This review was conducted by the Fanon Review Squad and reflects our best judgment of writing and fanon authorship quality. Please don't take offense if the review wasn't positive. We always give advice!

Happy (still sort of) New Year! I'm back in the reviewing game, and I've adopted a new layout; the big defining points are conveniently singled out since you're probably looking for these first, but you also have access to the full ramble below your score. (And yes, that means pay attention to the "See Detailed Commentary" part!!!)

Today's Evaluation: Oneshots by Fruipit
150 Fruipit is one of the hidden gems among our fanon portal's authors. She delves into deep, enlightening concepts to drive her stories, and you don't know drama in a fanon - good drama - until you've read these works. Emotional visuals, that's her trump card. (And it worked on me. *Hides tissue box*) Today, I happily present you: Aevum, Inner Workings, Nobility, Sleeping Alone, and Toy Soldiers. You won't wanna miss it.

*All scores follow a 1 to 10 rating scale. Oneshots have varied categories.

"Some things are worth dying for; this one is, by far, the greatest reason of all."
This tale is a unique take on the life of Asami Sato. After the loss of her mother as a child, a strange, somber being she calls her Guardian Angel comforts her and keeps her company. As the years pass, however, Asami slowly learns the darker truths behind her spiritual companion.
Strong Suits
Possible Things to Improve
Plot & Organization
Score: 9.5
- Beautiful incorporation of ideas
- Deep and eye-opening
- Extremely creative
- Unpredictable and riveting
- Suspenseful buildup that doesn't let down

- Sometimes confusing progression of events
- Some indirect explanations harder to connect
Writing (3X)
Score: 9.7
- Stunning fusion of emotions and visual details
- Heart-stopping
- Engaging all the way through
- Flawless connection of mysterious details
- Lack of clarity for secondary characters
- Sometimes hard to follow actions
Score: 8.0
You can truly see and immerse yourself in this kind of world; it's complete. Which elements are the same in The Legend of Korra is unclear. Including characterization.
Overall Score: 9.32
Read this fanon if you are: A fan of good writing, and one who seeks to know the ways of suspense done right.

Alright, that concludes the most complex of the oneshot collection and I daresay, one I'll remember forever. I can't stress how much you guys should give Aevum a read. Anyway, these next evaluations are for oneshots much shorter and simpler as well. Let's take a look!

Ming-Hua's cell
This is a snippet of the darkness in which a certain armless waterbender lived during her prison years.
Strong Suits
Possible Things to Improve
Plot & General Execution
Score: 8.4
Ming-Hua's characterization is spot on. Abrupt end and lack of background information.
Overall Score: 8.4
Read this fanon if you are: A true Ming-Hua fan, but also prepared to be cruelly cut short

Azula's breakdown
This short look behind the scenes details Azula's instability following the war, as well as the various attempts to help her. The one most opposite from her appears to get through to her.
Strong Suits
Possible Things to Improve
Plot & General Execution
Score: 8.7
Azula's character is captured nicely, insanity and all. Some characterizations of others feel off, and some vagueness.
Overall Score: 8.7
Read this fanon if you are: A good 'ol A:TLA fan who wants to see more of your favorite characters.

Asami helps Korra
This explores further what Asami's role is in Korra's healing, and we're given some deeper possibilities of their development behind the scenes.
Strong Suits
Possible Things to Improve
Plot & General Execution
Score: 8.6
Provides true, complete development and bonding that would lead naturally to the finale of The Legend of Korra. Lacks some explanation/foundations for certain behaviors and character instincts.
Overall Score: 8.6
Read this fanon if you are: Korrasami fans, look no further!

Toy soldiers
During the Gaang's travels, Toph comes across a very unsettling discovery lying right beneath her feet, but in her horror, she can't seem to bring herself to tell the others what it is.
Strong Suits
Possible Things to Improve
Plot & General Execution
Score: 8.2
Very vivid, relatable descriptions of emotions and interactions between characters Format can make reading feel choppy; main points somewhat vague and too indirect
Overall Score: 8.2
Read this fanon if you are: Like delving into the darker aspects of war and want to know how to write it.

Final Commentary from the Reviewer:
I'm not going to group all of these into one score, but if you really must know, Fruipit on average got a 9.0 overall score. The shorter works outside Aevum, by themselves, average to 8.48.
What a pleasure it was to read such high-quality writing! I hope I have more experiences like this.

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