Hello, everyone! As you may or may not know, I oversee the production of Avatar Wiki's community newsletter, The Ba Sing Se Times, and today I'd like to add to our coverage something that's often overlooked: The Avatar video game series. I myself am among many who've never played one, yet am curious as to whether or not they had any interesting ties to the canon series I don't know of. More importantly, I think it's time to ask our community who does know! Who here's ever played one of those games? Did you like it? Love it? Flushed it down the toilet? Or really, who here has been not only an Avatar watcher, but an Avatar gamer as well?

We here in the newsletter would love to meet you! 

Consider this a shout out to any lurking Avatar gamers. Do you like video games based on this series and want to be published in a cool, fancy way for it? Come hither and talk about it! 

If you need some ideas on where to start with all this video gamer publicity craziness, seek out Duke of Skibbington, your fellow Avatar gamer. He's on a quest to share all the wonders of the mysterious Avatar game-land in our newsletter, so help him out and get this column started!

You'll also find some pretty detailed guidelines on what we look for in published article submissions if you click the giant button above, but always remember that we actually LOVE opinions - which sounds pretty weird, but remember that the BSST wants to know what's going on with you, the community of fans, on top of what's going on with the canon series' development. The giant green button above allows you to submit articles for staff review without needing to ask permission, but if you have any inquiries about the process of article approval, feel free to shoot me or Omashu Rocks a message or leave them here in the comments.

The Ba Sing Se Times is late, but we're not dead. So see you there! ;)

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