"As I write to you, the City recovers from the horror of a terrorist attack to the World Trade Center. As you must already know, this place serves as the home base to most of our people in this City. I truly believe in my spirit that this is a sign not to be forgotten. This is a warning that our freedom –of both benders and our Nation - is still a threat to some. It also serves as a reminder that there are people who beseech to vanquish it at all cost."
— Father Kimble in Learning to Fly, Part 2: The Master

So it's come to this...

I never thought Alone would get this far. I never thought I would get this far. And yet here I am, writing to you almost a year into production of the story. Back when the story started in August of 2010, I was honestly not much more than an empty shell. Wracked with depression after losing a good friend due to my own mistakes, I needed an outlet to release myself from the world.

That's when I found Avatar: Guardian.

I took two hours and read EVERY chapter currently released in one sitting. After finishing, I took time and also began reading "Wanted", "Child of Destiny", and "Kyoshi Revolts". I thought about the oppurtunity of creating a series and becoming part of the Avatar community, and decided to make an account and start the story. I never thought that it would get readers, that it would get featured on the main page, that it would mean more to me than just an outlet from myself.

And now, thirty eight Alone chapters later, I am proud to announce the finale of Book 2: Smoke.

The team is going their separate ways.

On word of possible survivors from his home, Keith leaves for San Francisco to meet up with Jacque and the others to investigate. Meanwhile, after the display of trust from her father on her birthday, Sierra prepares to move in with him after three months of isolation, leaving Leah at the World Trade Center. As the three leave for their own journeys, they get entangled in the events of America's darkest hour.

So on July 2nd, get ready for the three part special:

Excited as I am to post these three chapters I've been planning for a long time, I must give a word of caution. Due to the sensitive material involved, I need to express that I mean no disrespect to those who have been affected by the tragedy.

So again, on July 2nd, be prepared for explosions, fire, worry, fear, explosions, a climactic battle in the South Tower, explosions, and a jaw dropping secret about The Leader.

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