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Gene Yang is the coolest and nicest guy ever to exist in the history of cool and nice guys. Why? He's now the first thing I've ever heard about the most awesome villains in A:TLA since the end of the war! And yes, I just had to ask >:) If you hadn't noticed already, the brainwashing ninja police tend to appear wherever I can make them appear...ergo, my icon, profile, signature, fanon...well, you get the point. But anyway, after grieving over their disappearance for too long, I just decided to try asking Gene Yang himself:

Hi Mr. Yang!

I'm a fairly active user at Avatar Wiki and happen to be a huge fan of the Dai Li. One thing that always puzzled me is that after the end of Season 3 of the cartoon, there's been no mention of the Dai Li, and their article still has no indication of what became of them after the war. I was more confused when reading The Promise, which focuses often on Ba Sing Se authorities and often takes place in the city itself.

Would you be able to inform us about the whereabouts of the organization?

His response?

Hey (insert Minnichi's real name)!

Thanks for getting in touch! I really like the Dai Li, too. Among other things, they're a great metaphor for certain aspects of modern Asian politics. The Dai Li left Ba Sing Se with Azula. They betrayed their people and their culture to follow her, so Ba Sing Se (and perhaps the Earth Kingdom as a whole) wouldn't likely welcome them back. As for where they are now... they did show up in an early, early outline of what eventually became The Promise. Maybe they'll show up in future comics?



"Maybe they'll show up in future comics?" THIS RIGHT HERE. I'm one of the happiest people alive right now, even if that ends up being untrue. I've been dying to know something about that organization's whereabouts for a change! And well yeah, I know most don't find this as exciting as I do, but I encourage everyone to ;) Because in the end, everyone knows that the Dai Li are the coolest, and that they have to come back eventually.


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