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UPDATE: 50 valentines have been submitted, and more than half of them are to users. Keep 'em coming <3

The staff of The Ba Sing Se Times are hopeless romantics, just like you. We're scheduled to publish an obnoxiously pink, flowery, oogie-inducing issue on February 14th, 2016 to celebrate what you all know and love/hate about Valentine's Day. We would like you to be a part of our special, February-exclusive feature: BSST Anonymous Valentines!

This is exactly what it sounds like: we're giving you an opportunity to send a valentine to a special someone, be it a fictional, nonfictional, or even fanfictional heartthrob! This lucky person must be related to Avatar in some way - this definitely includes Wiki users, who are fans - and your message can be anything your romantic heart desires. And the best part? You don't even have to reveal your identity! Anonymous is the honest truth; whatever name you decide to put down is the only one that will display in your submission. (You're free to go bold and public, though)

This was first introduced by Avatar Wiki's retired White Lotus Sentinel newsletter, and you can reference the Secret Valentines column in this issue to get an idea of how it's done. Here are some more possible valentine ideas:

Dear Mako,
Sorry you lost all the ladies. But I'm single and ready to mingle! Let's go on a vacation, too! You can hold my shopping bags.

Love, a retired prince

Dear Prince Wu,
Hands off of Mako. He's MINE!!!

Love, a fangirl who hugs a Mako pillow to sleep every night

Dear Minnichi,
For someone who loves the Dai Li, you sure know how to make an agent's life as miserable as possible. I'm foreveralone on Valentine's Day thanks to what you did to my girl. *Cries in a corner*

With hate, your emo fanon protagonist

Now onto the good stuff!

~ ♥ Click here to send a secret valentine! ♥ ~
</div>You may submit as many valentines as you want up til February 14th, 2016 (publish day). You can risk sending some last-minute love letters on the 14th if the issue hasn't released yet, but there's no guarantee that we'll see them in time. Plan ahead and confess your love early! See you all on Valentine's Day <3


The BSST Staff

P.S. The editor invites YOUR fanon to be a part of her upcoming article feature. See here for details!

Hello, Agent Minnichi here! This column (separate from the valentine submissions) will also be released as part of this month's issue. It's meant to give everyone an idea of how different authors in the fanon portal approach romance. If you'd like to participate, please answer the following:
"What is the current state of your fanon protagonist's love life? Does he or she have one, and if not, why?"

Below each response in the article will include your name and a link to your fanon for readers to check out. If this interests you, use this page to shoot an email to The form doesn't require you to disclose your own email in the process. Put "Fanon Love Life" as your subject, include your username and fanon title in the message, and try to limit your response to 3-5 sentences. This is what my own answer would look like, to give an example:

"Silent Hero in Emerald is full of romance; Yuhan's totally head over heels for Riya, his childhood sweetheart. You're asking about his current love life, though? ...Uh, all I can say is that he's had better days. It's that kind where he might've preferred dying alone and single over what I put him through."

Got it? Good! Hope to see you in my column, guys! Always happy to bring to light any good fanons in our newsletter! :)

- Minn Smiling Dai Li Sprite

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