she asks.

“Oh, it’s real alright. How else would I know…” the Zaofu guard begins suspensefully, “that you’re on a course to find an all-knowing Spirit that can tell you where you got your powers from?! That you don’t care where you end up, only that you’re doing the right thing? Eh?”

Miki’s face goes white. How on earth…?

“And YOU, Yuhan!” bellows the Zaofu guard. “Aren’t you wondering when you can get out of the Northern Water Tribe?”

Yuhan is taken aback for a moment, but being too used to all sorts of lies made up from brainwashing, he turns to Miki. “Eh, don’t listen to them. All it takes is some hardcore stalking to find out any of this -”

“Oh and yes, Riya is still waiting for you! I saw her hanging out in a warehouse under strict orders to stay hidden until you come bac-”

“WHAT?!” Yuhan cries. No one on earth knows any of that, about the orders - the whole point of hiding would be lost if they did. It takes a moment for him to snap out of another one of his half-insane moments of confusion, but when he looks back over at Miki, his eyes have a new clarity.

She seems to have realized it, too. “You’ve gone through a lot of pain too, haven’t you?” Miki asks quietly.

“Yeah, whatever…” Yuhan’s panda-like eyes of no sleep only make him look more emo. “But well, guess that leaves us no choice. We both need something...but only one of us can get it today.” He suddenly whips out a lantern from inside his giant sleeve. “And it’s not going to be you.” The other hand takes up his microphone.

Listen up yo, it's gonna be quick

Ya might be grinning now, but it ain't gonna stick

They say I'm darker than dark

That you'll be out with a spark

Under the glare of my lamp

You'll say that I am the champ

It's true I hate what I do

Everyone hates my guts too

But if this grand prize be true

You gonna watch yoself lose

Yeah watch me go, go

Yo head turns slow, slow

Ain't got no chance, little Miki

With your mind turning icky

Now repeat it with me:

There is no such thing as victory

There is no "win" on your end

Only a crazy girl to mend

Here we all bow to the truth

Here we know I blew the roof

Nothing personal to you

But I got nothin to lose

Ya hafta suffer this one

And say yoself that you're done

Now to that creepy announcaa

That time machine's mine, Sir.

Yuhan smugly looks up at the loudspeakers as his opponent stares blankly at the glowing lantern. She’s no longer aware of any of this.

However, since she has ADD, his Agent announcer seems more preoccupied with another problem. “SIR?! Did you just call me SIR?!” The Zaofu guard next to her is making weird wheezing sounds from too much laughing now.

Yuhan has to cover his ears from the volume of the enraged voice. “Wait, what? I mean, I was just talking to the creepy guy earlier who somehow knows everything about me -”

“EXCUSE ME?” screams the female Dai Li agent. “The one who knows everything about you is me! ME!!!”

“Okay okay well I’m sorry, MISS Creepy -”

“You shall be penalized for this!” the voice interrupts. “You know what? Gimme that lantern -” A chain strangely similar to the one he carries in his sleeves flies down from above and yanks his precious brainwashing weapon away. “You’re supposed to be winning by rapping, anyway! Not destroying brains! Do it again, without cheating!”

“Wha - HEY!” yells Yuhan as his lantern flies out of sight. “Whose side are you even on?!” Across from him, Miki blinks as the world slowly returns to her.


The Zaofu guard is clearly annoyed with the turn of events. Even though the Dai Li agent just punished her own competitor for his cheating, he isn’t satisfied. With a wicked and sinister grin, he pulls out a strange rectangular remote with a big red button on it. "Well Agent of the Dai Li, two can play at that game!"

After pressing the button, a large hole in the roof begins to open as the two sides begin to retract. Silvery moonlight from the clear night sky filters in, illuminating the two competitors on stage with more than just the stage lights.

"Come on Miki, this should give you an advantage."

The young girl sighs, "I just need to wake up. I just need to wake up..." she chants to herself, still hoping by some miracle that this is all a dream.


"Ugh, fine," Miki reluctantly agrees. Turning up to the sky, she lets the sight of the moon empower her. Tui will always guide them, and all people of the Water Tribe can draw power from her glow.

"You know," she begins, "That trick you pulled with the lantern was pretty low. But I think I know just how to deal with that." A small smug grin appears on her face. Even though the thought of hundreds of people still watching her frightens her, she knows she has this in the bag. Miki clears her throat...

You call me ‘Little Girl’

But I’m already fourteen!

You really think a couple years

Means you’ll win the time machine?

What I lack in age

I make up for in swag

You may as well give up

Coz I’ve got this in the bag

With the power of the moon

I can turn you to a fool

With a twist of my hands

I’ll have you wave at the stands

You think you have a chance

But I say no, no, no

My powers are the bomb

They get you low, low, low

I don’t know where they come from

But I’m sure they will work

If you still think you can beat me

I can force you to twerk! Yea

I’m a

I’m a

Water Tribe Gurl yo

While singing the rest of her chorus, a bright-red Yuhan is forced to twerk against the nearest wall. With an amused smirk Miki continues, satisfied with her opponent’s humiliation.

A raging Dai Li agent from above soon grabs a hold of the speaker, “Yuhan! Grab another lantern and teach that little punk a lesson!” Unfortunately the Zaofu guard has been too busy cackling with Miki’s victory to notice a metal chain wrap around his hands. A platinum one.

“Hah! Now let’s see how your Miki does without her precious moon!” The agent grabs a hold of the remote, and the two halves of the roof begin closing once again.

“Noooooo!” The Zaofu guard cries from his chair, unable to move his arms because of the platinum chain. But he can move his feet. Sending one of the cables from his hips around the Dai Li Agent’s hand using a kicking motion with his foot, the remote is freed from his opponent’s hands. “There! Victory will be mine!!! Ahahaha!”

But all is not lost for the female agent; the roof has nearly shut, only letting a miniscule amount of light through the opening. “From what you’ve said, Miki isn’t a proficient blood bender yet," she reminds the Zaofu guard. "And now there’s almost no light from the moon.”

Stuck in their own battle, both the Zaofu Guard and Dai Li Agent can only turn to watch their two competitors duke it out once more. And now, it’s Yuhan’s turn.


As the moonlight dims, Yuhan pulls back up his pants with a swift, angry yank. "Oh, you're just asking for it now..." He glares at his opponent, the shadow of his hat darkening so much that his eyes are hidden in the blackness. "And thank you, MISS creepy announcer. I think I'll go ahead." With that, the rock casing of his hand shoots across the stadium and yanks off one of the lanterns hanging at the entrance. He catches the lantern, the stone fingers still holding onto it as they plate his hand.

Tch, so obvious you're an ignorant little teen

You think we differ a "couple" years it seems

Try seven for size

I'm twenty-one; my prime

You're fourteen and such a newb

With bending skills so out of the loop

If a whole moon's what it takes

Just to make a Dai Li agent shake

Playtime's over, childish teen

This be best brainwashing eva seen

When I be through you'll have no clue

(That) err‘one just watched Water Tribe Gurl lose

And just for making me twerk

I'll have you pole-dancing, jerk

Wait Riya would say that's too mean

Fine, pole-dancing will just be your dream

Don't think that just 'cause I'm nice

That I won't roll your fate like dice

It's time to lose, lose

Watch yoself lose, lose

You cannot choose, choose

Watch yoself lose, lose

Fourteen? Girl! You still belong in skool

Shoulda known that you'd lose

To the Silent Hero in Emerald, fool!

"You show 'em, Yuhan!" yells his announcer from above. "That's the spirit, rub it in that girl's fa- ARGH!!!" There’s a screech of the microphone as she faceplants on the ground. The Zaofu guard's cable has caught her ankle this time and has yanked her off her feet.

The Zaofu guard laughs manically as the remote control on the floor gets caught into a loop of his cable. The trapdoors concealing the moon widen.


It’s strange. Moments ago, Miki knew she had held Yuhan in her grip using her powers, but now it’s almost like she’s trapped in a dream. A fuzziness sweeps through her mind, as if her whole body is swallowed by a giant fluffy blanket. She can hardly move, and is slowly losing her awareness of her surroundings.

Unaware to the young girl however, the crowd has also begun to fight each other with their words. There are those who support Yuhan, yelling and rejoicing at his victory over the bloodbender, and then there are those who cheer for Miki, encouraging and pleading for her to snap out of the brainwashing. Both groups of fans waste no moment to yell at their opposing side all sorts of abuse, and if in any other world either Yuhan or Miki would probably have a successful career in music judging from their adoring fans.

It’s one girl near the front of the stage who yells something like, “Go Water Tribe Gurl” which snaps Miki back to reality. Though her mind is still fuzzy, she quickly recalls her position and the dirty trick this agent is trying pull. At least she had allowed him to still speak while he was twerking.

Letting the power of Tui fill her with confidence, Miki reaches out with her hand to take a hold of Yuhan’s body. Though in her mentally messed-up state she can hardly do so with proficiency. The agent manages to keep his lantern before him, its horribly creepy green light keeping the bloodbender at bay to an extent. Though he can feel something constricting his body, making his movements stiff and rigid, and it takes every ounce of his strength to fight against it.

Above the stage, the two announcers have their own squabble to deal with. The Zaofu guard is now completely stuck to the chair, the platinum chain constricting his whole body, with his legs stuck to the legs of the chair. But not before he had managed to free the cables from his hips to wrap around the Dai Li Agent’s arms and ankles.

“You will lose!” She cries out, hopping around the upper room with great determination, searching for anything that would give her the edge.

“Not if I can help it!” The Zaofu guard retorts, shuffling himself and the chair ever so slowly across the floor towards the ladder leading down to the stage.

By now the crowd has become bored with the two rappers locked in combat, and have resorted to fighting each other instead. Fists thrown, kicks launched, as each opposing side somehow tries to prove the competitor they support is superior.

Yuhan manages a quick glance through the hole in the roof at the night sky. “You know... When morning comes I will beat you,” he taunts, still trying to resist the young girl’s grip.

Miki manages a laugh, her head woozy and her eyes unable to focus on her opponent. “Well Yuhan, I still have another few hours.”

It’s going to be a long night.

High above it all, the two announcers both lay useless and immobile in their metal restraints now, too exhausted to wriggle around anymore.

The Dai Li agent girl rolls over to get a good view of the scene below, the mass of violent chaos surrounding the two struggling fanon characters. "...Say Bomo, how do you think they'll take it when they find out there's no time machine?"

The Zaofu guard laughs a little, his chair on its side and his face pressing uncomfortably against the floor. "Minor details, Minn. They don't have to know that part."

Based on the fanon series Spirit of the North by Bomochu, and Silent Hero in Emerald by Minnichi


The poll was created at 09:42 on January 7, 2016, and so far 23 people voted.

This is a test run of a new idea: authors challenging each other via their original characters to a writer's showdown in public. The goal is to give users a chance to showcase their writing skills by featuring it here in a very raw, genuine and riveting format that gives readers a true essence of who they are as authors. The editor hopes to continue this column, and will do so for as long as there are two willing competitors. How does that work? Simply declare "I challenge (any active fanon author of your choice)" in the comments below if you dare face off with your fellow writers. Those who have battled before may challenge or be challenged again, but not with the same user. Be aware that participation requires both users agreeing to the battle.

Come see what you're capable of writing under crazy conditions! Find out who will win the crowd! Battle arrangements for any declared challenges will be taken care of by BSST staff; just write, and let us do the fancy fliers and publishing. May the best pen win.

And if you guys are all too chicken to keep a column like this going, then we hope you enjoyed the battle today!

Current Challengers!

*NOTE: battles are marked "confirmed" once both users agree to it. Users may accept a challenge by replying to their challengers below. Let the editor (wall) know if you got the OK elsewhere!
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A Final Word from the Sixth Fanon Awards Council
Fanon Awards Council
With the recent conclusion of the Sixth Fanon Awards, the five Award Councilors who hosted the ceremony would like to express their sentiments about the unique, untraditional course of events of this round.
Fanon Award


It was great fun to run and take part in the Sixth Fanon Awards this month, and to have such great participation from the fanon community, even as the site itself is as a whole less active than it used to be. With the constantly changing nature of the wiki, it's pretty rare to have sixth annual anything, all the more reason to keep the ball rolling. Having been on the council a few times already, I almost sat out this time, but after the blast we all had and showing how vibrant the community still is, I'm glad I stepped up. There were a lot of deserving nominees up there and for many of the categories it was hard to choose; it was nice seeing Sparkstoaflame nominated for more awards than any user since the Second Fanon Awards. Of course, the awards are not just about the nominees and winners, but also about every fanon writer and the community as a whole, as a celebration of Avatar fanon. Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to all award winners and nominees!


Even though I've been around for a short while here, I had never actually experienced a Fanon Awards ceremony until now. Of course, one could just look back over the past ceremonies on the various archive pages to see what it would have been like, but there is still something really special about actually being part of the awards themselves. The searching for nominees, excitement as the voting plays out, and getting a chance to read stories that I wouldn't have otherwise known about are just some of the things that I personally loved about the awards. Since I was a newbie to the awards it was a little daunting volunteering to be a councillor, but I think one thing that convinced me to try was that I've always wanted to help the community activity on this wikia. There was a time when the Avatar Wiki was bustling with users and stories, but unfortunately since then we have seen many dry spells. But what was awesome about these awards was the participation from the community, and that's something to be proud of. I do hope that we can use this momentum and keep the portal active throughout this year, and to anyone who is even considering applying to become part of the council for the next awards, I would tell them that it is a whole heap of fun and definitely worth it. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!


This awards was the first to skip a consecutive year after the previous, and there were many things done untraditionally. I apologize that you all had to wait so long to see the Fanon Awards come back. But I'm thrilled to see that despite the slow start and extreme tardiness on my part, I felt the same spirit in the competition as I did for all the previous award ceremonies I'd been a part of. I'm stoked that inactivity here did not mean a lack of good fanons to recognize. In the end, memorable authors and their readers still made the air vibrant with anticipation and celebration - which is something the council can't take credit for on its own. You guys rock for your willingness to participate all the same despite our epically long postponement! As part of the council anyway, my favorite part was just handing you guys your virtual winners' ribbons. Thanks for keeping that unchanged! With fanons here that still move me and especially with the emergence of new ones that can still have me fangirling, I'm more than happy to stay and celebrate good writing around the wiki wherever I can. Write on, epic authors, and congratulations!


This wasn't my first Fanon Awards, but it was my first time as part of the council, and I gotta say, seeing the amount of work behind the scenes has given me a new appreciation for the Awards as a concept. As Minn mentioned, yeah, we skipped a year. But while we do the work 'putting on the show', as it were, it was really down to the amazing authors and readers on the Wiki that made this Fanon Awards what it was. It was amazing seeing, as opposed to every other year I've ever witnessed (and a few I hadn't), the vast array of different stories, authors, and characters that were nominated this year. I look forward to future award ceremonies, and want to both thank my fellow council members for their tireless efforts, and congratulate the winners and nominees of this year's Fanon Awards~


I'll just be honest here. The Council, the entire procedure and all was something new to me, and I can't say I wasn't surprised when I was chosen for it (let alone when two of my creations were nominated). As someone not involved too much in all that community stuff around here, I can't and won't say anything about the idea behind

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the Fanon Awards, or activity (and lack thereof) or whatever, I'll just say that it's nice to see such an appreciation of, say, high-quality fanon, and writing overall. Though it took us, the Council, forever to come to any conclusion, though we had our, let's say internal struggles, and though I myself could (and certainly should) have done more (especially preparing), I believe it all ended up rather well, and I think we did have our fun, at times. And now, without further ado, I shall thank all participants for, well, participating, the other councillors for the cooperation, and, of course, congratulate the nominees and winners! Keep up the good work!

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