Hey, this is Minnichi trying out for the role of Chin in the wonderful AvataRPG production! This scene ended up...a lot longer than I expected lol. So sorry if it drags :X I tried to make it from Chin's point of view since he's my character of choice. Here we go!

Test Scene

General Chin leaned silently against one of the massive, time-worn pillars surrounding the Royal Palace. His sharp brown eyes scanned the surrounding crowd disapprovingly – or rather, returned the disapproving glares. He could already read all their thoughts flashing across their ignorant faces. They were wondering what he, of all people, was doing in a high general’s uniform…he, who fell beneath average height. There was no other reason for their disapproval.

His whole life, he’d proven everyone around him wrong. He’d beaten down every opponent he came across. He’d seized his rightful title as an elite earthbender from the grasps of any doubters. Now, he stood before the world as an honored general of his country. So honorable, in fact, that Chin been requested to attend the 46th Earth King’s celebration of his grandson’s 13th birthday.

But it still wasn’t enough.

Wherever he went, Chin had to prove himself over and over again to those he met. Everyone was always so quick to judge his talent after taking one glance down at him. He’d always relish their cries of pain and realization that soon followed. It was still a bitter disappointment, however, to face every new crowd of doubters. This celebration was certainly no exception.

“General Chin?”

The disgruntled earthbender jerked up his head, startled by the sudden interruption of his thoughts. A woman was standing before him – a huge, towering woman. An elegant, traditional Earth Kingdom robe was draped over her fit body, emerald green and embroidered lightly with gold trimmings. The wide, sage green sash that secured it about her waist matched the simple, flower-shaped ornament pinning up the side her hair. The rest of the smooth, deep brown locks were simply kept down on her shoulders. Chin, however, was struck mostly by her eyes. They gazed down at him with brilliant green irises, the sharp edges of their lids contrasted by smooth, upward curves.

The young general was perplexed by those eyes. For they, like the rest of her bare, light-skinned face, examined him not with disapproval, but with curiosity. It was as if she hesitated to form any opinion of him…as if she knew there was more power in him than met the eye. “Forgive me if I’m mistaken,” the woman finally added, bowing courteously.

Chin finally remembered that she’d addressed him. “No, you’re correct – I apologize,” he quickly replied, clearing his throat. “Is there something you need?”

“Nothing in particular. I’ve heard stories of your feats in the Northwestern region of the Earth Kingdom, and I am deeply honored to meet you in person.” Chin’s eyes widened ever so slightly. “I hope I’m not intruding, by any means,” the woman finished gracefully.

“Not at all,” Chin declared, standing up a little straighter. “I’m honored that you think highly of my accomplishments. I rarely receive adequate appreciation from those of my own country, whom I live for. Thank you.” The woman smiled and nodded slightly in response. “And I assure you, this is in no way an intrusion. The Earth King’s celebration is a great waste of time. I can see that the old fool spends all of his money for these glamorous events, stuffing his belly with exotic delicacies while the majority of his own people are starving.” The general’s eyes began to grow dark as they narrowed. “He is clearly an incompetent ruler…yet he receives the treatment of a god,” he finished, almost bitterly.

The woman listened silently, eyeing Chin carefully as he glared around at the brilliant arrangements hanging all about the Palace. Sighing, she finally spoke again. “It is truly a shame when those who receive great praise only toy with their power…” She gazed intently into the young general’s eyes. “…And when those who can do great things are not given the approval they deserve."

“Indeed…” Chin agreed, hardly noticing how she seemed to be scanning his entire face. His eyes began to grow hateful as he watched the passerby, who all seemed to snicker quietly from the comparison of himself to the towering woman. “But it will not be long before the world comes to know the real meaning of strength,” he continued dangerously. “The day will come when people will see true power for what it is: nothing they can ever dream of having, and something that they will never dare to judge wrongfully again.”

Her eyes changed. They began to resemble those he’d seen so many times before, those he hated…yet, they held a strange and almost ominous quality. The green irises began to grow shadowed as she spoke. “True power comes from within,” she agreed. “Too often, we are quick to overlook it, and we forget that power is nothing the eye can see.” She glanced towards the jeering passerby for a moment before slowly looking back at Chin. “However, what is the value of power…when it is hated?” The woman motioned slightly towards the doors of the Palace as she finished.

Chin snapped his eyes back in her direction. “That only happens to the fools who misuse it,” he scoffed. “Those who truly deserve power are glorified for all time. Their strength is forever recognized, not loathed.”

The woman nodded silently, her smooth face having grown strangely expressionless. “The pursuit of power is a dangerous one…” she finally stated, turning slowly around. “Those who embark on that journey are almost always corrupted. But I believe that the day will come…when those who achieve great power will not forget their devotion to their people.”

The young general watched with furrowed brows as the woman began to walk away, unable to conjure a response. “May I have your name?” he finally decided to ask, before it was too late.

“Kyoshi. It was a pleasure to meet you.”

Chin felt his insides drop for a moment. “L-likewise,” he barely managed to respond, as her tall figure disappeared into the crowd. The Avatar, unrecognizable without her face paint, had just lectured him about power.

Despite everything, however, the fierce determination returned to the ambitious general’s eyes. The world would see his power soon enough. And Avatar Kyoshi could be assured that he was not one to misuse it. Yes, he was going to be the greatest, most legendary ruler of all time. No doubtful eye would ever look upon him again.

Even Kyoshi would recognize him.

Writer's Note

It was really hard for me to imagine how Chin and Kyoshi would talk, as well as their personalities. I figured Chin's motivation to rule the world would come from needing recognition or something (not to mention his wiki article suggests a Napoleon-complex). So yep! I'll appreciate any constructive criticism! Thanks for taking a look ^^

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