For the past two months, Dragon of The West and I have collaborated on a guest chapter for Alone. First off I am here to tell you that the chapter(s) are now done, and production of Alone will continue! To read his guest chapters for Alone, click the links below!

After reading his work and realizing just how much work went into these two chapters, I would like to formally thank him for all his hard work and research that went into this. It has been a true privelege working with him and hearing his ideas. He is a wonderful author who's two series, Honor Thy Father and My Own Savior, have really set the bar for dramatic and emotional fanon.

For all of us to really show our appreciation for his work and his genius, I would love it if you post in a comment telling us your favorite chapter that he's written and why you like it. Hats off to you sir, you've done amazing.

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