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  • Minnichi

    Both Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra have vibrant comics in the works, and your perception of the story has lots to expand on! Your inner Avatar nerd will surely be pleased by the amount of merchandise and goodies still produced for these classic series. So don't forget about your fandom community, either!

    From the Editor: Remember, Remember...


    image = title = Avatar Face-Off: Mai vs. Ty Lee author = Duke of Skibbington 1liner content =

    Mai and Ty Lee were Azula's elite comrades in her quest to capture Zuko and the Avatar. They fought alongside each other many times and together, took down the Kyoshi warriors. They never battled each other but if they did, who would win?

    Let us begin with Mai. She has an impressi…

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  • Minnichi

    Much apologies for our absence last month, but the BSST is back and ready to present you more epic content! The editor will do her best not to be so fashionably late in the future...

    From the Editor: Summer Hits Avatar Wiki


    image = title = Avatar Face-Off: Amon vs. Zaheer author = Duke of Skibbington 1liner content =

    Welcome to a new issue of Avatar Face-Off. Today, we are doing an exciting battle, suggestede by Minnichi herself. Amon against Zaheer. The master bloodbender who could take away a person's bending before his demise and Zaheer, the first airbender to be able to fly since Guru Laghima. Both have managed to terrorise the Avatar and strech her to breaking point.

    Our first contender is Amon. Being trained by his father…

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  • Minnichi

    Today, we present you the first issue of the new season! Come wrap up March with our exclusive new content and interviews, and don't be afraid to join in the discussion!

    From the Editor: Spring Means New Stuff!


    image = title = Avatar Face-Off: Mako vs. Bolin author = Duke of Skibbington 1liner content =

    Mako and Bolin are the world-renowned fabulous bending brothers. They were both orphaned at a young age and had to fend for themselves before training to become Probenders and then joining Avatar Korra in her struggle against evil.

    Mako is a fierce firebender, well adapted to the fast-paced fighting style of Republic City. He was known for his characteristic 'cool under fire' fighting style in which he would dodge most attacks w…

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  • Minnichi

    Happy Valentine's Day! You knew it was coming. Come embrace the oogies and see what exciting new things the BSST has to share with you! You won't want to miss it.

    From the Editor: Happy Oogie Day!


    colorA = rgba(255,250,205,0.5) colorB = #FF69B4 colorC = black 1liner image = title = Your Secret Valentine Submissions author = BSST Staff editor content =

    We asked for 'em, and you sent 'em! We're quite impressed with all this love in the air! Users, beware... You never know who sent you a valentine. Or who responded. Find out if you have a secret admirer below!

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  • Minnichi
    It's February, and it's time to get romantic! The Ba Sing Se Times is hosting anonymous valentines this year, and we want to publish yours for that special someone to see. Embrace the love and send one today!

    UPDATE: 50 valentines have been submitted, and more than half of them are to users. Keep 'em coming

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