So I'm going to write a Zutara fan fic. These has a few purposes:

1.To prove to the cult of Avatar obsessed people that am I one of them, as pretty much the universally accepted definition of “obsessed” is someone who writes fan fic.

2.To satisfy my Zutara hunger and hopefully convince people that it is all true.


1.Kataang people please do not get angry and hunt me down with pitch forks and torches.

2.To not treat this as fan fic- it is fan REALITY.

Wow. That looked really formal, kind of like a course prospectus (which is a derivative from the Latin verb specto, spectare meaning “to see”, not that you wanted to know that).

So here it goes:

Um, wait, I don't know how to start. I don't want it to sound all eck like, “Oh Katara you are my true love” and “Zuko I've always loved you “ and then have them kiss a lot. No, Zutara is not sappy. Both characters have a personality and that is one thing I'd HATE to see changed in a fan fic. Now that I'm writing I really only have one problem; how the heck do I get rid of Mai. The easy solution would of course be to have Zuko just not like her and have them break up. I don't think that would happen. This isn't some random romance. Those two have history and really are in love. I actually hate to break them up; I love love stories like that. Unfortunately, ever since the first episode I saw of A:TLA, I have supported Zutara. Nothing is more romantic them the bad guy turning good and falling for the main female character. I was so annoyed when a little less than halfway through the series, Mai comes in. I mean who could have predicted that? Well I guess anyone. There HAD to be some complex, frustrating love triangle thing. But when you think about it they are really only love angles because as far as we know no characters are gay. Which actually is extremely unlikely and shows a lack of openness. I don't get why people think being gay isn't appropriate for a kids show. How is showing sexuality between two characters of the same gender any more inappropriate than showing it between those of a different gender? Anyways, now isn't the time for a rant on that. Back to my random thoughts that I type as soon as they come. I don't blame you if you are confused. I am too and so am I. Aang I don't even worry about getting rid of. Katara is too old and too mature for him. I get their romance more now than I used to, but I don't like it. Yes this is partially because I envision myself as Katara and totally want to be with Zuko. Though I, unlike lots of A:TLA fans, do really like Jetara. I could write Mai out completely. Or kill her off. How does throwing her into the water around the boiling rock sound? Or do the traditional thing and have Zuko suffer amnesia and wake up to see Katara smiling down on him... no, definitely not. So I'm thinking some guy will have to break them up. I think Mai is a little more in love with Zuko than he is with her. You can't deny there was chemistry between him and Katara. And him and Jin. So if Mai cheats on him, he'll go all angry Zuko. Katara, who went through a recent hard break up can console him. They can make it through together. Mai will probably come back and realize her mistake, but HA its too late, Zuko has found he loves Katara. Mai can just go back to being her old depressed self. So know I have the romance element down, I kind of need a plot. WHAT! You're probably saying. ROMANCE isn't enough of a plot. No, no it's not. I'm a teenage girl. Of course I like to read the kissy-kissy romance stuff. But that is boring! You always know what happens. I'll need a suspenseful story to add. But that is for next time on INSIDE THE MAKING OF A SUPERCOOL FAN FIC, a hilarious column by yours truly.

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